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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

sexy legs and body

Sexy legs and more!

Your legs can look like this!!

Or like this!!

I bet you don’t believe me!!
Your first question - obviously: HOW?
Easy, you buy yourself one of the machines I am going to show you, or ask hubby to get you one for Valentine’s day or your birthday, or just because he would also like you to have a slim and trim body and legs.
Due to popular demand, Yolande, my lovely wife, has decided to become an agent for these “body shaker” machines. With great results I might add, in just over a week she has sold three machines!

Take a look at these:

OLDER MODEL MACHINE (about 10 months old and still running as new)

(Note that the older models have a smaller vibrating plate.)

Now because these machines are so popular, prices have dropped dramatically, and you can now buy an excellent machine, which I should add, can be used as a semi-industrial machine in small gyms or for a home based business, like we are currently doing, causing the machine to pay for itself and you have the benefit of taking full advantage of it.
A quick advert in your local newspaper and you get a few ladies to vibrate in the comfort of your home.
Competition from the Powerplate? Don’t believe it, as long as you can undercut other’s prices, which isn’t difficult at all, we do it easily and so can you, the market is wide open out there!
You buy your own machine and it pays for itself.


Right now we have a special running, the Ultra Body Trainer is going for only R7900-00 (was R9900-00) and if you buy two you can have both for as little as R11900-00. What a bargain?! This comes with a two year warranty. We bought our first two for R26000-00 almost a year ago!!
Now a quick word of warning, you can get cheaper machines, but…… what kind of backup will you have afterwards? What if the machine breaks and you have a string of customers coming in the next day? Will the person who sold it to you repair it in time? Will he come around and replace broken parts? That will be the problem with these machines you buy at some of the outlets, you are not dealing with a person, you are dealing with a business, a faceless organization, who I might add, feels nothing for you or your problems.
In our case the machines are imported and distributed by a man with the name of Wicus, it is his business, he is based in George, but he is the sole owner and also runs it with the help of his parents and his brother. In other words, a family business, so you as the customer get “hands on” backup and service, with help only a phone call away. Not a faceless person who is not to be found when you need him most.
If you are interested in reading more about his business, the effect of the Ultra Body Trainer on your body and what it can do for you, or other valuable products available, have a peek at his web site: Here he explains the work and effects of the machine in detail, as well as a layout of his other exciting products. Alternatively you could contact us at 082 441 4706, 083 276 8643, Yolande or Colin, or e – mail us at
Happy shaking!!