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Saturday, June 26, 2010


I have checked back on Feedjit again, most of my "cold" visits from Google come from key phrases like 'older celebs', 'sexy legs' and 'celebs on the red carpet.'

Seeing that it seems to be very interesting and popular subjects to my readers, maybe we should dedicate this post to a mixture of the above.

This is a 2008 picture of Cameron Diaz on the red carpet, she hasn't changed much since then, and I have a special soft spot for her. She has sexy legs, well shaped calves, obviously complimented by the high heels and shortish dress. (No idea who the dude is, but who cares.) Not that young anymore, I guess she can qualify as an older celebrity also. (born in 1972)

Anna Lynne McCord on the red carpet, looking smoking hot. The curly hair, sexy dress, peep toe heels and red nail varnish earns her full score in my score sheet.

A stunning looking Cindy Crawford, ok, I know not on the red carpet, but an older celebrity (1966) who just doesn't seem to age at all. She has always been one of my favorites. Just love the blue dress and strappy high heeled sandals. Loads of sex appeal and confidence.

Another older celebrity, who in the days of T J Hooker became famous as a leggy female cop, and who I thought was the sexiest girl alive at the time, Heather Locklear. She turns 50 next year, and I would venture to say she is aging like a good red wine, only getting better with time. See for yourself, in this picture she is super hot and stunningly beautiful. Just love the hair and the eyes. (one can lose a whole herd of steers in those eyes)

A red carpet post without her would be mighty boring, my all time favorite, as you all know, Kate Beckinsale. Just love her hair and the smile. And even though it isn't really obvious in this picture, you can take my word for it, she has damn sexy legs.

True beauty, unequaled class, elegance and style, a flawless example to modern day celebrities, and a huge favorite of mine since I can remember, Sophia Loren. I guess she must be a great, great granny, born 1934, but still has what it takes to make a noisy gathering hush when she enters. What a lovely old lady.

Well, you tell me what you think and who you'd consider also qualify in this category. Obviously I cannot mention everyone I'd like to, as I would sit here for the whole day.

I think it is maybe also a great time to thank each and every visitor, readers, follower, and commenter on my blog. As you have no doubt noticed, I have reached 400 followers, and without you, my blog would be a mighty boring place.
I also want to thank everyone who left very kind and sweet comments and compliments on my 'holiday' post. Yes, I have a fabulous family, and without them, I would be nothing.

Hope your Sunday is filled with joy and your week great.

Monday, June 21, 2010


I started this post completely different, (a few times) it is always hard to write about my own life, but here goes, short and sweet, we took a short, much needed holiday. Drove down the coast some 300 kilos towards Cape Town. It rained all the way there, and no, I am not complaining, I love rain, even when on holiday.

I took a few pics and thought it wise to share with you.
On the way we had to pass through a lovely little town called Knysna. It is best known for "The Heads," the entrance to the Knysna lagoon.

This is what it looks like from a viewpoint just above it. We fortunately had a few moments of just a light drizzle to admire the view. It is breathtakingly beautiful and the photograph cannot begin to bring you the whole picture, you have to be there, hear the birds and the surf and smell the clean, salt air.

This is the Knysna lagoon on the other side.

Rain could not keep us from enjoying the view. At that stage it was just a soft drizzle. Yolande, Amore and Jesse braving the cold and wet weather. It didn't seem to bother Jesse as much as it did mom and daughter.

Stunning view from here.

Had enough cold now, cannot wait to get back in the car.

Because of the soccer in South Africa, George, which is normally a very quiet holiday town, was buzzing with people and air transport. This helicopter took off close to a large shopping center, and both Jesse and I had a blast watching. He is as crazy about anything with wings as I am. He was only a few months old when he had his first experience in a DC9 airplane.

This is where we stayed, the name of the place is Boscia, it is a small farm few kilo's out of George, quiet and peaceful farm atmosphere.

The view from the front door. I cannot tell you how great it was to wake up to farm noises, no cars racing past, no screeching tires no horns blowing. Just birds, horses and donkeys. And yes, I am a morning person, and I especially love horses and birds.

When Bartholomeo Diaz set foot in South Africa in the 15th century, he was sailing this tiny little boat they called a Caravel. This is a replica of the little boat. It seems like a miracle, sailing all the way from Portugal, right down the African continent, past the Cape of storms, and into Mosselbay, in a tiny boat the size of this one.. (I do apologize for the poor lighting and the wrong date on some of the pics, I couldn't edit it out without loosing half the pic, I have now subsequently removed that annoying feature.)

Yolande and Jesse, don't know what it was that amused Jesse, but it obviously got his full attention. Amore was not with us, she was playing in a school squash tournament, the main reason for your trip.

This is what Mosselbay looks like, quite a beautiful view.

The Eastern Province under 11 squash teams, not sure how many teams there were but there are 4 players in each team.

Amore won all her matches, so needless to say, we're very proud of her. She definitely inherited her mother's ball skills and has the potential to become a great player. Her mom plays a mean game of squash.

I guess that is my story, back to the salt mines and earning a living.
Have a lovely week.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Think back, remember I posted about this girl, Abby and her yacht, Wild Eyes on the 9th of May when she was in Cape Town harbor, while on her way to sail around the world solo.

Well, the bad news is, since she left Cape Town she went missing at sea during a storm, and her parents had lost all contact with her. Actually she'd lost all contact with the world for a while.

The good news is however, she has been found in the Southern Indian ocean. She is just fine, but her yacht is, even though in one piece, badly damaged as a result of the storm. Seeing that I "stole" this info from another site, I am going to let you read the detail on the site I stole it from here!

I think her parents had suddenly grown 20 years older, and there, I am sure, is no way they will let her go on such a dangerous venture again.

Have a super day everyone.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I have developed a very special soft spot for this young lady. I think that what happened to her is terrible and I think all my readers will agree with me when I say that.

Cheryl Cole, the British singing sensation who is about to divorce a guy with rocks where his brain's suppose to be, deserves a little lime light on my humble site.
This dress she is wearing is stunning!

I am sure you will agree with me, she always looks great, dressed with elegance and style.
I think this dress really compliments her legs and waist. Very fashionable and chic.

One would almost think she is wearing a corset looking at her waist in this pic. What a figure.... Is it Paris Hilton behind her?

This is such a beautiful pic of her, love the hair, love the dress, love the heels. And she does have sexy, well shaped legs. To be honest, I think this is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen of her, absolutely perfect.

Although this picture will take a close second place, love the red and white combination.

She seems to be doing great in white, doesn't she look fabulous! My idea of a sexy dress, love the slit on the side!

I guess that is all for today, I am going to be out of town until Sunday afternoon, so I wish you a great weekend, unfortunately I cannot take my laptop with me, there is not enough space for it. (and my wife will kill me) haha....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I had a very interesting request for a next post from my dear friend, Dena of Pretty Little Things. This is what Dena said:

"Colin I like to see more post from you on beauty seen by men, what do they find attractive in a woman when it comes to character and looks.

"What are the biggest turn off according to Colin?"

Mighty dangerous ground? Yep, it is, specially coz 90% of my readers are ladies.

I think men are more inclined to look at a girl's "outer" than her "inner" qualities.... first impressions anyway.

What I first look for in a girl is femininity, I like a girl that is soft, feminine and girly. She doesn't have to be drop dead gorgeous, or have a perfect figure. There are loads of less beautiful and less sexy girls out there that will catch the average male eye just as fast as the most beautiful girl in the world. (sometimes even faster, coz the most beautiful girl might think the sun is shining out of her backside, a major turn off!) Now to me there are certain things that are synonym with femininity, and again, this is my preferences. Long, well kept hair, color varnished nails, make up, a dress or skirt, heels, ear rings. You will notice that these are all things that a man is not suppose to use or have, or wear.

Let's look at Heather Tom, the perfect example of what a girl should look like. Now I specially love her hair.

Something else that catches my eye is confidence. Confidence in a nice way, not the "I know I am gorgeous and everyone else is ugly" kinda confidence, coz that is a major turn off. Not just to men.

Here is another example of what a typical girl should look like - hair perfectly done, nails painted, red lips, well dressed and heels. Now do not get me wrong, I know a girl cannot look like this all the time, but at least when you go somewhere with someone special, make an effort to look special.

Other turn offs, and I speak for myself here. Bad odors, no matter, male or female, man I wanna get sick when someone smells like an open grave. I think that is the most terrible turnoff for me.

When I look at a girl, first things I notice are her nails and hair. Long well kept hair to me is a bonus, and the same with nails. Nails with colored nail varnish on, and half the varnish is chipped off, YUK. Goo under the nails....bleeeh, terrible.

I have posted this pic before, but this is the perfect example of what a girl should NOT look like. If you zoom in on her one hand you will notice chipped nail varnish. If you zoom in on her feet, you will notice......uhm, don't rightly know what to call that, you call it what ever you like..... I just know, if I had to go somewhere with her, I'd politely ask her to walk some ten paces ahead of me, just so people don't think we are together.

Unshaven armpits and unshaven legs.... yuk! Another turn off.

You know, I think loads of people get divorced simply because people let go. The believe or attitude is, I am married now, I do not have to look after myself anymore, be that male or female. You got to keep looking great for your partner, no matter what. Your partner must be proud to go places with you. Make small changes, not so your partner would ask, "who the hell are you?" but something that will make your partner take a second look at you, or make your partner fall in love with you over and over again.

I hope that answers Dena's question, and I know I am going to get loads of flak from some readers, I am not going to mention any names, haha... but this is my opinion, take it or leave it. I am in the fortunate position that I married a girl that has all of these good qualities, so it is possible to be like this. And believe me, she will not go anywhere if she doesn't feel dressed properly, or if her hair isn't perfect. I reckon pride has a lot to do with it also.

To proof what I just said, this is what Yolande looks like on an average day. (not the best pic I know, but I took it and I am no account with a camera.)

Well, it is time for you girls to pick up the stones, let me know when to start ducking. Do I expect too much, and men in general, do we expect too much from the fairer sex? The floor is yours, you can start throwing.

Have a lovely day.