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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Time for a new post I reckon.
Popular searches from feedjit still show "sexy legs" and then most also add "stockings." Now what is it about stockings that makes a leg look extra sexy? I honestly cannot tell you. Or should I say I cannot put my finger on it. Maybe some of my readers can shed some light on the subject.

The girl in this pic, and this is purely a matter of taste, has pretty average legs, yet I think the stockings make them look sexy. Am I right? I love the back seam, always adds sex appeal.

The legs in this pic are not particularly well shaped, yet they are sexy. Is it because they are clad in stockings? Or is it the heels making them appear sexy?

Stockings or bare, to me it honestly doesn't matter, from a man's point of view that is. The lady in this picture, to me, has extremely sexy legs, and I am sure you will agree with me. And they have seen some spinning classes. I am sure Nuheila of Nuheila blogspot will agree with me. (no those are not Nuheila's legs, but you should visit her blog)

This young lady looks especially sexy and extremely beautiful. Again, is it the stockings, and if not, what is it? I think even without the stockings she has quite well shaped legs. Obviously the high heeled sandals do their part. I love the red, white and black contrast.

Now you tell me that Rachel McAdams does not look sexy in bare legs in her C L Pigalles. Love this pic of her, very sexy yet very elegant.

Now if you ask me, it is a matter of opinion, and also a matter of the mood you are in. I have no particular preference, bare or stockings, both are sexy, of course I think that heels make a huge difference. Heels just has a way of shaping an average leg into a sexy leg. They also have a way of turning a kinda casual outfit into a more formal outfit.

What do you folks think. Remember, if you disagree with me, you have to proof me wrong by sending in a pic as evidence, which I will post and we can get the opinion of all the other readers.

Have a lovely day.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I got bored with my old template and header, so I thought maybe a change will do the trick. Well, I have made my changes, now I want to hear from you what you think. Better or not?

I don't like to gossip, but I think this girl deserves a spot on my blog, even if it is for the wrong reasons. Poor Paris Hilton, she visited my hometown, Port Elizabeth during the soccer world cup. Apparently her motto is, "why drink and drive if you can smoke and fly." So she smoked pot, Dagga, cannabis, or what ever you wanna cal it. Problem was, she got flown, sorry, thrown right into jail for that. Obviously, according to her, it was not her that smoked the stuff, it was her friend, so she was released again.

But I am sure she is not keen on coming back to South Africa again soon, poor girl.
I heard a rumor that she got arrested again, but I have no grounds to confirm that.

I guess that is all from my side, please tell me what you think of my new layout, I'd love to hear your opinion.

Have a stunning day.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Thanks to all my readers for the really wonderful comments I got on my last post. My wife read most of them, and even if she doesn't mention it, I am sure she feels a mite less intimidated by the sharp end of a camera. So thanks to every one who left comments, and those who haven't yet, please visit my previous post and feel free to comment.

I have been tagged by a lovely lady, Tayebug of Living Happy & Healthy 365 blog.

Now when I opened her blog this morning my eye caught a post on a subject that I have posted about in the past. Please spare a moment and read this post titled 8 Reasons to start loving your body today. I think more girls should follow her advice on confidence and being sexy. So true. But do not stop at this post, she has a blog with many interesting angles and corners, from food to fashion. So please, read them all!

Now my challenge is the following, I have to answer the following questions:

1. You have three wishes, what would they be?

Dangerous one, I don't only have three wishes, I have like 300, but my first wish is to always be able to help myself to and from the loo until I die. No diapers or bed pans....

No, make that the second wish, my first wish, and this in in the Lord's Hands not mine, to not loose one of my kids to death or serious trauma before I die.

Third one, to have the wisdom and knowledge to always give more than I receive.

2. What cosmetic piece of work would you have done (or have had done)?

None so far, and I seriously don't think any cosmetic piece of work (unless it is a miracle) is gonna make a difference to my ugly old frame...haha.... and no, I used to be a beautiful little boy, (that is what everybody says ok!) only I didn't stay that way... :-) hard work and bumpy roads, that is what got me to where I am today... But, take note, I am reasonably healthy, and I feel good for my age, so I am grateful for what I have.

3. What is your must have fashion item?

I don't have a must have fashion item, my wife has enough for the both of us. :)
I forgot, I have a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses with prescription lenses, without them I cannot drive, but that is not by choice, I might add.

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Any exotic island, with dive spots with up to 50 meter viz... so I can scuba dive and enjoy dolphins up close, and have cocktails with my lovely wife on a deck overlooking the clear water, colorful reefs, and dolphins playing in the surf. Yeah, dream on....

5. What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
Hehe, if I tell you I'd have to kill you.... but second craziest thing, I stole my father's motorbike when I was only 12 years old and raced up and down the street with it. Maybe that was the stupidest thing, but is there a difference?

6. Who is your favorite musical artist at the moment?
Shania Twain and Celine Dion share first place on my list.

7. What was the last movie you watched?

In a cinema, She is out of my league, and I have to add, it is not the kind of movie I normally watch, but I really enjoyed it tremendously. (Maybe because it kinda reminds me a little of myself, please take note, I said a little, difference being, I am not a nerd.... lol,)
Last night we watched Mr Bean on dvd, a great laugh.

8. Passion or Quiet Happiness?

I like a low profile, so I guess quiet happiness. On second thoughts, if with my wife, I might change my mind... :) who will not?

I reckon that is it, now I am kinda lazy and it has taken me two days to get this post done, so I am going to tag only two other people, if I may bend the rules some, so I thought it wise to tag Dena of Pretty Little Things, and Heidi of Farm Girl.

Let's keep the questions the same, I guess they are very interesting, would love to hear what they have to say.

Thanks Tayebug for tagging me, I am honored, and I do apologize for taking that long to post, but I have been pretty busy and Jesse had his tonsils removed on Friday, so life has been pretty hectic. Back to normal now.

I have been sent this video, and seeing that it is really damn funny, I want to share it with you. I would however advise, do not, and I repeat, do not try this at home. I know my wife would kill me slowly if I ever tried this with her.

I reckon that is it, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and take care.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


My wife Yolande being camera shy, makes it kinda difficult to get her to pose for a picture, so sometimes I have to ask really nicely, sometimes I have to steal a photograph. But mostly it takes quite a few minutes of careful negotiation to convince her to pose for a photo. I have to admit, it gets easier with time, I can be quite persuasive, well either that or I am just such a pain in the butt, she just agrees so she can get rid of me. :-)

Now in this post I am going to post some of the "stolen" and some of the voluntary photographs that I took. Please forgive the bad quality of the pics, my camera is an el cheapo, and I am not the worlds best photographer, on the contrary....

We went dancing last night, and after some serious negotiation and discussion, she agreed to pose for a few photos. So here they are.

And yes, she danced in those high heeled sandals the whole evening, from 8 to 12, and she is quite fit, we didn't sit out a lot. Don't ask me how she managed. Be that as it may, I am convinced I had the privilege of dancing with the most beautiful girl at the dance.

This picture was taken before work. Unfortunately her dress code for work is black and/or white. It is quite boring for her. Jesse is always there when pics are taken. Obviously I love the stockings and boots idea.

I had to steal this one, hence the bad quality.

I caught her off guard with this one.

Yolande and Amore, Amore fresh out of the bath as you can no doubt see.

Reckon that is enough, hope your weekend will be enjoyable.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Some more celebs with sexy legs on the red carpet, and what I think of their fashion sense.
Dangerous ground for me to move on, but hey, you can only disagree with me.

Don't ask me why, but I have never posted about her on my blog, Keri Russell, and this is quite an old pic, but I love the way she dresses. Not overboard, but rather simple, yet elegant and stylish.

Stacy Keibler has featured before, but she deserves another round or three. To me she has loads or sex appeal and no shortage on confidence. Seen here in a sexy black number and strappy high heeled sandals, a true picture of sexuality.

I am not sure what Vanessa Hudgens' height is, but she seems to be a shorty and very petite, however, there is nothing wrong with her legs. Well shaped and sexy. Great pic of Vanessa on the red carpet.

One of my favorites, Kristen Bell. Kristen always dresses very fashionable and she does have sexy legs, well complimented by a pair of sexy heels.

Some time ago someone asked me what I consider to be a sexy leg. That is a difficult question to answer. I guess a leg doesn't necessarily have to be perfectly shaped to be sexy. In my opinion a pair of nice heels can change a pair of ordinary legs into a pair of sexy legs. A well shaped calve is obviously a huge bonus. And further I also feel that what you choose to wear, will determine if your legs are going to look sexy or not. Maybe it will be safer if we can differentiate between a well shaped leg and a sexy leg. A well shaped leg will be sexy when and where ever it is visible, no matter what you wear. A sexy leg can be a not too well shaped leg, but can appear sexy if you wear the right outfit. Damn, what a difficult explanation. Would love to hear your opinion on this one.

I'll try and demonstrate by way of pictures.
Blake Lively in my opinion has sexy legs, specially when wearing a pair of C L Pigalles. Don't ask me what it is about a pair of Pigalles, but they can turn just about any pair of legs into a pair of sexy legs.

Now Ciara on the other hand, she has extremely well shaped and sexy legs. I would almost say a perfect pair of leg. Did you notice both of them are wearing Pigalles? I tried to find pics of the same shoes, just so I can proof my point.

Okay, up to you now to tell us what you think, specially on the subject of sexy legs and what you consider as a sexy leg.

Have a stunning weekend.