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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Let's take a look at some more celebs and what I think is fashionable on the red carpet, and maybe here and there off the red carpet, just to compare and see what celebs wear when they think they are out of the public eye.

I have no idea what this girl, Abigail Clancy, is famous for, but I am sure one of my readers will be able to help out. What I love about her is that she is a stunningly beautiful girl and I like the dress she is wearing. Her hair looks fabulous, and although it is not obvious in this pic, her legs seem to be quite shapely, specially with the high heels she is wearing.
What definitely caught my eye is the expression of the guy directly behind her...

We saw AnnaLyne McCord in my previous post, and she seemed to be quite popular. Here she is on the carpet, even if not red, looking lovely, the figure hugging dress and heels portraying a very sexy girl. Now I am not that crazy about her hair in this pic, specially coz I know she has lovely wild hair, but I guess there are loads of people that will love it.

Cheryl Cole, who has been making the headlines recently, for the wrong reasons, looking fabulous, I just love her make up, her hair, the dress very fashionable and stylish. Fashion shoes to create that sexy curve in the calve.

I do not use my blog to discuss celebs' private lives, but I would like to say, I feel sorry for her, what happened to her in my opinion, was blind and totally unnecessary.

Gwen Stefani, not one of my favorite people, but I have to give her credit, caught off the red carpet, and I quite like what she is wearing, very fetching short dress and leggings, (or are those stockings or tights) that actually serve to compliment her beautiful legs. The white high heeled shoes also really compliment her outfit and specially her legs. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will also know that I love her hairstyle and make up in this pic.

Well, what do you think, do you agree with me?

Have a stunning Sunday, and week.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Looking at the comments on my previous post about dresses versus pants, those for pants were in the majority, but no males commented, so it was rather one sided... haha... I guess it is a matter of personal taste. So be it.

We move on, another stunning girl, and a girl I have also briefly featured in my previous post, the lovely Kim Kardashian. Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian, born October 21 1980, is a well known model, actress, and television personality. In my opinion a truly beautiful and extremely sexy young lady. In this pic, very fashionably dressed, a shortish dress and high heeled sandals, looking fresh as a spring blossom.

Even when she's not really expecting cameras, does she look fabulous. Now Kim, in my opinion, has beautifully shaped legs. Even without heels, her legs look great.

However, with heels they are awesome! I rest my case about dresses and pants... How can she possibly look any better in a pair of pants? Come on, you tell me.... and yep, you guessed it, no pants in this post...!!

Ain't it funny how when someone takes a pic of you when least expected, you most of the time are doing something out of the ordinary, well here is one of those moments, obviously caught slightly off guard in this pic, yet stylish and elegant. Love that dress!

This to me is a stunning pic, fashion, and yet again, elegance and style combined....beautiful dress, make up done perfectly, and high stiletto heeled sandals, now I would have given her 10 out of 10, had her nails been varnished red... :-) so I give her 9 out of 10.

Last pic of Kim, a dress that is very much in fashion, and then obviously also very much a fashion shoe, a pair of Pigalle high heels. It would seem that she quite favor her Pigalles.

I guess that is enough for today, let me know what you folks think of Kim, and have a fabulous day.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have been wondering what to post about next, then I read a post on the blog of Chloe, author and owner of My Favourite Things and I found something to write about. Dresses or skirts and pants.

Now as you should know by now, I love a beautiful, feminine leg. How on earth can you appreciate a leg when the owner of said leg is wearing long pants? I do understand that sometimes nature does not allow a girl to wear a dress or skirt, but when I see a girl, on a hot as hell day, wearing a pair of pants, I just wonder.... what was she thinking when she got dressed.

Let's take a peek at AnnaLynne McCord here, she has such nice legs, why hide them? And she is a stunningly beautiful girl, always, well almost always dressed fashionable.

Same girl, same legs, only you can see the legs this time... now don't you agree, those legs look a mite more fetching in this pic than in the one above. And make no mistake, the dress doesn't have to be so short you can see her name and surname, but around the knee or just above is great. Combine the dress with a pair of high stiletto heels, and you have a traffic stopping combination.

Here is another excellent example, this girl is hiding her best asset, ok, I know she has a beautiful face also, but she has beautiful legs, why hide them... do you recognize her?

Same girl, Audrina Patridge, same legs, only this time where one can see them, because she is wearing a beautiful dress. Her beautifully tanned legs out in the open where they can breath, and be appreciated by the millions of men who favor a nice leg! Bonus, they are complimented by a pair of thin strapped sandals, shaping her calves, extremely feminine! Something about Audrina, she has such sexy, sleepy eyes, they always tend to draw my attention, and in this pic, her red lips and make up, done to perfection. What more can I say, damn that is a beautiful picture of her...

Another girl who hides her assets in this pic, although I must say in her favor, she doesn't make a habit of it, Kim Kardashian.

Now isn't it a shame to cover those legs? Same girl, dress and fashion heels making the world of difference.

I just know I've opened a bee hive here, most girls just like wearing pants and I am going to get punished by a lot of girls, but I have been up the creek and over the ridge, so let's have your opinion. And give me carrots if you feel like it, I can handle it.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


300 followers! To me a milestone.
When I stared this blog, it was actually to advertise my wife's business, however, one thing leads to another, long story short, I searched for a nice direction to go. My wife's habit of always looking her best, gave me the idea that fashion will do well, mainly because guys and girls alike will almost always take a second look at a well dressed lady, and because female celebs mostly appear in their best attire, specially on the red carpet, (well ok, most of them) I thought to combine the two. That is how I got to where I am today. Fashion and celebs.

For example, which guy in his right mind, will walk past Sarah looking like this, and not secretly peek a second time, or scroll past her picture, and not stop to take a second look. Now most fashion conscience ladies will do the same. I must say, she does look stunning in this pic.

On countless occasions I have walked next to my wife in shopping centers and I notice guys walk past, and pay extra attention to her, some openly, and other secretly, would follow her with their eyes, and as they go to far to just turn their eyes, those eyes would come out on stalks, haha, just so the lady with them will not notice. Believe me, it is hilarious to watch them. Some ladies also look, and when my wife sees a lady wearing a nice shoe, she will walk up to her and ask her where she bought the shoe, and if at all possible, she will go buy the shoe. Yes, I have mentioned before, she has a cupboard filled with shoes.

But I am getting carried away here, my reason for boring you with all of this, is actually to thank all of my loyal followers, thanks for supporting me, and religiously commenting on my posts. I always try to return the favor, and if for what ever reason I slipped up somewhere, I do apologize. But thank you ever so much, had it not been for you guys, my blog would have been no where.

A special thanks, if you will allow me, to a very dear and very special blogging friend, Dorothy of womenselfesteem who has helped me out so many times, I have lost count.
Thanks Dorothy, you and I both know that you saved my blog from a total and most likely, fatal disaster, thank you very much. Words cannot describe my appreciation!

As you can no doubt see, my blog now has 300 followers, an achievement I am quite proud of. (never in my wildest dreams did I expect this) So, my thanks to every one of you following me, or regularly comment on my posts, I really, really appreciate it. That also goes for those readers who never say a word, without you, my visitors count will be no where, so please keep on visiting.

I will continue to post pics of beautiful ladies, sporting fashionable outfits, like Aly in this picture.

Hopefully my standard will never disappoint you, and if anyone has any suggestions, I will do my best to comply. As long as you do not request pictures of male models or male celebs... lol...

Thanks again and hope your day will be filled with joy and happiness.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I am going to change the readers legs post somewhat on this lovely Valentines day. I have only one set of photographs of a lovely reader. I however want to use this post to demonstrate that being feminine and soft, mixed with fashion, is a huge advantage to a girl. And if you will allow me, I am going to throw in a few pics of my wife to demonstrate what can be done to make a girl look feminine and soft.

Jasna is the owner and author of FashionJazz which in my opinion is a brilliant site with a very wide spectrum of fashion, some vintage and some modern, mix and match of all kinds of styles, always colorful and chic. But, what I like about Jasna is that she is always feminine. All her outfits portrays a soft, feminine image. With that I am not saying that she lacks in the legs department, not by a long shot. But she, like most of my readers, wears her femininity like a soft woolen scarf, there where everyone can see it.

See for yourself, Jasna looking fresh as a spring blossom.

Talking about scarves, Jasna illustrating her ability to mix and match different colors and styles, proof to you that she is a master at using fashion to portray beauty and elegance.

This to me is a lovely picture of Jasna, flaunting her shapely legs.

Jasna, just like my wife, has a weakness for two fashion items, sunglasses and shoes. I am not sure how many pairs of sunglasses or shoes Jasna has, but believe me, lots. My wife does not have that many pairs of sunglasses, but she has, and this is a rough guess, more than 70 pairs of shoes, and I think that is being quite conservative.

Sunglasses and shoes, my wife demonstrating her passion. Unfortunately Yolande is a mite camera shy, so I really battle to get her to pose for a picture. If I do not steal them, I loose out.

Like this one...

Yes, I know, I really suck when it comes to taking pictures, but hey, I am getting the message across...sorry for the date there, but if I edit that out of the pic, there is not much to see.

Jasna, once again looking lovely, this time for the J & B Met in Cape Town.

This is a pic I stole of my wife, now the quality here sucks, and that is not me this time, it was taken with an old cell phone I had. The reason I love this pic is because I caught her unawares and I think she looks absolutely stunningly beautiful, putting on her earring.

Yes, I can read your mind, you are wondering, what on earth is a beautiful girl like her seeing in an ugly old f*rt like me, well there is nothing wrong with her eyes, she works for an optometrist, and he has tested her eyes, they are perfect, so it must be my charm...haha... (she will kill me if she sees this post)

That is all for today, please visit Jasna, she has a lovely site, and she also writes a column for Style Scoop please make a point of also visiting her there, you will love her style and pictures.

Have a stunning Valentines day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The one lady whom I have loads of respect for, is Kate Beckinsale, and I would like to dedicate this post to her.

Always in the lime light, in fashion, and really loved by everyone. Never heard a bad word said about her, and I've had readers comment that in real live off screen she is also a lovely person. No airs and graces, down to earth, love her family, and from what I can see, a very close relationship with her daughter.

This to me is a beautiful picture of Kate, (no legs this time) but what a beautiful outfit. She looks absolutely stunning.

Born Kathryn Bailey, "Kate" Beckinsale (26 July 1973) is an English actress. Her best known film in my opinion, being Pearl Harbor, and also the first time I have noticed her. I guess it was "love at first sight" so to speak. (don't tell my wife)

Another pic of her looking lovely, and in this pic also not much legs, but I love her hair and smile in this photograph.

Even when not expecting to be photographed, she looks fabulous!

Haha, she definitely didn't expect a camera coming out after a pedicure.... A lovely mother daughter moment!
What makes you think she wore high heels before the Pedi??

Looking as fresh as a spring blossom, lovely and beautiful, from top, right down to her high heeled sandals, and the expression on the face of the lady in the background? Priceless!

I just love her hair in this photograph, and the expression on the face of the policeman in the background tells its own story...

This to me is one of the most beautiful pictures of Kate, obviously blissfully happy, dressed to perfection, stylish, elegant and fashionable. Those high heeled shoes doing their part to shape her legs to perfection. And even without them, she does have beautiful legs!

I guess that is it for today, I would love to hear your opinion about Kate, don't be shy.

Oh, and the last pic of the legs in my previous post, they belong to Pamela Anderson. Quite a few readers got her right.

Have a lovely day!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Where I am sitting right now, it is Friday afternoon, and I do not plan on working too hard from now till Monday, so I am going to do a quick post on some sexy, beautiful legs, and leave that for you to view over the weekend.

Something about Ali Larter in this picture that makes me wanna pay attention, she looks really beautiful and almost kinda innocent, but in a striking, kick ass sexy way... Am I contradicting myself here...?

I have a notion that Anna Faris is a favorite of just about every one of my readers, and seeing her in this picture, I am convinced, will confirm that notion. She looks really beautiful, stylish and definitely ultra classy. Her legs? Well I think she has really beautiful legs, and the high heels serve as a bonus, making her legs really shapely and sexy.

Fergie knows she has well shaped legs, (reason for this pose) and if a man favors good legs, his eyes will be out on stalks just so he can get a better look.....haha. Now I do not consider Fergie to be drop dead gorgeous, (sorry Fergie) but she knows how to dress in a way that compliments her best assets...being her legs, and she always looks classy and trendy. Now you take that blue dress paired with those killer heels, and you tell me she doesn't draw attention, and most of it to her lovely, beautifully shaped legs.

Jennifer Aniston can sometimes look a mite neglected, but I am positive, I have never seen her look as lovely as in these pictures. That dress is super sexy, love the slit, her hair and make up is perfect, and those high heeled, strappy sandals are really stylish and extremely sexy. Those calves are beautifully shaped, what more can I say, the picture speaks for itself. Even the nails are varnished!! Can it be coz Mr P is maybe available again soon....?? Well, why not, dreaming has never hurt anyone...

This picture of Rachel McAdams I think is strikingly beautiful, it really emphasizes her well shaped figure. Maybe the dress is a little too low cut, but everything is tucked away out of sight and safe, so I think she looks fabulous. Again the calves are whipped into perfect shape by those in- fashion and popular high heeled shoes.

Homework for the weekend, guess who these legs belong to. Come on, it isn't that difficult, there is only one pair of legs that can look like that when complimented by a pair of Pigalles. Tip, she is not young anymore, and no, it is not Kate Hudson or Kate Beckinsale..... that narrows it down to only a few hundred to choose

Damn, reckon that is more than I originally planned on doing, so I am gonna stop here.
I wish you all a great weekend, and I will wait patiently for your reply on who these legs belong to.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hi everyone, I have done the draw for the giveaway of the necklace this morning by using -

And here are the results:
True Random Number Generator 50 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Number 50 is the lovely Alison of Frou Frou Fashionista blog

Alison, you are the lucky lady, congratulations!!

Please Alison, contact me with your e mail address so I can forward it to the organizers of the competition.

Thanks to all the lovely readers who entered and supported the competition, I really appreciate your enthusiasm and I am truly sorry that everyone cannot be a winner, but there is always a next time!

Have a great day folks!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Two more brave readers have send me some pics to be posted as readers legs.
The first lady, the lovely Erika, author and owner of the colorful and interesting Cafe Fashionista blog.
If you haven't been to her site yet, please do yourself a favor, you are missing out on a whole heap of fashion entertainment.

Erika showing us how it should be done.

Another well known pic of Erika...

The other lovely lady I am featuring today is the beautiful Valentine of the very interesting and versatile P'titeValentine blog.
Please do yourself a favor and visit her site, she has lots to offer.

Valentine demonstrating a fashionable moment.

Another one of Valentine in a very relaxed frame of mind.

My sincere thanks to these two ladies, I really appreciate you sending in pics and allowing me to place them on my site. Please folks, visit these two ladies, I am sure they'd love to entertain you.

Another lady whom I own big time is Nina of Ballerina's Closetobsession blog.
She gave me this award,

and I would now like to thank her for keeping me in mind.
Thanks Nina, I really and truly appreciate it.

Now I had to contemplate, pass it one or not. I decided that there are too many "over the top" blogs and sites out there, it will not be fair to pass it to only 10. So if you like the award, by all means, grab it, and forward it as you please.

I have also been tagged by the fashionable and lovely Nuheila of Nuheila blogspot!
I am supposed to list ten things that make me happy....uhmmm, and then pass it on to 10 people.

Well here goes,
1. Being a Christian makes me happy, I guess that is the most important part of my life, without God there is no reason for living.
2. At my age, and after what I have experienced in life, having a piece full home and a loving family certainly makes me happy.
3. Beautiful music makes me happy.
4. Being with friends make me happy.
5. Sitting in front of my laptop makes me happy.
6. Seeing justice done, specially when someone has done someone wrong, makes me extremely happy.
7. If I could lend a hand in seeing justice done.... so much happier...haha... yes I think I am kinda a vigilante at heart. (don't get me started on that subject)
8. Seeing my family being happy, makes me very happy.
9. Being with my kids make me happy....most of the time...haha... they can be an earful...
10. Living close to the sea makes me happy.

Wow, that got quite challenging towards the end.

Pass it on to 10 people:
1. The Girly Blog.
2. Chic in the Tropics.
3. Glimmer Glam.
4. Festy in style.
5. Pixie Dust.
6. Cafe Fashionista.
7. A Little Bit of This.
8. Mon Mode Blog.
9. Body and Mind for all Women.
10. Audrey Allure.

Phew, that took me a while, now please play the game, list your happiness and then pass it on to 10 bloggers!

Best wishes for the week everyone!