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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Looking at the comments on my previous post about dresses versus pants, those for pants were in the majority, but no males commented, so it was rather one sided... haha... I guess it is a matter of personal taste. So be it.

We move on, another stunning girl, and a girl I have also briefly featured in my previous post, the lovely Kim Kardashian. Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian, born October 21 1980, is a well known model, actress, and television personality. In my opinion a truly beautiful and extremely sexy young lady. In this pic, very fashionably dressed, a shortish dress and high heeled sandals, looking fresh as a spring blossom.

Even when she's not really expecting cameras, does she look fabulous. Now Kim, in my opinion, has beautifully shaped legs. Even without heels, her legs look great.

However, with heels they are awesome! I rest my case about dresses and pants... How can she possibly look any better in a pair of pants? Come on, you tell me.... and yep, you guessed it, no pants in this post...!!

Ain't it funny how when someone takes a pic of you when least expected, you most of the time are doing something out of the ordinary, well here is one of those moments, obviously caught slightly off guard in this pic, yet stylish and elegant. Love that dress!

This to me is a stunning pic, fashion, and yet again, elegance and style combined....beautiful dress, make up done perfectly, and high stiletto heeled sandals, now I would have given her 10 out of 10, had her nails been varnished red... :-) so I give her 9 out of 10.

Last pic of Kim, a dress that is very much in fashion, and then obviously also very much a fashion shoe, a pair of Pigalle high heels. It would seem that she quite favor her Pigalles.

I guess that is enough for today, let me know what you folks think of Kim, and have a fabulous day.


Wrecked Stellar said...

I love Kim. She's flawless and she can pretty much get away with most things!

Leah said...

She is lovely and she has gorgeous legs, no doubt! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love her, though sometimes she can be a little too much (makeup and clothing wise) she is gorgeous


I prefer dresses.....I love Kim's legs!


I love Kim´s first white dress...she is for sure a sexy woman...

all my kisses colin!

janettaylor said...

Those first sandals are cool!

P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Schnappy Jewelry giveaway!♥

Good luck!

stilettolover91 said...

I love Kim!! She always looks incredible!!

Jacqueline said...

I love Kim to death. She is a natural beauty and I love her curves. Colin, you must be wishing I wear red nail polish also! Haha, I never paint my nails due to my job. Plus, they get all weak due to the polish. I do paint my toenails though! xo

sakthi said...

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Anonymous said...

she has got the most incredible curves and beautiful face....if only she sounded a bit more intelligent she be the perfect woman. She seems the Paris Hilton type to me.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Kim is GORGEOUS - great choice, Colin. She always reminds me of an Egyptian Princess. And she's intelligent, as well - I read an interview in Cosmo with her not too long ago. She's a very good businesswoman - people don't give her enough credit. :)

tris1978ton said...

Kim is gorgeous! Her face is flawless and her curvy body is sexy! She's a bit overexposed by the media, but I guess when you look like that, it's hard not to get so much attention.

JENIE said...

Wishing to be KIM now, Colin ;)

BTW, thanks for droppin by...and that message the back link site left was just a "hope" on their part for us not to remove the code or the link ever;)

and the code is the one you get in their site when you click EACH BUTTON you saw and WILL CLICK on my site.

hope i helped ;)

Schnappy said...

Hi! Very cool dresses, and this woman is nice! :)

nuheila said...

She looks always fabulous!Love her style and love her pigalles.She has gorgeous legs.Have a fab day Colin!


Tina T said...

I guess I was in the middle of moving during the pants vs dresses debate, but I think that every woman looks better in a dress or skirt. Pants are comfy and often more practical which is why I wear them so much, but if I'm dressing to impress I always were a skirt.

As far as Kim, she always looks fabulous. She exudes confidence, which I think as just as important to her looking so great as her obviously good looks.

TeenageDirtbag said...

Thank you Colin, it means a lot :).

And about Kim, I like her style very much, mostly couse she's so sexy and curvy whatever she wears :).

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i've got to hand it to Kim...i used to not like her at all, but over the years she's grown on me. she has a wonderful body, esp because she embraces her curves. that's so important!
xox alison

Lei said...

Love your blog! So sexy and interesting! :)

Rachel said...

Kim looks absolutely gorgeous in all of these photos! I'm especially loving that last shot of her.

Susu Paris Chic said...

Her legs are truly beautiful. And she seems to have a talent in looking fashionable yet stylish. She flirts with glitz but gets out the glam tram before it gets to be "too much".

Audrey Allure said...

Kim is beautiful!

kirstyb said...

ahh i think kim looks awesome all the time! if only i had money and stylist and make up artists at hand 24/7 lol xooxx said...

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Kata Wagner Berg said...

I like the shorter dresses on her much sexier!

SAMELIA said...

One thing I can say is Kim's legs always look great!

thesydneygirl said...


Mystery Man said...

i love kim. she is one of those women who have taken a negative (her sex tape) and turned it into a positive (her show). i wish she would do more than just show up at parties and on these weight loss commercials. she did that move a couple years movie or something, so she does have actign aspirations. maybe she can take those boadacious curves to 3D!

Lady V said...

Gosh she's fab!

Nicole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicole said...

I love Kim, she's always looking fab!
She dresses so well for her body and her personality!
Great blog, I really love it! Thank you for following me on twitter too and for your kind comments on my blog!

~Frankie~ said...

Kim has the perfect body and personality and all that she wears is perfect and sexy looking :-)
Nice blog Colin keep it up!

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Honeybee said...

wow..Kim is beautiful. I like her.