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Saturday, April 24, 2010


First of all I would like to clear the air for those still in doubt, the legs on my second last post belong to Ciara! Quite a few bloggers got it right, and I must say, I am surprised, I would have been wrong on that one had I been the one to guess. Congrats to all my lovely readers who got the answer right.

Today I thought we can have a look at body language and facial expressions.

What's on Sarah J Parker's mind? I guess - "Hey, what! Have you never seen a sexy chic before?"

Danielle Lloyd, "if he touches my bum again, I'm so gonna kill him!"
Her friend: "I wish I'd not put these lousy socks on...did you see the smirk on that woman's face?"

"Eeeeww! What is that awful smell?" Anne: "OOPS, sooooorrrry, that one slipped out!" (blush)

Blake Lively: "Haha, in your dreams buster!"

Tough girl: "stop looking at my boobs and open my beer! Oh, don't bother..."

Jaime Pressly: "No kidding! After the implants they're gonna be this big!" Yeah right...

Rachel McAdams: "yes officer are not listening to me...."

Kristen Bell: "If you so much as come one step closer you're dead meat *sshole! I know karate...."

I'd love to hear if and what you can add to some of the photographs, see, celebs also have bad hair days...

Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I don't know about you, but when I first started blogging, there was no one to help me, not one person I asked around here in South Africa had even heard about blogging. Being not computer literate didn't help either. So needles to say, it took me months to get something together that vaguely resembled a blog. I didn't know anybody in the blogosphere and obviously no one knew me. It kinda felt like the first day at a new school, only in this case the first day lasted for almost a year.

Slowly one gets into the the swing of things and gets the hang of it, and starts to build up a friendly relationship with literally hundreds of bloggers worldwide.

Recently a lovely lady left a comment on one of my posts, inviting me to visit, saying that she was new to blogging. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised when first I visited her site, she is the proud owner of MadiChic blog. Not the kind of site you'd expect from a beginner.

Please allow me to introduce you to Maddy!

I found this paragraph in one of her posts:

"If there is anything I love on a girly night out, it is red hot lips! - the perfect way to make a bold statement without saying a word. Play it safe with your eyes, and go over the top with the lips, the more dramatic the better!"

This picture to demonstrated, it made quite an impression on me.

Maddy is a fashion student at the London College of Fashion, originally from Pakistan, she was born in London, but grew up in Dubai.

Maddy loves fashion, she loves make up, and I guess that makes her right welcome with all of my readers. She is also very handy with thread and needle.
She altered this dress from a long shapeless dress to a stunningly elegant and figure hugging stunner.

We all started out the way Maddy is starting right now, and I am sure all of you guys wished you had some support when you started out, I know I did. Now we are all in the position to be that kind of support to someone who is where we all used to be. So my request to you all, please visit Maddy, and support her. She has a beautiful site, I am sure she will be only too happy to entertain you, and return the favor.

Have a stunning day!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


My blog still, according to Feedjit, get most of my "cold" visits from searches on Google for "sexy legs." So maybe we should take a look at some lovely girls displaying sexy legs while dressed fashionably.

A new face and a new pair of legs also, Amamda Righetti! Not sure where she figures, but she is flaunting a pair of beautifully shaped legs, complimented by a pair of stunning high heels.

Bar Rafaeli, featured before, but she looks lovely in this picture, fashionably dressed, flaunting a pair of well shaped, sexy legs.

Another first timer on my blog, Elsa Pataky, (no idea what her claim to fame is) dressed to kill, flaunting a pair of sexy legs, complimented by a short dress and high heeled, peep toe shoes.

From the way Fergie poses, it is obvious that she knows what her biggest assets are. Love the dress paired with those high heeled sandals, a great combination and a huge compliment for her legs.

Jessica Simpson looking stunningly sexy, showing us how a pair of well shaped leg should be displayed. Just love how that dress and high heels accentuates the shape of her beautiful legs and calves.

Let's test our leg specialist's knowledge, who's legs are these? Come on, you can do it. I have posted her before....

So, what do you think about my selection, good or average? Or excellent. And who is the proud owner of those beautifully shaped legs? Believe me, she knows she has great legs....

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I do not gossip about celebs, and I do not like to run them down, or discuss their private life, but I thought maybe we should take a look at Jennifer Aniston, in a nice way, where she used to be and where she is today.

Born 11 February 1969, Jennifer Joanna Aniston, Jennifer, I think became really famous for her role in Friends. Now I never really bothered to watch the series, mainly because I thought it was pretty boring. I however watched her in the movie "Derailed" and quite enjoyed her role.

I never was a fan of her, I had nothing against her, do not misunderstand me, she just never really impressed me, she used to be, shall we say, a not very impressive dresser, almost a normal girl next door kinda girl. If I can stress what I am trying to say, take a look at this pic, she looks nice, but not celebrity gorgeous. She even looked a mite off, almost sad and apologetic to be there.

And she actually has everything it takes to be a very impressive and sexy girl. She has, for her age, a fabulous figure, and when she adds a little make up, she is quite pretty. And of course, she has really beautiful, well shaped legs.

Another pic of her being pale, she just wasn't glowing, there was no sparkle, no sex appeal, no confidence.

Wooow, look at me now! Kick ass sexy, fabulous, fashionable dress, sky high heels, brilliant view of a sexy, well shaped leg, now do you see the difference? Breathtakingly beautiful and glowing with happiness. Even the toe nails are varnished, a truly beautiful picture of pure bliss. Now I am impressed and pleasantly surprised.

Now do you believe me when I say she's got beautiful legs? I would say more like super sexy legs! And of course her fashion heels are doing their bit to compliment those calves.

There are rumors that she is pregnant, I do not lend my ears to rumors, so if she is, best wishes to her, and I believe she is anxious for a little bundle of joy, so I hope for her sake it happens.

Another photograph of her sparkling with joy. I really love her outfit, lovely dress, and towering heels, tons of sex appeal.

And more proof that Jennifer has beautiful, well shaped legs.

Well, what do you say, is she pregnant? Or just really in love? My opinion, it doesn't matter which, I hope and wish for her a happier life. I think with the brat she got the short end of the stick, and I believe she deserves happiness and pure joy. And about the brat, (still do not know what women see in him) what goes around comes around....
I'd love to hear what you think....

Have a lovely day, and sexy legs weekend.

Friday, April 2, 2010


One of my readers commented, saying she is curious about me, I have been wondering since she is curious, how many other are curious. So I thought maybe I should tell you a little about myself.
First of all, I am extremely camera shy, I do not look good on camera, specially not when I laugh, it is true, believe me.
That is why Yolande has to steal pics of me, like this one! Jesse and me spending some quality time together.

My history in a nutshell, I used to be a police detective, almost 23 years of my life, (will not go into detail) I retired as a result of an injury on duty. Currently I am my own boss, I am in the property business and believe it or not, it is actually, surprisingly, going very well.

When first I started blogging, I had no intention of doing anything related to fashion. I started to promote my wife's business at the time. With time I realized there is money to be made by blogging, so I looked for a direction that will get attention on a wide field. Now my wife, Yolande, is not a fashion slave, but she does not leave home without make up and she always dresses well. That helped me a lot as I had absolutely zero knowledge of fashion and what woman wear, however, studying other blogs, got me started and this is where I am today.

Yolande is unfortunately also camera shy, so to get her to pose for pics takes a whole heap of work. So I tend to stick to celebs for examples.

Yolande and I have two kids, Amore, 10, from her previous marriage, an extremely talented and beautiful young lady, and Jesse, our son, now 3 and a half years. Meet the family, mom and daughter ready for a country and western evening. Heeeyaaaa! The broncs were all tied outside...

Amore and Jesse, Amore took part in a fun contest at school. Like mother like daughter, loves to dress and look smart.

The day Jesse was born, this pic I took about 4 hours before he saw the light.

Mother and son.

Yolande arriving at church on our wedding day. The limo was a surprise, my brother arranged it without us knowing about it. (that's him on the other side of the car)

Happily ever after... Amore was still very small then.

Another pic of Amore quite a few years later, actually just the other day.

Last one, Mr Charming, or should I say Mr Hard ass... he takes after his mom...haha....

Now you have seen it all, ok, almost, any questions, send them in and I will try and reply.
Enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend!