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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Here is another shocker, some time ago I posted about what celebs look like without make up, well I thought I would post some more of celebs without make up, just so you can see what make up can do for you!!

Can you guess who this is?? Yes the girl above. Take a close look, I bet you can't!

Now take a look at the girl down here, would you believe me if I tell you that she is the same girl..... Almost impossible to imagine...?? Yes I know.

Yes it is Jessica Simpson!
Now if make up can do this for her, I'm pretty sure it can do the same for any other girl.

Here is another one, take a close look.....

Well, do you know who she is??

No? I thought so....

Ok, now let's take a peek at her when she is dressed to kill....

Hmmm, Brittney looks a damn site better with her war paint, don't you agree??

What I am trying to proof is the following, if it can make that much difference to celebs, it can do the same for you, they are ordinary people just like you and I, and they only look stunning because of the correct extras, and a whole bunch of experts working on them for hours, so to speak.

While we are chatting I would like to use this opportunity to wish all my readers a prosperous new year, and may what you have seen on my blog, help you all to improve your self esteem. Remember, each and everyone of you are a star!! All you have to do is discover how to make you shine!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


With this I would like to wish all my readers a very Merry and Blessed Christmas, may all your wishes be granted, all your dreams come true, and may all your loved ones be with you over the season of Joy! Thank you all for the support, clicks and drops on my site. Really is appreciated.
God Bless!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


It is Monday again, so as you all know, it is a day for silence, I am going to just post a few of my favorites again, enjoy!

Another one of Heather Tom looking lovely!

Danielle Lloyd - stunning!! Those legs! No, I am not a boobs guy but yes, they look great too!

Another one of Danielle, showing of those legs! Just absolutely fabulous.

I have no idea where this lady, Sonya Kraus, fits in or what her claim to fame is, but this picture of her caught my attention, so I thought it wise to post it. She does look lovely.

That's all folks, have a great week!

Monday, December 8, 2008


I have posted this before, but I thought it wise to post it again, specially for those girls who feel they are not perfect. Remember, God made each and everyone of us, and if you think you are not perfect, you question HIS ability to make us.... It is how you treat, or what you do with your body, or HIS creation, that matters....

Who am I?

Yes, who really? Am I good, am I bad, am I fine?
What is my status, what is my line?
Who is the person staring back at me, yes, that one in the mirror?
Do I see myself as an angel or a terror?
Fat or thin, sexy or gross?
Which feature impress other people most?

Let me answer these questions for you, simply and quickly,
The Good Lord made us, each perfectly and uniquely.
So my lady friend, be proud of who you are!
When next you look in the mirror, see a STAR!!
Cozz that’s what you really are!
Always dress to impress, dress to kill,
Even if you don’t have the looks, you’ll always have the skill!
Written by Colin Immelman.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Today I would like to share with my readers some of my personal favorites, now let’s pay some special attention to their appearance, their dress sense, their make up and yes, specially the way their nails and hands are cared for. I think I have great taste! You will of course notice that all of them have really great legs too! A very important fact, also a fact you will be well aware of if you read my blog on a regular basis. Of course I would like to hear your opinion. On my last post I’d had quite a few comments and mostly the commentators agreed with me.

Danielle Lloyd looking stunning!

I couldn't resist another one of Danielle.... she has beeeeautiful, well shaped legs!!

Heather Tom, what caught my eye immediately was the red painted finger nails, the colorful make up and the almost wild look of her hair. She, in my opinion, has stunning legs too.

And then of course, last but by no means least, Megan Fox, looking stunning, from crown to toe, well dressed, make up applied perfectly, those lips a truly magnificent color……and then those legs….!! Just look at those well shaped calves! Without a doubt one of my all time favorites!