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Sunday, December 14, 2008


It is Monday again, so as you all know, it is a day for silence, I am going to just post a few of my favorites again, enjoy!

Another one of Heather Tom looking lovely!

Danielle Lloyd - stunning!! Those legs! No, I am not a boobs guy but yes, they look great too!

Another one of Danielle, showing of those legs! Just absolutely fabulous.

I have no idea where this lady, Sonya Kraus, fits in or what her claim to fame is, but this picture of her caught my attention, so I thought it wise to post it. She does look lovely.

That's all folks, have a great week!


Laarni said...

Gorgeous! I am actually going to wear heely shoes on my wedding. YAY!

Colin said...

Hi Laarni, great, hope you are going to post some pictures on your blog! Thanks for visiting! Best wishes.

shaq91 said...

great blog! danielle lloyd is beautiful! i'd luv to be affiliates!

Colin said...

Hi Shag 91, yes she is beautiful, and she has great style. Will link your site, please return the favor.