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Monday, December 8, 2008


I have posted this before, but I thought it wise to post it again, specially for those girls who feel they are not perfect. Remember, God made each and everyone of us, and if you think you are not perfect, you question HIS ability to make us.... It is how you treat, or what you do with your body, or HIS creation, that matters....

Who am I?

Yes, who really? Am I good, am I bad, am I fine?
What is my status, what is my line?
Who is the person staring back at me, yes, that one in the mirror?
Do I see myself as an angel or a terror?
Fat or thin, sexy or gross?
Which feature impress other people most?

Let me answer these questions for you, simply and quickly,
The Good Lord made us, each perfectly and uniquely.
So my lady friend, be proud of who you are!
When next you look in the mirror, see a STAR!!
Cozz that’s what you really are!
Always dress to impress, dress to kill,
Even if you don’t have the looks, you’ll always have the skill!
Written by Colin Immelman.


Stiletto Sports Jen said...

Love it! Great way to motivate for the day!

Colin said...

Thanks Jen and thanks for the visit!

Anonymous said...

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