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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have been meaning to do a new post for a while now, but never get around to actually doing it, but here it is now.

Today I am going to do another post about fashion and well dressed ladies. One of my readers, Marie of Bound and Determined blog said she is particularly fond of a certain actress. So to keep Marie happy, I am going to post a few pics of this actress.

Well, do you recognize her?
I wouldn't be honest.

How bout now? I think she looks especially beautiful in this picture. Yep, Kate Winslet.

And this is the one Kate I am not a fan of. Why you may ask. Well she, most of the time, dresses without imagination, no sex appeal, it's like she is old before her time.
I am not going to go into detail, I don't want Marie to get upset with me. :)

Now I have to say in her favor, Kate's that is, she has her moments, like in this pic, when she looks great.

Or in this one. In both these photographs she looks stunning and sexy. So she can if she puts her mind to it. In Titanic she looked gorgeous! Actually the best I have ever seen her.

But sadly, those are the best pics I could find of her.

See what I mean? Here she looks a mite pale, no color, no sex appeal.

So what do you say, am I right, is she a mite pale, or is she hot? I'd love to hear your opinion.
Have a great day.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


If you are not sure how to undress a lady, then pay close attention. You might learn something. I am sure you will agree with me, this man is an artist, he is excellent at what he is doing. Best of all is, he does it so slowly, with absolute precision and perfection, loads of TLC. Oh, and so romantic... don't you think? :-) Best of all, he is so neat, he leaves no clothes on the floor....

So what do you think ladies, would you like him to undress you?

Hope your day will be lovely.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I know being a man I look at an outfit somewhat different than a woman will. I guess that is just natural. Some outfits however.... I don't know.....
My point is, some celebs dress really funny, even if, or is it specially when they know they are going to be in the public eye.

Let me show you what I mean.
I am a huge fan of Sophia Bush, but this dress looks a bit uhm.... shall I say, wrong place, wrong time? Had it not been for the belt, extras and heels, I would have thought she is ready for bed.

Dita Von Teese is not one of my favorites, but normally she looks fabulous, not a
thing out of place. This pic however, something just isn't right, can't put my finger on it, maybe it is the dress, it does look kinda......otherwise.... Come on girls, what is wrong with this picture....?? Maybe it is the sandals, they do not seem to go with the dress, in my humble opinion, I would have thought that dress would look better with pumps.... And that face, man it's mean enough to sour fresh cream!

Lady Gaga? I am not a fan at all, now I have seen her dressed worse than this, but this was the only pic I could find this morning. But I think you will get the picture. The bow in the hair, the sunnies, (I bet this picture was taken at night, why would she need sunglasses?) the gloves.... man, you will have to pay me to walk down the street with her looking like that. (not that anyone will ask me) And I have seen pictures of her before she became famous, she used to look great. She is actually a beautiful girl with well shaped legs.

Make no mistake, I like Danielle Lloyd, she has nice legs, and a pretty face. And I enjoy a good leg, but not over my dead body will my daughter go anywhere dressed like this. That thing barely covers her backside, and if she bends over her boobies are gonna pop out! Actually if she bends over, whoever is standing behind her will see her name and surname all at once.

I have nothing against this girl, in fact I think she is really beautiful and mostly looks very sexy and feminine. But this dress! Not what I would call cool. First of all it looks like something used to grow on it, but died a long time ago. Then it is so low cut, you can almost see her bum. In fact you do not have to be over imaginative to kinda see it. Can you guess who she is? If I remember, I will tell you at the end of the post.

Pamela, what were you thinking?? I am not gonna to say anymore, this picture speaks for itself. That face looks old enough to have worn out two bodies.

I have posted this pic before, but it never fails to amaze me, nothing wrong with the dress, nor the make up, but the wings and the feet.... man oh man.... you tell me what you think.

If you haven't figured it out yet, the girl with the dead growth on her dress, she is Diane Kruger.

I was given another award, this time it is the Sunshine award and I got it from the beautiful and talented Dena, proud author and owner of Pretty Little Things

Now Dena is such lovely person, and she has a wonderful site, if you haven't been to visit, please rush over, she will entertain you with a huge variety of subjects, from fashion to holidays...
Thanks dear Dena for thinking of me, and for awarding me, I really and truly appreciate your kind gesture.

With Dena's permission I am going to bend the rules to this award somewhat. I am suppose to pass it on to 10 bloggers. I however am willing to give it to 1000's of bloggers. So if anyone feel they wanna grab it, please feel free to do so. Copy and paste it in your site, and if you wish, you can link it to my site.

Thanks again Dena!!

Please let us know what you folks think of my ideas on these girls dress sense, I am curious to know.

Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I came across this blog this morning and I thought I just have to share this with all of you.

This is the absolutely amazing story of a very brave young lady. She is only 16 years old and is sailing around the world all on her own. Just the thought gives me goose pimples, and in the same breath scares me to death.

Here is a picture of Abby on her yacht, Wild Eyes.

And here Abby is in Cape Town harbor where she had some repairs done to her yacht. Welcome in South Africa Abby! I hope you enjoy your stay, (not sure if she is still here) but may God sail with you!

Please visit Abby at Abby's blog drop her a line, and follow her solo trip around the world. I am sure she can do with all the support she can get.

Have a wonderful week and best wishes to you Abby!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Who would you classify as the best dressed celeb? I am going to post a few pics of girls whom I think are well dressed, and you are welcome to make a few suggestions or correct me if you think I am wrong.

First off is Victoria Beckham. I can honestly say, I do not always agree with her hair style, but no one can deny it, she always dresses very well. I might add, I love her hairstyle in this pic....

Two birds with one shot, Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge. I think both of them dress very fashionable and elegantly.

Blake Lively always looks fabulous. Now I do not think she is drop dead gorgeous, nor do I classify her legs as extremely well shaped, but she always dresses very neat, and her selection of heels tend to make her legs appear very sexy. I think this pic speaks for itself.

Dita von Teese doesn't smile often when her pics are taken, but one thing you can say about her, she dresses extremely well, and her make up is always done perfectly. I love the red lips! But you know that already....

Ahaaa, and my favorite.... the best dressed female celebrity of all time.... the lovely and beautiful Kate Beckinsale. Even when she goes shopping, she is dressed in her Sunday goes to meetin' clothes. What a stunning lady....!

Another Kate I think dresses very well, Kate Hudson. I think this dress speaks for itself. I think it takes a whole heap of guts to go out in a dress like that.

Last, but by no means least, also one of my favorites, although I haven't posted about her for a while, Petra Nemcova. Love her style, and she always dresses very very sexy and fashionably.

Well, my money is on Kate Beckinsale, which girl do you think dresses best? Or do you wanna add a few to the list?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.