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Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have noticed that lots of my readers do their search on Google for celebs in heels, so here are some more celebs in heels!

Kirsten Dunst I have featured before, here she is showing off some lovely legs!

Another Kirsten, this time Kirsten Bell, also featured before, looking absolutely gorgeous in her stilettos, showing off a pair of well shaped legs.

This one especially for my lovely wife, a huge fan of Celine Dion! Great legs and a brilliant performer! Celine that is.... Enjoy this one my Love, just for you!

Renee looking especially lovely, beeeautifully shaped legs, well complimented by her high heeled stilettos.

Amic Madchen I have also featured before, but with legs like hers she can be featured every day.

That's it for today, I wish all my readers a super week and happy blogging!


You want to impress your guy at home? Not a bad idea, but make sure your equipment is up to it. Thought I should entertain you with a little humor..... Enjoy!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


A while ago one of my readers left a comment on my blog, she loves high heels but they are sometimes painful to wear, and if I had any advice. Now me being a male, it is quite a tall order. So I did a little research of my own.
Here is an example of a bad fitting pair of shoes, just take a look at the cramped looking feet and toes.

Those feet up there belong to Marisa Tomei, now take a closer look at the three small toes, don't you think they are just battling their asses off to fit into those shoes? Now maybe she just hides it well, but I'll bet my bottom dollar she cannot wait to rip those shoes off her feet.

Take a look at the example above here, do you think Brittany Snow feels comfortable in these shoes? Just zoom in and take a closer look at those poor toes, there is just not enough space in there for all those toes man, they are crowded in there, why do you think she has stuff jammed in the back at the heels? Because those shoes fit well? No my girl, it is because those shoes hurt like hell, even from where I am sitting they do. So, bottom line is, wrong shoes, wrong choice, lots of pain, no gain.

From what I can gather, shoes that are painful to wear either don’t fit well or they are not made well. So where do you go from here? Whenever you buy new shoes, do not buy them first thing in the morning, later in the day your feet become slightly swollen and if a shoe fits well then, it should always be a good fit. Another thing, if a shoe, for whatever reason doesn’t feel well when you first fit it, it will never fit better later on, so do not buy it.
Some experience my wife had, two different pairs of shoes of the same size and same manufacturer may not fit the same, so if you really are just dying to buy a certain pair of shoes and they do not fit 100%, ask the saleslady to bring you another pair of the same size and manufacturer, just in case there is a difference in fit. It is possible!
Also keep in mind, a number seven shoe with one manufacturer may not be exactly the same size as a number seven of another manufacturer, they do differ. So if a size you fit doesn’t fit properly, try a size bigger or smaller, whatever the case may be.

Take a look at another example.

I do not care what you tell me, but these shoes of Charlize are too big for her, unless she has a piece of elastic band at the back of her heel, these shoes are going to flop-flop behind her when she walks, either that or her toes will have to work overtime when she walks in order for her to keep those shoes on her feet.

So, when you shop for shoes, fit lots of pairs to make sure you get the pair that fits you 100% like Kim is doing down here.

My advice, before you buy, fit them properly, late in the day, take your time, walk in them, walk fast, walk slow, even dance in them, hell, they have to fit you well enough to be able to walk in them for a whole day. Then, if they don't fit, don't buy them. If for some reason they hurt you later, return them and swap them for a pair that does fit. The same goes for strappy sandals, a big culprit, if they hurt, they don't fit well, return them, swap 'em for another pair that doesn't hurt.

Take a look at Cindy Crawford's feet, this is what happens to your big toes if you make a habit of wearing ill fitting shoes!! And I am sure you have seen worse, so be careful!

The good news is, if you wear a shoe that really fits well, your feet and legs will look like Pam's here and everyone will think you look sexy!

I do hope this post was at least a little helpful, if anyone of you ladies, or gents for that matter, can add some advice, please feel free to leave a comment. Hope to hear from you soon!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


More proof that the feathers do make the bird. Also, just about any girl can look like this, if you do not believe me, scroll down and have a look at the pictures of some of the celebrities without their make up.

Heidi Klum looking stunning, again, pay attention to the extras, the jewelery, the varnished nails, in my opinion the kind of look any girl can be proud of. It could be you, yes you!!

Charlize Theron, one of my favorites for obvious reasons.

Marisa Tomei, in my opinion has strong legs, and in this picture one can see that they are well complimented by the heels she is wearing. I would venture to say that she does need to mix in a mite of color when she applies make up.

Let's call it a day with lovely Cameron Diaz, looking stunning, her long legs complimented by her high heels.

Monday, January 5, 2009


From what my viewers tell me, I have excellent taste when it concerns legs, so I am going to post a few pics of the girls who in my opinion have really great legs.

My first choice, but not necessarily the best shaped legs, is Pam, she has really great legs and she shamelessly flaunts them, wearing a short skirt and a pair of CL killer heels!

Heather Tom also has great legs, what also catches the eye is how pretty her nails look and how tasteful her make up was applied, she really looks stunning!

And then there is Megan, I think this picture tells you more than I can write...

Yes, I know I have posted this picture of her before, but I am sure you will agree with me, this picture compliments Danielle Lloyd's legs the best! Really, really well shaped legs, and well complimented by her outfit!
Now you decide for yourself who of these girls have the best looking legs, and feel free to comment, I'd love to hear your opinion. I have to add, these ladies are by no means the only girls with good looking legs, but if I had to add them all on my blog, I will get no sleep tonight.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Some things in life just don't gel, so I have posted photographs of celebrities, and some things in these pictures are just not right. Again, I would like to stress, it is no attack on the celebrity, it is either the way she dresses or the way she wears a certain accessory.

Let's take a peek at Madonna, this picture caught my eye for the wrong reason. As I am sure you all know I am a fan of high heeled shoes, but some are just not fit to be worn in public, and this pair is one of those, they are hideous....I cannot believe that anyone could even bother to spend money buying them!

The picture down here of these two ladies also caught my attention, now I do like make up, to be honest, I'm quite passionate about it, but don't you think this is a bit too much lip color? Both of them.... The eyes look a might pale as there is very little or no eye shadow, but the lipstick was applied generously, too generously I'm afraid. Another thing, sometimes stockings or pantyhose, which ever you'd like to wear, looks sexy with sandals, but heaven forbid, not with these sandals, or those pale stockings.... it looks terrible! But as I always say, that is just my opinion.... Even the dress is a might too busy for me, just too much fancy stuff, pockets and frills.... What do you think? Be honest now....

Not a great way for kicking off the new year, but now that that is off my chest and just to illustrate to everyone what I think a girl should look like, here is a picture of one of my favorites. Maybe the dress is a wee bit too short, but with legs like Dannielle's, who cares... and this photo is especially for my friend Pastilan, great legs for you Pastilan, enjoy!