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Monday, April 21, 2008

sexy legs and body

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Ever watched the face of the average, heterosexual male when a shapely girl, wearing a pair of sexy, dainty, high stiletto heeled, thin strapped, sandals, wiggles past him in the street or in a shopping mall? If she is wearing a short, tight fitting, mini skirt, so much the better, or is it so much the worse? Better, if he is alone, worse if his jealous girlfriend or wife watches him like a hawk. Now if you pay close attention, you’d see his head turn ever so slightly, just so his ball and chain wouldn’t notice, and from there on he’d follow those legs with only his eyes, forcing them to turn until his eyeballs hurt enough for his late granny to stir in her grave, looking more the chameleon under hypnosis, than human!


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But can you blame this poor guy? Certainly not, there is nothing sexier, more alluring and appealing than a pair of long, well shaped legs, in a tight fit, mini skirt, complimented by a pair of high, stiletto heeled shoes. Correction, the legs, even if less shapely, will appear more shapely when the owner of said legs wear high heels, as high heels just naturally make short legs look longer and make slightly chubby legs look more slender. Unfortunately it is a well known fact that most men tend to find long, shapely legs more of a turn-on than short, chubby looking legs, sorry girls, but it is the honest truth. Only it is also a fact that you are capable of doing something about it if you care to put your mind to it!
Take a look at the pictures down here, and ask your boyfriend / hubby who he’d rather go out with, now imagine both girls are stunningly beautiful, only their way of dressing differ.
Girl 1

Girl 2:

I bet girl 2 would win with flying colors, doesn’t she look neat, clean, super sexy and presentable with those long come hither legs?

Generally when the heel is raised significantly higher than the toes, as seen in the picture below, it is considered a high heel.

Now you get different shapes of shoes and heels: block heels, stiletto heels, wedge heels, etc, and then you also of course get the platforms.

High heels:

And higher heels: all of 14cm or 5.5 inches high

Lower heels:

High heels, and higher heels! According to the experts any heel above 8 cm, or more or less 3 inches, is considered a high heel, and then there’s also higher heels, anything from 10 cm or 4 inches, and even up to 15 cm or 6 inches. Impossible to walk in? I reckon…..and not good for the feet or back of said wearer of said heels. Only some girls would not be caught dead in flat shoes, not when they go out anyway, my wife being one of those girls. Lucky me!! I get to see her sexy legs every day and I will never get tired of it, not if I live to be a hundred years. Of course these above mentioned heels change as fashion dictates, but let’s concentrate more on the stiletto heel and what it does for the legs.
Take a peek at the pictures and see for yourself.

They tend to stretch those legs, don’t they?

Rumor has it that women wear high heels to create the impression that they cannot and will not run away from the man of their choice. But in this day and age, where the female is more and more getting involved in a man’s world of business, they tend to like height, they want to look their male counterpart in the eye, or at least give it a bash and not feel inferior when it comes to stature. I would guess it gives them confidence. When I asked my wife, her reply was: “It makes me feel feminine and sexy!” and she is not a short girl, I might add, she is 1.72 without her heels.

Higher heel and lower heel.

But the stiletto heel is also considered a seductive item of clothing, and frequently worn by the ladies of the night, mainly to make their legs appear longer and to add to sex appeal.

Only now not only ladies of ill repute wear them, fortunately so, and we see them everywhere around us, worn by even the girl next door, if she can walk in them that is. It is however also my humble opinion that if a girl that can walk in a pair of high stiletto heels, she looks stunningly sexy, almost like a streamline super bike tearing through a high speed corner. But on the other hand, if someone battles to walk in them, she is sadly liable to draw attention for the wrong reasons, so in that case I would suggest, rather stick to lower heeled shoes!

Like these!

(Shhht, don’t tell the model, but don’t you think the lower heels make those legs look a tiny little bit chubby?)
Remember, it isn’t only now that stiletto heels are in fashion, you take a peek at history, Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, Grace Kelly, etc, you name them, they all preferred high heeled shoes, and tradition carries on. These days you look at Liz Hurley, Charlize Theron, J-Lo and Oprah, they all still love their heels. Why? Just so their expensive pants or gowns wouldn’t touch the red carpet, certainly not, they love the stature, the confidence and almost dangerous sexuality that is synonym with the stiletto heel. Also to give more shape to their already shapely legs, making them appear more seductive and sexy.
Does a sexy pair of high stiletto heels make a pair of less attractive, less shapely legs look more shapely and sexy? Definitely so, see for yourself. Now girls, you want to seduce the guy in your life tonight, you surprise him when he gets home, wearing only a pair of take – me – to – bed heels and a big smile. My bet is that you’d be able to wrap him around your pinkie, while he falls over his own big feet to oblige!

I invite you to comment on my blog and to let me know how you feel and what you think. I can take criticism and I enjoy a good debate on a worthy matter like this.
Thanks for reading my blog, good bye, and good luck on buying your first pair of high stiletto heels!!
Colin Immelman

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