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Friday, July 31, 2009


Checking my feedjit regularly has shown a lot of readers searching for stockings. Now I have nothing against stockings, to be honest, a nice short skirt, black stockings and a high heeled court shoe is the perfect recipe for a mighty fetching and sexy lady. So, I am going to post a few pics of girls in stockings and I do hope you enjoy them.

Katy Perry is a beautiful young lady, and she appears to be a huge stockings fan as I have seen many pics of her wearing stockings or tights

This one is for two very special readers of mine The Evil Shoe Fairy and Marie "Entrain, for I know they are going to give me carrots for posing a cropped photograph, but let's just say I was forced, well kinda.... And this is not the only one, there are more, also forced ones. But then, I know you girls will forgive me....eventually. Anyway, the Fairy loves stockings if I am not mistaken.
Now to get back to the photograph, this lady looks especially fetching, don't you agree...I'd say those legs are extremely sexy!

So are these, only I would have liked it more, had those stockings been black.

Like these....

And here is good example of what I dislike... stockings and sandals, but then, maybe some of my readers like it, so here Ali is showing us nice legs but gross, chunky sandals with stockings.

Anne Hathaway, looking very smart and elegant. Her first time on my blog, if I am not mistaken.

Well I guess that is enough, hope the stocking fans had their fill, I must say, I do not find lots of celebs wearing stockings, mostly barelegged....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today's post is a dedication. On Saturday, the 25th of July, Gary Hunter, the owner and author of huntersglory blogspot did a promotion on my site by posting my last entry, "how to really walk in heels" as well as my header on his site. Now seeing as I never approached him, nor hinted in that direction, to be honest, before this, I did not even know him, I feel it is nothing but fair to let all my readers know about his site.

In my opinion, this was a pay it forward action on his side, but I also need to mention that he also never asked for anything in return, nor hinted in that direction. That in my opinion is a great example of what bloggers should be like. A lesson to us all!
So, what I mean to say is, become a friend of Gary, visit his blog, because you will have a friend in need and a friend indeed!

Thanks Gary, for a very unselfish and kind gesture, I really appreciate you giving my humble blog a front row seat in your show. I do hope that this post will at least pay you back some of the glory you deserve!
Thanks again!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I have noticed quite a few readers searching feedjit for "how to walk in high heels"
I found a video....
Now it is not any woman that can walk in high heels, but if you can walk in heels as high as these, and as well as this lady, I think you've got it pretty much covered!

She makes it look so easy, no fuss, no sweat, no stumbling, and those heels must be what...6 inches?
I think she is pretty damn good!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


How about some more new faces and legs.

This young lady, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, has never been on my blog, nor do I know what her claim to fame is, but I am sure one or more of my readers will be able to help us out here. What I do know is that she looks stunning, love the lip color, love the dress, love the shoes, absolutely stunning!

Another new face, Brenda Song, looking quite sexy, although I am not a big fan of those C L's she is wearing. I guess they are a little chunky for my taste, but I am sure lots of my readers will love them. The skirt and top? great!

Jenni Falconer, looking gorgeous.... and happy! Here too I am at a loss as to where she fits into the celebrity hall of fame....

This young lady, Cheryl Cole, deserves her spot in the "lime light", I am sure you will agree with me. Stylishly dressed, very elegant, and the make up is perfect! Truly a pretty picture.

I must admit, I am slightly embarrassed, I have no idea where any of these girls fit in, and here is another one I do not know. But, to me that's not important, what matters is that they are all extremely well dressed, and all of them make a great statement. Here we have a stunning looking Katrina Bowden. Love those strappy, stiletto heeled sandals, very feminine and sexy. Maybe I should not say it, but it is a pity she didn't go the extra mile and painted her nails, that in my opinion, would have perfected the picture.

Do you know who this young lady is? Are you able to tell us who those lovely legs belong to. There is a tiny catch, but it cannot be too difficult. (Incidentally, for those readers who are ready to attack me for posting a cropped picture, this picture was sent to me in the cropped condition, it was not done by me, just thought I'd mention it in mitigation.) It was however selected as it will make it a little more difficult to put a name to her.

I guess that is it, have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Now it is not everyday that I rant or rave about anything where blogging is concerned. Well, maybe my wife will not agree with me....but she can only read my blog, not post on it, so you will never get her version.

Does this photograph mean anything to you? Do you know who it is in this photograph?

And this one, granted, by looking at the tattoos you can see it is Megan, but if there were no tattoos??

Ok, now you should have an idea what my problem is - why do people take pictures, or publish, or post pictures of only half a person? Isn't it frustrating? I used pics with cropped heads to demonstrate what I mean. My problem is pics of girls with their legs and/or feet cut off!! Why not publish the whole damn picture while you are at it? Does it take more effort, more time, more megs, or more paper? Hell, I am sure if you can publish half a pic, you might as well publish the whole pic...!!

Doesn't this look better, the person was born with legs, and with feet, and with a head for that matter, so show us everything, we want to see it, well I do, don't know about you?! In posting this pic, I did not spend one moment more than with the cropped ones.

Well, now you know how I feel about cropped photographs, and I feel a whole lot better after blowing off steam. But I would love to hear your opinion on this subject. Don't be shy now...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Why do I love short - ish dresses and skirts? As my regular readers no doubt know by now, I love legs. Nice boobs and cleavage is ok, but a sexy looking leg will always get my attention, and keep it. No, I know it is rude to stare, so I do my best not to stare, but yes, I do look. Unless those legs belong to Megan Fox!! Then I might stare, for a moment anyway, but then, chances of me ever meeting Megan face to face is nigh impossible.... so I won't sweat 'bout that now.

Now most legs will always look more sexy if the owner of said legs is wearing a short skirt or dress, with a pair of sexy, high stiletto heeled shoes! For obvious reasons, well obvious to me, don't know about you, a high heel tends to shape a ordinary leg into a sexy leg, and a sexy leg into a stunningly sexy leg.

Tina in my opinion has reasonably well shaped legs, but as you can see in this pic, her heels give those legs some extra shape, pay extra attention to the calves.... it's those heels that cause those calves to shape that way.

If I have posted this picture before, please forgive me, but this is an example of really sexy legs turned into super sexy legs! Surely you will agree with me, without those heels, her legs would have been merely sexy legs. Another pair of legs that might cause me to stare.... for a moment...

Another girl with, in my opinion, super sexy legs, especially when she is wearing her Pigalles, is Pamela Anderson.

One of my all time favorites, and I know also a huge favorite of my readers, Kate Beckinsale, flaunting a great pair of legs! Again her heels are doing their share.

Now I have this theory, in my opinion, guys who love legs are better off than guys who love boobies. No woman is allowed to walk around topless, not where I live anyway, but any girl is allowed to walk around in a short dress or skirt, so I guess I can safely say I am one of the lucky guys who can always admire a nice pair of legs. So you guys in the northern hemisphere, enjoy those legs before winter starts, cause down here in the southern hemisphere it is winter so I get to see very little legs right now, unless it is a very brave lady, wearing a short skirt with stockings, which does happen from time to time.... fortunately for me.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


My last post taught me at least one thing, quite a lot of my readers are very fond of Jennifer Aniston, so I thought it wise to post a few pics of her. Now I am not particularly fond of her, but I have nothing against her, in fact she is a lovely person. Only, in my opinion, she just does not always dress very colorful. Most of the time her make up is a might pale, and her attire in general is mostly dreary and completely without imagination or color. But, I am here to make friends and get more readers, and majority rules! So here is Jennifer.

Jennifer in a casual outfit, plain pinkish dress, thong slip slops and pony tail.

A slightly more colorful Jennifer, one of the very few pics I have where her toe nails are actually varnished.

Maybe I Should not have posted this pic, I don't think she ever thought that this would be taken, not very elegant I would say.

One thing I have to say that counts in Jennifer's favor, she does have nice legs, now this pic proofs that beyond any reasonable doubt. Those stiletto heeled court shoes obviously make a strong statement.

Here is more proof! A might of color in the dress, although one of my readers - will not mention names, will say it looks like a foil dress or couch fabric. We are admiring the legs here ok, not the attire. :) Again those stiletto heeled sandals help to emphasize the shape of her legs. (By now you should all know that I look at legs long before I notice the dress.)

The wrong shoes? Is that a smile? Or is it an expression of absolute pain and suffering?

Definitely pain, no doubt about that! Those shoes are gonna end up in the trash can, you can bet your bottom dollar on that!

Well folks,I guess that is it, I hope you enjoyed Jen, she is a lovely person, and we have established one thing today - she does have a pair of very sexy legs!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


When a lady wears open shoes it is in my opinion important to make sure your feet look at least presentable, but being a lady it should look pretty, it should, to be honest, look damn sexy, just so it matches the rest of the outfit you are wearing, or to match your make up. In the southern hemisphere it is winter now, so the ladies down her hide their feet in boots and pumps or sneakers, but for those of my readers in the northern hemisphere, this might be something to contemplate on. Make sure your feet look nice when you wear sandals! There are few things so terrible as a great looking girl with terrible looking feet. Now I know this is from a man's point of view, but listening to my wife I know that women feel the same about this matter.

I am sure you will agree with me, Brittany Snow looks quite beautiful in this picture, wings and the works! Now scroll down to her feet and zoom in! What a shocker, those toe nails have only half the varnish it should have, they look disgusting! Another thing, those sandals do not fit her properly.

Take a look at a good example of a pair of well groomed feet, red varnished toe nails in sandals to die for. Doesn't this picture of Ali Landry look stunning. It takes no intellectual giant to see that her feet are cared for, toe nails varnished a beautiful red, done to perfection!

Petra Nemcova, now it is a matter of choice, do you care for colored, varnished toe nails or whether you like french pedicure, or nothing at all. Me? I like them varnished, like these of Petra. Love her hair in this pic by the way.

Jennifer Aniston, who normally prefers no nail varnish, as you can see, no doubt, but it is plain to see her feet are well cared for.

One of my favorites, but not in this pic, Danielle Lloyd, with a french pedicure, wearing shoes that do not compliment her feet at all, to put it mildly. Those shoes look horrible on her, and they make her feet look horrible!

So ladies, the choice is yours, french pedicure, nail varnish or no varnish, what ever makes your hair blow backwards, but make sure you care for your feet before you wear open shoes. Or you will not make a good impression!