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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today's post is a dedication. On Saturday, the 25th of July, Gary Hunter, the owner and author of huntersglory blogspot did a promotion on my site by posting my last entry, "how to really walk in heels" as well as my header on his site. Now seeing as I never approached him, nor hinted in that direction, to be honest, before this, I did not even know him, I feel it is nothing but fair to let all my readers know about his site.

In my opinion, this was a pay it forward action on his side, but I also need to mention that he also never asked for anything in return, nor hinted in that direction. That in my opinion is a great example of what bloggers should be like. A lesson to us all!
So, what I mean to say is, become a friend of Gary, visit his blog, because you will have a friend in need and a friend indeed!

Thanks Gary, for a very unselfish and kind gesture, I really appreciate you giving my humble blog a front row seat in your show. I do hope that this post will at least pay you back some of the glory you deserve!
Thanks again!


stilettolover91 said...

That's awesome!!! I'm glad he did that for you!! I just checked out his blog, and think it's pretty cool, so congratulations!

Colin said...

Hi Stilettolover, yes, I thought it was a mighty amazing gesture! thanks for the comment and thanks for visiting his site.

kirstyb said...

Off to check out his blog now xoxox

Hunters Glory said...

You're first class in generosity Colin.

Did it because it was deserved.
Glad it made a positive difference somewhere, it did in me for sure!


Colin said...

Kirstyb, thanks for commenting and thanks for checking it out. YOu are a star!

Colin said...

Hey Hunter, it was the least I could do, it sure made a difference on my site, and I am glad you think it made a difference to yours. Glad you like it, and thanks a lot for the compliment!