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Thursday, May 28, 2009


I gonna be quiet while you enjoy the pics I post for you.
Don't you just love the way Rachael is standing here....??

Kate, an all time favorite, looking especially lovely. Very popular young lady...

Katherine McPhee looking radiantly happy... I know most of my readers will be happy to see a pic of her.

Another favorite, Petra Nemcova, looking stunning!

Last one, Stacy Keibler showing a pair of really sexy legs.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I am going away on holiday for a few days, only a week to be precise, so I'm gonna be slowing down a might, but will still check in from time to time, if at all possible. So to say adios I am going to leave you with a few photographs of a few popular ladies. Hope you will all have an enjoyable week and please, don't stop visiting.

Quite a few people were impressed with Anna Faris, specially her legs, so here she is, showing off some more super legs.

And one more of her, do I see tears in her eyes in this photograph? Be that as it may, she is a truly beautiful young lady, specially in this picture...

I have no idea who this girl is, but seeing that lots of my readers search for "sexy legs" in Feedjit, here are some really super sexy legs! Look at those calves, shaped to perfection by those heels.

Some more truly sexy legs, Bar Refaeli this time, looking stunning in a revealing dress and high stiletto heeled pumps.

The last one, everybody's darling and sweetheart, a very popular lady, Kristen Bell, looking like a freshly picked spring blossom. I must say, I can understand why she is so popular, she is a real honey, also one of my all time favorites!

That's it folks, I am out a here, hope to see you soon, but as I said, do not stop visiting.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


One of the names that come up on Feedjit on a regular basis, is Anna Faris, now I have featured her before, but here she is again. Not easy to get good photographs of her though.

Minka Kelly, always a favorite, and it's obvious why.

"Celebs on the red carpet" is some of the key phrases used to search on Feedjit and Danielle Lloyd is an all time favorite, so I thought it wise to combine the two. Here she is on the red carpet, wearing a very revealing dress and some sexy, high stiletto heels.

Jordana Brewster is another celeb whose name comes up a lot, well here she is, looking very sexy.

Reckon that is enough, have an enjoyable weekend.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


By visiting "Feedjit live" I can to a large extend ascertain what my readers are looking for when they visit my site, as one has to use certain key words in order to find what one is searching for. By paying attention to these key words, I am going to do a few posts in the future. After all, it is my reader traffic that either make or break my blog. Some key words I have found are: sexy young legs, Kate Beckinsale sexy legs, sexy leg poses, legs of Petra Nemcova, sexy legs high heels, sexy legs and peep toes, and many, many more.... well here are some pics related to those key words. Hope you enjoy them.

So, let me not disappoint you, let's start with Kate, looking lovely in a sexy black number, make up to perfection, and legs complimented by a sexy pair of high heels.

Kate Hudson wearing sexy peep toe stiletto heels.

Megan in a sexy legs pose....

And then there is Petra Nemcova, turning a very ordinary dress into an extremely sexy looking dress, wearing a pair of gold colored high heeled sandals, showing a pair of long sexy legs.

Don't want to spoil you, so we will stop here for today. Will bring you more next time, so tell me what you think, or want, and keep on visiting.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


This post is to thank all my devoted and loyal readers for their support. Thanks for all the input, the links, the badges, religiously regular visits, all the advice etc, etc. I am not going to mention names as I might just forget one name and as you well know, I will not be forgiven for that. For me this is a fantastic goal, I reached my first hundred dollars on the 30th of April, and I think it is an incentive to all out there who wonder whether it works. Well, it does, slowly in the beginning, but it picks up with time. From zero to a few cents a month in the beginning, if I was lucky, (still stupid then) to $20-00 in the last month. Thank you all, without your support it would not have been possible.
I thought in order to thank you all, I am going to post some great legs. As I have over time, through experience, and reading comments, learned which celebs are most favored by my readers, I will post some pictures of those celebs.

First, Pam, ample leg, wearing high stiletto heels, if I am not mistaken, C L Pigales, (see, I am learning) some of the ladies would be able to correct me if I am wrong.

Megan Fox, in that now so familiar, extremely sexy pose. Great legs, stylishly dressed, wearing sexy high heels, favored by most readers.

A truly lovely and sexy Danielle Lloyd, one of my favorites too, for obvious reasons.

Kirsten Bell, her (mine too) favorite pose, wearing a shiny dress, sexy, stiletto heeled sandals, complimenting her lovely, well shaped legs.

Minka Kelly, loved by most, eleganty dressed. Notice the pose??

Last, but by no means least, loved and adored by everyone, myself included, Kate Beckinsale, looking lovely and happy. I think the photograph speaks for itself.

Once again, to all you loyal folks out there, THANKS!! Really appreciate your support!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


We have now mostly looked at celebs when they are dressed and wearing their best make up and outfits, prepared for the limelight. Let's take a peek at some when they least expect to be caught on camera.

Believe it or not, this is Kate Beckinsale, and it is obvious that she never expected to be on camera. Surely you have to agree, she looks great....stylish and elegant, even sexy and feminine.

Ms Duff caught off guard, sadly, I have to say, I have seen her looking better, but she does not look terrible either. However, she would have looked a whole heap better if she'd left the hat at home for the dog to play with.

Never featured her before, but here is Kate Hudson, looking bright, absolutely beautiful, nothing wrong with her outfit.

Megan Fox, caught just after she got out of her car. Now she remains one of my favorites, and for obvious reasons. She always looks stunning. Please feel free to disagree with me if you want to....

Rebecca Romjin caught looking less elegant, and if I am not mistaken, without a speck of make up! Not nice.... Does she look pregnant in this picture?? While we are on the subject of being pregnant, there is no medical proof that wearing make up, or a nice outfit, will have any negative effect on the unborn baby! So ladies, please, in my opinion an expecting mom is really beautiful, and you are carrying a gift from God, you don't have to neglect yourself just because you are pregnant, you should look your best, especially then....

Now here is a typical example, Tori Spelling looking her best! And she is obviously expecting. See, make up, nice dress, no harm done, not to her or the unborn baby.

Another one of Kate Beckinsale, looking great, she may just touch up on the lipstick, but in my opinion, she looks stunning.

Last picture, Mandy Moore, looking less elegant.

The point I am trying to make is, don't think that when you are not in the lime light, people do not notice you, they do, and if you want to look like something the dog dragged in, well, it is your choice. But, as you have now seen with the celebrities, a reasonably nice outfit, some make up, and everyone will notice you for the right reasons.