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Friday, January 29, 2010


To begin the weekend, I thought we should have a casual look at some sexy legs.

I found this picture of Angie Harmon, now her legs are not really shaped to perfection, my opinion, but she has sexy, beautiful legs.... naturally the high heeled sandals are doing their bit to improve the shape of her legs.

Cheryl Cole has beautiful legs, quite well shaped. She looks very feminine in this picture. Just love those red lips!

Ashley Greene, first time in my blog, flaunting a pair of beautiful legs. Love the high heeled peep toes.

Jaime Pressly is one of my favorites, her legs are quite well shaped and she loves to show them off.

Another girl with lovely legs, Julie Benz... I think she is a really gorgeous girl and she looks fabulous in this pic. The shortish dress paired with the heels compliment her legs tremendously well.

Guess who!! Be honest now... do you recognize her...?? I will be honest, I wouldn't have.....

She is one of my favorites, actually she is everyone's favorite...
Now you recognize her....!! Now her legs are above average for sure, and those C L Pigalles really do their part to shape them calves into perfection.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


If there is something I have learned by blogging, it is that stockings, legs and heels are a winning combination. Most readers seem to like stockinged legs.

Not the best picture, but Dita Von Teese is a big fan of sexy stockings! I have never seen Dita in flat heeled shoes, so she must be a fan of stockings and heels!

Me? I am kind of sitting the fence here, bare or stockings? Both are sexy to me. As Jennifer Aniston demonstrates here, what's wrong with those legs?

However, when Kate Beckinsale wears stockings and boots, she will always get my vote, she looks very elegant and sexy in stockings and heels. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will also know that Kate is the one lady I have lots of respect for, one of my all time favorites.

I am not a fan of stockings and sandals, but this picture proofs that Katy Perry loves stockings and heels. She also has the legs to go with it. I have actually seen quite a lot of pictures of her wearing stockings.

Please, do not wear flats with stockings, it is like driving a white Ferrari...(and a Ferrari must be red!) Katy demonstrating exactly that. Now you tell me, which picture is better, the flats or the heels...!

But then Katy also has beautiful legs when not wearing stockings, but goes bare legs with heels. This picture is a great example of her flaunting her beautiful legs, wearing high heels shoes.

I am not a Paris Hilton fan, but I found this picture of her wearing stockings and heels, and she looks quite fetching. Actually very sexy!

I guess that is all for today, you tell me what you think, stockings and heels? Sexy or not?

I am still doing the readers legs thing, so if there are any readers who are brave enough to send in their leg pics, please be my guest, I have a few that I haven't posted yet, so I can put up another post of readers legs. Come on ladies, send them in!

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, January 22, 2010


I was given another lovely award, this time by the lovely Jasna of the FashionJass web site, and this is what the award looks like!
Now if you have never been to Jasna's site, you are missing out big time! She is a fashion expert, and she dresses accordingly, always dressed to perfection. So do yourself a favor and visit her, she will entertain you with the latest fashion, mixed with some vintage, and some seasonal trends. She also has a column on Style Scoop, so please visit and support her there as well. You will not be disapponted, I assure you!

My "instructions" are to nominate 10 blogs who I think deserves this award. So here goes, in no particular order:

1. The seeker.
2. Nina ballerina Closet Obsession.
3. Cafe Fashionista.
4. Kirafashion.
5. Pixie Dust.
6. Try to be Stylish.
7. Iva Messy.
8. The Girlie Blog.
9. Fashion Snag.
10. Fashion Lolita.

I guess that is 10 sites, please visit them and support them, they are all very interesting and colorful. And a huge thanks to Jasna for nominating me!

I wish you all a lovely weekend, see you soon!

Saturday, January 16, 2010



Just give it a thought, this beautiful freshwater pearl necklace can be yours, and only yours, for free!! Now if you get the sudden urge to feel those shiny, cool, satiny pearls caressing your neck, keep on reading.

This giveaway is done by Louis Anthony Jewelers, a well known jeweler in Pittsburgh.

A little about the host: - Louis Anthony Jewelers is owned by Veronica and Lou Guarino. The store is located in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh, PA. When visiting Louis Anthony Jewelers, you can expect carefully chosen and undeniably stunning selection of jewelry, timepieces and gifts. They further provide the kind of warm, familiar service that goes beyond knowing your name, to knowing what's on your personal wish list. (Like this set of pearls for instance!)

For the last 18 years it's been this well known and well loved jeweler in Pittsburgh's mission and privilege to share life's most treasured moments with their valued customers, their trust, loyalty and friendship -indeed, what a precious gift.

What can I tell you about the necklace? It is, as you can no doubt see from the pictures, really stunning, 18 inch, 9.5 mm freshwater pearl necklace with a 14k gold french hook style clasp, and this fine piece of jewelry is valued at roughly $300-00! Can't you just feel it caressing your neck already?

And what do you have to do to win this fine piece of jewelry? Easy, leave a comment after this post, and tell us why you think you should get this necklace. For an extra chance to win it, if you are not yet following my blog, you can follow and leave another comment telling me that you are. If you are not yet following me on twitter, you can do the same. That leaves you with 3 chances to win this stylish and beautiful necklace.

Competition will run from 18 January until the 5th of February,(SA time) so please hurry and get your name on the list.

Thanks folks for reading this post, hope your week will be an enjoyable one.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I would like to post some more readers legs for you, some old, some new, so please enjoy with me!

First lady on the "runway" is the lovely and very sexy Jacqueline of Fashion Snag site. Now I have to say nothing, the picture speaks for itself, she is a stunning young lady, dressed to kill! This outfit really compliments Jacqueline's curves and well shaped legs. The high heeled sandals definitely compliments her legs to perfection.

Another stunning pic of Jacqueline, this time outside wearing a mini and heels, again a very sexy combination, complimenting her legs.

A bonus picture of Jacqueline, the very first time I visited her site, this was the post that was on her site at the time. This picture immediately drew my attention, and for obvious reasons. I am sure you will agree with me, a stunning outfit, and a special bonus, you get to see her from both sides in the same picture. (I stole this one off her site)

A very lovely young lady whom I have known for a very long time is Tammy, owner and author of Forgetful Princess Blogspot.

Tammy sent in two pics, which I would love to share with you people. No doubt Tammy is a beautiful young lady, and the idea I got of her is that she is a mite shy and modest, but do not dare her to do something, coz she will do it, even if only to proof a point. (just my opinion, she can correct me if I'm wrong.)

Another pic of her, looking very sexy in the same beautiful outfit, flaunting a pair of well shaped legs!

The last two pics are of a very special person, very dear and also very near to me, so I thought it wise to feature her also on this post. (I do apologize for the poor quality pics, but the guy who took these pics is an absolute amateur and his camera is a cheapy)

In my opinion she has great, well shaped legs, but then, I might be biased.... :-)

That is all for today folks, a special word of thanks to the very lovely girls who sent in their pics, please visit their sites, and I would appreciate it if everone will support them. The girl in the last two pics? Do not concerned yourself about her, please, I will thank her personally...haha...
Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


On November 21, 2009 I did a post featuring a giveaway for Perricone. It concerned Cold Plasma, an anti-aging cream. The person who approached me for this giveaway was a gent by the name of Jordan Hill.

I have subsequently seen other bloggers also doing a giveaway for the same product.

Now my question is, has those people who won the giveaway received their prizes yet? Mine hasn't and had I not followed up on the matter, I never would have known. He further made a bold promise that I will receive a container of the same product if I'd add their URL to my link list, which I have done. Well, needless to say, nothing yet. (and my wrinkles have increased because of this.)

Another blogger whom I know has also featured the giveaway and he has also not received his container either. (as the devil would have it, he is the brother of my prize winner!)

I would love to hear from you, have you done a Perricone giveaway, has your winner received her/his prize, and have you received your tub because you added the URL to your link list?

E mailing Mr Hill, has been unsuccessful as he just naturally does not reply to my mails. Have you had the same experience, because if you have, I think we should take it further. It is a hell of an embarrassment doing a giveaway, (first one for me) and then the prize winner does not get her prize.

Please let me know, coz I'd really love to 'jump on Jordan Hill's chest!'

Have a super Sunday!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


While there is a break in pics from readers, I thought maybe it is time to do a quick post on celebrity legs.

Few words today, here is Anna Faris looking extremely sexy, wearing a rather lovely dress and some sexy high heeled, strappy sandals. Anna in my opinion has some really great, well shaped legs.

I now want your opinion on a certain matter. Take a look at this picture of Diane Kruger, doesn't she look fabulous! She looks stunning!! Just take a closer look at those legs, well shaped, soft, feminine and sexy.

Now take a look at a pic of the same girl, just dressed differently. You tell me, (and I know there are some who will not agree with me) doesn't she look terrible wearing a pair of man boots..?? yes, I know,you will say but those are ladies boots. Well, you may be right, but to me they look like men's boots, ugly, rough, flat heeled...hahha, I can carry on and on! Not feminine at all. Now why would a very feminine girl wanna look like a man from her calves down? That beats me!!

Let's move on to something nice. Fergie to me is not drop dead beautiful, however, she mostly dresses like a lady, always feminine and sexy. A bonus is the fact that she has really well shaped legs. The fact that she is wearing a pair of very sexy high heeled shoes obviously is helping to shape those legs just a mite more.

One of my all time favorites, Megan Fox, looking stunning, wearing a beautiful black number, revealing lovely long, well shaped legs, complimented by a pair of very sexy ankle strap sandals. A picture of true femininity....specially as she also has her nails varnished a lovely color...

A girl whom I have never featured before, and I do apologize as she does have fabulous legs, is Eliza Dushku. What a lovely girl she is, sexy legs complimented by a pair of high heeled shoes!

I hope you enjoyed them all, love to hear what you think!

Have a wonderful week.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hold on to your seats, I got surprised with more photographs of three lovely readers who were brave enough to enter in the leg show.

First up is a lady who I am sad to say, I do not know very well as we only "met" very recently. However, I am sure you will all agree with me, she is a gorgeous young lady, and I am happy to post her photographs.

Please put your hands together for the lovely Miss Neira, author and owner of Miss Neira Fashion, Art and Beauty blogspot.

In this photograph we see her wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of very sexy boots.

Another lovely pic of Neira, this time wearing sheer stockings and and a short skirt. Surely you will agree with me, the lip color and the leopard print top accentuate her kick ass sex appeal!

Another girl whom I sadly haven't "met" before, Theresa, author and owner of There's a Fashionista Blogspot has very modestly sent in just this one pic. Here she is, wearing a short - ish dress, a pair of beautifully patterned stockings and high heeled ankle boots.

So I did a terrible thing, I searched her blog for more pics and I found this one, Theresa wearing leggings and peep toe booties, a great combination, and very, very sexy!
Theresa, I hope you can forgive me my liberty, but I just couldn't resist, posting one pic just didn't seem the right thing to do.

Last reader who sent in, also modestly, one pic only, is Laarni. Now I have known Laarni for a long, long time, and Laarni is the proud owner and author of Laarnaay.
your inimitable woman.

So here is Laarni, wearing a shortish black and white dress, showing off her lovely legs.

I took liberty again, please forgive me Laarni, but I just couldn't post one pic only, so I "stole" this pic off your site also and posted it.
Here Laarni is wearing a lovely floral dress and black tights, just glowing with sex appeal!

I do apologize to these two ladies that I had to go "steal" pics from their sites, but be assured that literally thousands of people will appreciate your pics over the next two or three days and hopefully all of those thousands will also visit your sites.

My sincere thanks to these ladies for allowing me to post their pics on my humble blog, I really appreciate it.
My request to all my readers, please visit and support these girls, they would love to entertain you on their sites.

More readers legs are welcome, please carry on sending them in, and I will continue to post them. Those readers who have already sent in pics and feel more confident now, please feel free to send in more pics!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!