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Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to Wear Body Stocking Sexily

I believe a majority of individuals are a bit unaware when it comes to how sexily a body stocking can be worn. Of course, when you think of a body stocking, your mind typically runs through a list of unappealing thoughts, or you think of it just as a way to ‘hold everything in’. However, there are seriously tons of ways to wear a body stocking sexily, in ways where you and your partner will be enthralled. Check out these sexy body stocking ideas and get ready for a wild time you didn’t imagine possible.

1.  Sheer for ‘Hotter’ Nights
Wear a sheer body stocking around your mate and instantly notice the sparks fly. The texture of sheer is nothing short of alluring, offering a soft and sleek texture that many are turned on by. There are a lot of sheer stocking to choose from, including full body and half body, crotched and crotchless. It really depends on personal preference, but it’s sure to be an instant hit. Sheer body stockings also have the ability to hold everything in beautifully without feeling like you’re wearing a space suit underneath your clothes.

2.  Lace for Passionate Occasions
Personally, I’m a huge fan of lace. It is feminine and can be incredibly seductive, especially to a man who prefers a woman with an innocent touch. Not to mention lace can be incredibly gorgeous with a variety of designs. Lace should probably be saved for nights where you and your lover are feeling passionate rather than ‘hot’, but either way, he will love to see you in a body stocking embroidered with stunning patterns.
3.  Fishnet for Fun

Have you ever heard a man say he didn’t like a woman in a pair of fishnet stockings? I sure haven’t, and I would be shocked if I ever saw the day where a man wasn’t intrigued by a pair of fishnets. Fishnet stockings have been around for ages, and there’s really no wonder why: they do the trick, quickly and easily. There is just something about a woman wearing fishnets that seems to get inside a man’s heart (or other unmentionable places). Plus, fishnet is great for roleplay nights, especially if the woman plans to seduce the man.
4.  Choose the Right Color
Seriously, when it comes to choosing the right body stockings, color is everything. Forget style, texture, and patterns. If you’re not wearing a sexy color, you can just forget it. You can decide on the color one of two ways. You can either wear his favorite color (which is extra brownie points for you!) or you can wear one of many colors that offer the most sex appeal: number one being deep red, obviously, and second being black. You could also manage to get by with navy blues, whites, and pale pink, but it is best to stay away from not-so-sexy colors including browns, hot pinks or fuschia, greens, yellows, and neon colors (of course, this can be omitted if it suits your particular fun occasion).

Author Bio: Zhuang Ping has been writing about fashion for over 3 years, and has a genuine love for all things glitz and glamour. She’s the guru when it comes to the industry, and she also loves to find great deals. She recommends heading over to to find some awesome coupon codes so you can spend less on all your body stocking needs. Who says sparking interest in the bedroom had to be costly?