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Thursday, December 31, 2009


I would like to wish all my readers a very happy, prosperous and joyful new year.

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my blog, thanks to everyone who visits but never say a word, (sincerely hope to hear from you in the new year) and thanks for the support I got from everyone throughout the year.
May your year "sparkle" and "shine" with love, health, joy, happiness, style and elegance !!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I am going to post on something completely different today. I would love to share with you what my Christmas day looked like.

Off to church first thing in the morning, then off to an elephant park close to our city, called the Addo Elephant park.

I have taken some pics, and I am going to share some of them with you folks.
(please ignore the date on some of the pics, I keep on forgetting to set it, and every time when I remember, it is too late)

A few elephants, the first lot we found. When I took the pic, they were about 70 meters from us. I have to add, they are wild animals, and has to be treated that way, however, they are quite used to humans and vehicles.

This was another group, much closer this time, about 50 meters or maybe less. They are beautiful animals, and it hard to imagine shooting one of them just to get to the tusks. What a shame.

Some more elephants, also quite close. I must add, I do not know of one incident where an elephant has bothered anyone in this particular park. They are quite happy to let the motor vehicles drive right past them.

We had a good laugh about these two big tortoises having their fun right there next to the road. Now what you cannot see in the pics is that while the male was busy doing his thing, the female just kept on eating, as if nothing was happening, that while we were taking 'porn' pictures of a very unique nature.

We stopped here to "braai" some meat. The Americans know it as barbecue. Now I think you should know, the game park contains what we know as the Big 5. That means the elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and rhino. All of which are perfectly ok to encounter anywhere, except for the leopard and lion. They do not scare easily and are meat eaters as you no doubt know. This park is big enough for them to run wild, and hunt their own food, so visitors are warned to not leave their vehicles.
This spot however is enclosed with an electric fence and a good gate, so everyone inside is safe.

A closer look at the camping site. My brother in law busy preparing the meat on the fire, while wife and sister are in the back ground.
Something else you have to be careful of here is snakes, fortunately we didn't see any.

A very proud animal, a kudu bull, about as big as a large cow, and very
dangerous when encountered on the road at night. They have a habit of jumping towards the lights of a vehicle, normally landing right on top of the car, often killing the occupants.

If you look carefully, you will see four kudu's in the background and our two hmmm busy tortoises in the front.

This was a very close shot of an elephant, (taken on another occasion) it was actually walking in the road, right next to my car and I took the pic from the window. Closest I have ever been to an elephant.

The only buffalo we saw was this one and he looked injured. He couldn't get up, and we were quite close to him. Also a very dangerous animal when wounded. He is known to kill his hunter if the hunter is too slow on the trigger.
He was at a watering hole and there was a whole bunch of elephants there, maybe he got to familiar with one of the elephants. There were quite a lot of elephant calves, so maybe a cow got rough with him.

My lovely wife, Yolande and our 3 year old boy, Jesse. He goes crazy when he saw the elephants, he loves animals.

And that's what my Christmas day looked like.
I have received a few more leg pics of readers, so if some of you girls are brave enough, you are welcome to send in some more of your pics.

Have a fabulous week.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


As you can no doubt see, this is the third post on readers' legs. I think it has done really well, and I thank all my readers for the support I got from them.

First brave blogger today is the lovely young and beautiful Becky of Try to be Stylish Blog.

Now at first Becky was too shy to send in her pics, however, she decided in the end that she does have great legs, and she send in these lovely pics. Love the tights! I am sure you will all agree with me when I say, Becky has nothing to be shy about, she looks gorgeous and she has fabulous legs.

And another one of Becky showing her legs, dressed in a purple jersey/dress and tights, worn with ballet flats.

Nuheila of Nuheila blogspot. has also sent in her pics.
We see her posing and flaunting her well shaped legs in a gold dress and strappy high heeled sandals.

Check out those calve muscles.... Great pose Nuheila! Great pics! Those ankle strap sandals are really very sexy, and they do compliment her legs tremendously, don't you agree?

Now the other person that was responsible/involved in the 'blackmail scheme' against me, has honored her promise, and sent in her pics. Marie of the Bound and determined Blogspot was the accomplice in the 'blackmail sage.' (for more detail on the' blackmail' see first post on readers legs) I now have the honor to introduce her to you.... her legs anyway. Please take note, I have no idea what she looks like, except maybe that she is blond.

Now we also know that she has great legs, well shaped calves......she favors nail varnish and she does own skirts and / or dresses.... sorry Marie... but I am sure you will get even with me... lol...

I have to say something in her favor though, she is a very nice person, as long as you are in her good books. But boy, you cross her, and she can become very sassy!

Don't you think her legs look great in those boots?

I would like to thank all the girls who were brave enough to send in their pics, I think it was great fun, and I do hope everyone enjoyed it, and please, visit these lovely girls' blogs and support them.

If by any chance there are readers who still want to send in pics of their legs, they are welcome to do so, I will post their pics mixed in with the pics I post of celebrities. I think we have proofed beyond reasonable doubt that the girl next door has just as nice, if not better shaped legs than the average celeb.

Thanks also to the readers who comment on my post, and specially those who visit these ladies' blogs.

I would further also like to thank those of my readers who has voted for me here on the World Blogging Entertainment Blogspot, I really appreciate your kind support!
Thanks again, and have a wonderful Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


May your day be filled with fun, laughter and happiness, and may all your dreams come true!!

Friday, December 18, 2009


I was surprised at the great response to my first post on readers legs, and I received some more photos of sexy legs of readers, which I am going to use in this second post. So I hope you folks enjoy this one. No blackmail schemes this time...hahhaa.... so no ugly, hairy legs either. Just lovely, smooth, well shaped feminine legs.

I think we should start with the photograph of a beautiful young lady, with a brilliant site, Tina of LuvemOrLeavem blog
Tina is showing us some sexy legs, wearing tights and heels. Great combination for a shapely leg!

Frankie, the owner and author of Fashion Hosierey blog has sent in a few pics, and I selected two to post on here.
Those black tights sure look sexy.

And another one...

I got permission from Dominique of Higherheel blogspot to download any of her pics for this post.
Here is my first choice. Back seem stockings, long well shaped legs and high heeled shoes. Quite a picture...

Another pic of Dominique's well shaped legs!

Another lovely lady, Leah, author of LEAH, in love with life blogspot mailed me her choice of pics. Here Leah is flaunting her legs in stockings and a sexy black number.

And another one of Leah wearing black stockings and a shortish black skirt!

My good friend, and I am sure a good friend to many a blogger, Dorothy author of the well known site, Selfesteem BlogFfor Women has mailed me these pics of her. Black tights always seem to add sex appeal to a pair of shapely legs, in this case it is no exception. Dorothy looking happy flaunting her legs next to a blood red fire wagon...

And another one of Dorothy showing us her legs without tights!

I think that's all for this post, however, if some of you girls still want to send in pics of your legs, please feel free to do so, I am more than willing to do more post on readers legs.

I would like to thank all the ladies who sent in their pics, I hope you enjoy the post. I trust that my other readers will visit and support these lovely ladies' sites, and to those who are still contemplating, come on, send them! I have spare pics of most of the readers who has sent in pics already, so if I get more pics, I can still fill another post.

Have a fun filled weekend everyone!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Here they are! I would like to mention though, there are some of my readers who have promised to send in leg pics but have not done so yet. I am planning to do more posts with reader's leg, so please keep sending them in. And please, this is no competition, it is a fun legs show, where we take a look at different readers', and/or bloggers' legs.

The first leg pics I received were from Treacle of the Stockings Addict Lingerie Blog
This is what she send in for me to post, wearing a skirt, sexy stockings and ballet flats.

Oh, and if you have more than one pic you want to send in, please be my guest. I will select two of the pics and post them.
So here is another one of the lovely Treacle. Now Treacle's site name is not called stockingsaddict for nothing, lovely stocking she is wearing, again with a short-ish skirt and ballet flats!

Another lovely lady who sent in a pic is Kira from Kirafashion
unfortunately only one pic, so come on Kira, we hope you plan on sending in some more pics for future posts. There is no limit.
Kira loves heels, and here is proof. Short-ish skirt, halter neck top and a pair of peep toe high heeled shoes.

A person who I had to really convince to send in or make pics available is the Evil shoe Fairy. She, doing her name justice, with the help of another blogger, Marie, who hasn't send in any pics yet, I might add, blackmailed me, in order for me to post these pics, but I will tell you more about it later.

Here she is flaunting her sexy legs, wearing a beautiful pair of heels and very sexy stockings. There is just something about a back seam stocking that shouts "bad ass sexy!!" Don't you guys agree? Sorry Fairy!

No stockings this time, but heels with an ankle strap, just as sexy....

Maxi of Ovah' sent me this pic of her, wearing a lovely strappy top, short-ish skirt and heels, flaunting a pair of sexy legs and a beautiful smile. She looks stunning!

Now we get to the blackmail part. In order for me to get The Evil Shoe Fairy to agree on posting any of her pics, I had to agree to post pics of my legs. Now that was a nasty thing to do, but she is not called Evil for no reason, haha. So I agreed, but let the record show, my hand was forced. Now there were other readers who also hinted in that direction, but they were not quite as adamant as the Fairy. (Do not be concerned , I edited the pic so you cannot see my ugly face also.)
Maybe in order to make my argument a mite stronger, this blackmail actually also has a very nasty twist! Marie of Bound and Determined Blogspot made Fairy's hand stronger, as she agreed on sending in pics on one condition, the Fairy had to post her pics. I might add, they normally team up against me, and make no mistake, they communicate by mailing each other in order for them to get a good hold on me. So, as you can no doubt see, I had no choice, had I refused, I would not have been able to add the Fairy's pics. Now it is up to Marie to come to the party.

I guess that is it for this time around. Those ladies who still aim on sending in pics, like Marie, Heidi, Dorothy, whose brainchild this is, I might add, please do so, I will post them as soon as I have enough to fill a post.

One last friendly request, please support these people, visit their sites, they are all great people to know.... the blackmail episode put aside, it is all done in good spirit.
My special thanks to these ladies who sent in their pics, I really appreciate your boldness.
Have wonderful week!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hi everyone, this is just a quick post to remind all the readers and bloggers (ladies!!) to send in pics of their legs. After careful consideration, and communication with other bloggers, I came to the conclusion that a contest might not be a good thing, it might cause conflict and the last thing I need right now is to upset my readers.

So I have been contemplating, maybe a legs show will a better option than a contest. I post the leg photos you send in and it is open for everyone to view. I might add a celeb leg here and there, but I will use my discretion. There is however one requests, I kindly ask you to adhere to. Please keep it clean, and that goes for the pics as well as the comments. I have no doubt that it will be a fun project and that everyone taking part and/or reading it, will enjoy it.

I have another subject I would like to discuss, I have been losing traffic at an alarming rate. In the vicinity of 800 per day! And revenue in the vicinity of R20-00 per day, and sometimes more. In the beginning I thought that maybe Google was doing something on my blog, blocking some of the visitors. However today I read a blog, B a la moda and the author complained: "I think my blog is down. Could anyone check if they can access it? My comment count is crazy too.Yours?"

I checked on a blogger forum page and there were several people complaining about the same thing. I also lost two or three follower of my blog. This problem is causing me to loose some serious revenue.

I have now come across several blogs where I have left comments and those comments have disappeared.
I am not sure what the problem is, but just so you know, if I do not comment, the problem is not me, it is somewhere with Blogger. If you were following me, and you do not see your widget there, please follow me again as I do not know who went missing.

I have just now checked the forum again, and the news is that the problem is fixed, hope that is true.

Have a great day, and let us have those pics. I have received a few, but not enough to make up a proper post.
Thanks for your support!

Sunday, December 6, 2009



And the winner of the Perricone Cold Plasma skincare product is - Stephanie of Chick Femme blogspot

The draw was done by using

True Random Number Generator

38 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

(It took me half an hour to get this image loaded into my post, so you folks had better appreciate it, haha...)

Congratulations Stephanie! I'll be e mailing Jordan Hill right after this post, and you should be getting your supply of Perricone Cold Plasma soon.

My thanks to everyone who entered, unfortunately only one person can win, but there is always a next time!
Hope your week will be a pleasant one.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I had a suggestion from Dorothy of womensselfesteem blogspot
and I thought it wise to see what my readers and visitor think about this idea. Her comment on my last post was as follow:

"Collin, you should ask for photos from your readers of sexy legs and do a post on sexy bloggers legs :)"

I at first thought my readers will never send in pictures of their own legs, however, on second thoughts, maybe there are some who would be willing to "risk" it. I would like to hear what you folks think about this idea, would you girls consider sending in pics of your legs so I can post them and we can determine who has the nicest legs? (tongue in the cheek of course) If you are willing, you can e mail them to me and I will post them. If you feel that you want to remain anonymous, then so be it, I will post it as such, like this one.

Either that, or you can use a pseudonym, it is up to you.

So what do you think of this idea, if you are keen, drop me an e mail or leave a comment, and we can take it from there.

In the mean time maybe we can take a look at some sexy celebrity legs.....

This is the lovely Stacy Keibler, looking especially sexy, well shaped legs, complimented by a pair of very sexy high heeled pumps.

Now I have never thought that Victoria Beckham has really well shaped legs, coz in my opinion her legs are a might thin. However, add a sexy, high heeled shoe, like the ones in this pic, and her legs immediately look 200% better....and make quite a sexy picture also.

I have posted pics of her in the past, but I just couldn't resist, she has such sexy legs, and those Pigalles really make her legs look absolutely perfect. The fact that her hair is kinda wild and her nails are varnished... well those extras add the final touch.

What is it about a pair of stockings and high heels that make such a sexy picture? It seem to just be a winning combination.

Well, it is now up to you to decide, are you shy, or are you going to be brave and send in some pics of your legs, (they can even be cropped, even though I hate cropped pics:-) ) so we can decide on which legs look best. Do not be a chicken now... And I hope Dorothy will set the example and send in the first pics.... Come on Dorothy, you started it.... be a sport. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!