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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I read a post on Natalie's Party Planner blog this morning. This specific post, My Inspiration made me take some stock, one has to do it from time to time. In her post she was taking stock of how many little things cross her path everyday, and how these small and sometimes insignificant things inspire her. It sure made me think. Please also visit Natalie's site, you will love it.

I have posted this video before, but I thought it is maybe a great time to post it again. So to those who have seen it before, I do apologize. To those who haven't seen it before, it will serve to remind us all how much we have to say thank you for.
Every time I watch this, I get a lump in my throat, but it sure makes me appreciate what I have in life. Even if it is not a lot, I have a reasonably healthy body, a fantastic family, and a pretty easy life.

How to you feel about this lady? Isn't she something else? Now I hope this video will make you all feel better about what you got dealt in life. Maybe not the body or face, or boobs to die for, or the eyes you wanted, but when next you feel unhappy about your body, think back to this girl, and the way she handles her life without arms.

Have a lovely day everyone!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


A girl who shot up from no where, right into stardom is Katy Perry. Katy has just suddenly become a well known star with her song, "I kissed a girl" as you all know.
First pics I saw of her, she dressed more like a girl next door. Not sexy at all. I guess she was still new on the scene, and confidence was still lacking.

However, with time her confidence grew, she got bolder and started to dress with more sex appeal. Her body language in this pic says: "wow, look at me now!" In my opinion she is an extremely beautiful girl, I just love her smile, and even though that dress is dangerously short and revealing, (not the dress I would allow my daughter to leave the house with, haha...) she looks fabulous, and very, very sexy. A strikingly strong body language, loads of sex appeal, and no doubt, extremely feminine.

Another girl who used to dress pretty boring, and sometimes even quite sloppy, is Jennifer Aniston. Take a look at this pic, to me she looks pretty pale.

However, lately we see her dressing quite sexy, wearing really fashionable dresses and towering high heeled shoes. Could it be that she is trying to impress someone? Or has she just gained confidence again? Whatever the case might be, I am glad coz she really looks fabulous these days.

A girl who I have a soft spot for, and who I think always dresses very fashionably and sexy, is Heather Graham. I think this picture explains itself. Heather is a beautiful young lady, loads of sex appeal, and I have never seen a pic of her where she didn't look feminine.

Here is a little test for you guys, who is this?

Guess that is all, for a Sunday I have worked pretty hard, so hope your week will be great, take care everyone!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A young lady that I find quite fashionable and lovely is Audrina Patridge. Audrina Cathleen Patridge, born 9 May 1985, is an American television personality, actress and model. Maybe I should tell you this, and it might surprise those who sort of know me by now, she has one feature that I think is very special! No, not her legs, haha, her eyes... that sleepy kinda look, kinda come hither eyes... now make no mistake, her legs are beautiful, and she dresses extremely sexy, but I just love her eyes. Those are the kinda eyes that, when she looks at you, you feel like a puppy dog that got fed a pinch of poison, your heart goes on a wild gallop and your throat kinda pulls tight...haha...knees go kinda wobbly... you know the feeling?

Looking bright, love the red lip color. I will not stick my neck out and say the dress is really special, but she wears it well.

Proof that she has beautiful legs, and of course her figure has all the right curves in all the right places. Now I will stick my neck out, the dress she is wearing in this pic is absolutely stunning and it really accentuates all her assets. (if you had told me that the shoe color would go with the dress color, I wouldn't have believed you, but seeing it, it actually seems to go well together.)

Proof that Audrina's got beautiful legs and beautiful eyes...I think those peep toe heels are a real bonus to her calves.

Beautiful dress, stunning high heeled sandals, a truly beautiful picture.

A real sweetheart, this is more than likely the closest to a perfect picture you can get, lovely dress, just luuuv her hair, sexy, fashionable dress, red nail varnish, red lips. What more can you ask for?

Well I'd love to know what you think about Audrina, she has done a few naughty pics, I know, but we all do things we are sorry about later, and who are we to judge? Least of all me.

I however, have some more news I'd love to share with you. A few weeks ago I was the lucky winner of a beautiful necklace in a giveaway done by the lovely and kind Dena of Pretty Little Things.

Today the parcel arrived, containing the stunning necklace in question. I had kept this as a secret, so you can imagine the surprise on my wife, Yolande's face, when I gave it to her. She almost couldn't believe it. Anyway, she is mighty impressed, and I am gonna be in the pound seats for a while at

The giveaway was sponsored by the talented Sarah of Silk and Velours and my sincere thanks to Sarah for selecting me as the winner, and for mailing the necklace so quickly. I have to add, the necklace is fabulous, beautiful and well made. So please do yourself a favor, go visit her, there are many fantastic items that she makes and sells. Please support her!

I guess I have more or less said everything, have a stunning day and take care.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I was pleasantly surprised at the kind of response I got on my last post. Which brings me to my next post's idea. Actually a single word both Audrey E and Antoine of Stilettostetico blogspot used in their comments on my last post got me thinking.

What gives a girl sex appeal? What makes her attractive to those who admire her, those around her? Her figure? Could be. Her facial features? Possibly yes. Her dress sense? Maybe. Her boobies? For a lot of guys definitely! Beautiful legs? Yep!

My opinion, and based on what Antoine and Audrey E mentioned in their comments, the key word is confidence. A woman can wear the most beautiful outfit, the best make up, the most expensive accessories, the highest heels, however, if she has no confidence, she will lack that final puzzle piece to portray true and obvious sex appeal.

See Alicia Silverstone in this picture, does she look confident? Not in my opinion, she looks almost scared, hesitant and unsure of herself. So, in my opinion, despite the fact that she is dressed very fashionably, she lacks real sex appeal.

Anne Hathaway, such a lovely dress, she looks stunning, fashionable, but she sadly lacks sex appeal. She looks kinda sorry to be "hhmmm, I am here...uhmm.....sorry, but....." very little confidence. Do you agree with me?

Does Christine Lakin have confidence, yep, heaps of confidence and loads of sex appeal. Fashionably dressed in a beautiful blue dress, make up not fantastic, but not bad either, stunning high heeled sandals, complimenting a pair of beautiful legs. I think the smile says a lot, and in this case, I would think, gives her the edge.

A woman I think never lacks confidence, is Ciara. She literally glows with confidence, and it is not difficult to understand why, she must have the best shaped legs in the whole of USA. Now the dress is stunning, and the heels do their part to shape those calves, not that the heels are really needed, but her confidence is her best asset. Ok, second best, I think her legs are her number one asset. She's got it, and she definitely flaunts it.... big time!

Let me demonstrate something to you just so I can proof my point, let's take a look at two different pics of the same celebrity. Jennifer Aniston, in this pic looks kinda hesitant and not sure of herself, she lacks confidence, hence, very little sex appeal, despite the sexy dress and heels.

Same Jennifer, different picture altogether, in this picture she is kick ass sexy! Loads of sex appeal, elegant and vibrantly stylish. Why, you ask... Because she literally glows with confidence. Pay special attention to the smile, but also the walk, her posture, all signs of confidence.

Does Jullianne Hough lack confidence? Not a bit, actually I would classify her as a little over confident, almost too much in my opinion. Yes, she does look sexy, but in this specific picture she goes a little over board.

Last pic, someone who doesn't lack confidence, nor sex appeal, Megan Fox. She literally sparkles with sex appeal, actually an almost bad ass kinda sex appeal. She is the kind of girl who enters a noisy function, and suddenly it is quiet, the smell of her perfume mixing with the air in the room, guys eyes out on stalks to admire her beauty.... the girls all suddenly turn green with envy... haha, gettin carried away here.... confident? No doubt! Sex appeal? Loads of it.

So what do you say?? Do you all agree with me, does confidence and sex appeal have something in common? Your turn, tell us.
And please, visit Antoine's site, he will no doubt entertain you with his special way with words, and his beautiful pictures.
Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Interesting question for you! Is it ok for older women to dress fashionably. In other words, is it ok for them to wear short dresses, show cleavage, wear make up, high heels, color hair, dress sexy, etc, etc. Yes, I have heard many folks comment on a middle age or older woman, saying, she must act her age now, she is getting to old to wear short dresses, or wear her hair long, or wear high heeled boots with a mini, or bright colors... I then feel like telling them that they are just jealous, and when I know the person making the comment well enough, I normally tell them exactly that. Unfortunately it is mostly woman who make these kind of comments, sorry girls, but it is true, and then they are normally nothing to look at, not because they do not have potential, but because they just do not care to look attractive.

Take Cindy Crawford for example, she is in her mid forties, still sexy? For sure! Can she still wear short dresses, show cleavage? My opinion, nothing wrong with it. As long as she feels comfortable with it, why not? With beautiful legs like hers, definitely!

How about Joan Collins? She is mid 70's, and she must be one of the most beautiful ladies of all times. Now what would you say, is she supposed to still dress according to the latest fashion, short skirts, cleavage, heels, etc. Looking at this pic, I honestly cannot see why not. Can you?

And Sophia Loren, also mid 70's, is she allowed to still dress sexy? Again, as long as she feel comfortable with it, why not. In this pic she looks smoking hot, a beautiful revealing red dress and high heeled sandals. A true picture of sex appeal, of an almost 80 year old dame.... I see nothing wrong with it.

I honestly believe, if a girl's got it, she's allowed to flaunt it. Do not understand me wrong, I am not saying trashy flaunting, if you get my drift, I mean within limits, like Cindy is demonstrating in this picture. She looks sexy, yet classy, elegant and beautiful.

Jenna Dewan demonstrates a younger version of fashionable, sexy and elegant dressing. Love the slip in that dress! And she looks stunning.

Now my opinion on this subject is, first of all, when is someone considered too old to dress fashionably or sexy? 40, 50? 60? 70? I believe, age is but a number and cannot really be defined until you consider yourself "too old." I would never stop my wife from dressing sexy when she gets older, fortunately I am much older than her, so before she reaches the age of "too old" I will not be around anymore... meaning when she reaches'll be dead and gone....long gone.

So what is your opinion on this subject, are older ladies like Joan Collins or Sophia for instance, too old to dress in short skirts or heels? Or color their hair? When is someone too old to dress sexy? I'd love to hear what you think.

Have a wonderful week and take care.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I have no idea why, but it's not at all difficult to write a post, but I always battle to find a suitable heading. So now you know if my heading sounds like... you know what, it's because I couldn't come up with anything this one....

Two good things happened to me this week. First of all, I won a giveaway, first time in my life, and obviously I thought someone was yanking my chain when I first saw these words in the e mail in my inbox: "You are the WINNER mr Charming" Now with all the bollie stuff you get via e mail, I at first thought, yea right! Then I saw this particular mail was from the lovely Dena of Pretty Little Things, so I reconsidered and continued reading the whole mail, and I realized that I was in fact the winner of a lovely necklace. (I do not think I quite qualify for the title, Mr Charming, but if Dena thinks I do, who am I to argue the point.) The giveaway was hosted by the very talented Sarah of Silk & Velours Blog.
Thanks to both these ladies for, first allowing me to enter the competition, and secondly, letting me win the prize, you are both so sweet and kind! Please folks, visit their sites and support them, they are both lovely ladies, with fabulous sites!

The second good thing that happened to me, I got an award, and this award was passed on to me by Lady V of A little Bit of Vic Blog.

Now I am not sure if you have ever been to her site, if not, you are missing out on a lot, she is a treat. Now be careful, you do not wanna be in her bad books, she's got a mighty sharp tongue, (do not tell her I said that) but she has a heart of gold. (you can tell her I said that.) Thanks Vic for passing this award on to me, I really appreciate your kind words.

Now there are some rules to this award, but as Lady V said, rules can be broken, (uhhhm, she didn't put it quite like that) and seeing that she has already broken them, I am going to break those she hasn't broken yet.

I have to mention six things I mastered. Now it would honestly have been easier for me to mention things I do not master, or have not mastered yet, but here goes,
I, lately, well more accurately, for the last 17 odd years, mastered road rage, I used to be terrible, and have thrown idiots' car keys away for driving like their names say, idiots, and endangering other people's lives.
I have mastered patience when I fool around in the garage, doing woodwork, or any other repair jobs in and around the house, well ok, sort of mastered it. I am still working on that one, but have made remarkable progress.... really, I have! Just don't ask my wife, she will not agree with me.
I have, also sort of, mastered blogging, a tough one this used to be, and I used to really get mighty uptight (that's putting it extremely mildly) when I couldn't get pictures uploaded, or what ever. Nowadays blogging is a breeze...except getting a heading for my posts....
I have mastered, or I think I have just about mastered my own finances, after almost 40 years of battling as an employee, or small business owner ... believe me, there is only one relatively easy way of being financially free, invest in property... take my word for that... and take note, I said relatively easy! Nothing is easy, so whenever someone tells you something is easy, tell him to...p.... go away... and no, I am not financially free yet, and will not be for the next 10 years, but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel.
What else is there, hell, I can honestly not think of anything else... (ok, and my memory is also not what it used to be, but that is something I do not care to master anymore, some things are better left forgotten, specially at my age) so please forgive me, that is it, I have mastered very little, but I have achieved quite a lot, and I think that is the important part.

Now here is where I am going to break the rules some more, I am not going to forward this award, if any of you folks out there feel like telling us what you have mastered, please do so and take this award, you are welcome, we would love to hear.

Thanks again Vic, for thinking of me, see, you have a heart of gold.... when you put your mind to it....haha.... I know, I am on thin ice here! Please guys and girls, treat yourself, Vic is anxious to entertain you on her blog, and I can promise you, it is quite an experience!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Abandoned baby at Walmart - this is hilarious, I thought I have to shared it with you, I know it has nothing to do with fashion, well maybe it has after all, this is how you should not dress you baby!

I hope you enjoyed this.....

Friday, March 5, 2010


Marisa Miller, quite evident after my last post, a very popular girl, and in my opinion, also a very beautiful and sexy young lady.

Born Marisa Lee Bertetta on 6 August, 1978, she used to be a very shy, quiet and reserved girl who only at age of 16 was discovered, and from there shot up to stardom as a model and celebrity.

Can you believe that she used to be a shy little girl, who considered herself a tomboy, and who used to wear large t - shirts just so she could hide her body. Now you tell me, why on earth would anyone with a body like hers, be shy, or wanna hide it.

Dressed to the latest fashion, showing lovely, mile long, beautiful legs, complimented by a figure hugging dress and a beautiful pair of high heeled, peep toe shoes. I would say a picture of absolute femininity and beauty.

What? This girls a tomboy? Well she has grown into a very beautiful, shapely and sexy young lady, turning heads where ever she goes, and maybe also the cause of more than one accident.

In her case, in all honesty, I do not consider her legs her biggest asset, coz to me they are a mite thin, but that is me, to millions of people out there, they are perfect. My taste, I like a tad bit more calve. What I would say in her favor is that she always dresses so she puts emphasis on her legs, and she mostly wear heels so the calves would appear to be better shaped than they really are.

And this picture is a perfect example of that. Those peep toe heels put some shape in those calves.

She however is drop dead gorgeous, and of course, I love her almost wild and curly hair. A smokin', steamin' hot Marisa, can you believe she used to be shy, quiet and reserved?

Well, aren't you just glad she grew up to be a gorgeous, feminine young lady. Well, maybe not that young anymore, she is 31 already, but young when you reach my age...haha...

Fashion at it's best, proof of perfect femininity and sex appeal, true beauty, elegance and style. And look at the hair, just perrrrfect.

As usual, I would love your opinion.

Hope your weekend is just great!

Monday, March 1, 2010


It would seem that going into fashion sense of celebs is drawing quite a response of readers, which I really do appreciate. So I am going to stick with it for a post of two.

To open the ball, a lovely girl, Victoria Silvstedt, wearing a lovely halterneck pink dress and very sexy, high heeled sandals. A truly beautiful picture of a stunning lady. (I am sorry, this is becoming a nasty habit, but I have no idea where she fits in the celeb picture)

A girl whom I think has quite beautiful legs, although I doubt they would look that good without the help of a pair of heels, Traci Lords. Is it just me or does she look mighty unhappy?

A young lady I have a soft spot for, Minka Kelly, fashionable and feminine.

Marisa Miller, looking lovely and fresh, soft, feminine and dressed to the newest fashion. What I love about Marisa, and no it isn't her long legs as in my opinion they are a mite thin, sorry Marisa, but her hair always look so beautiful, and of course she is drop dead gorgeous.

Please let me know what you folks think, I'd love to know.
Have a fashionable day.