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Sunday, October 31, 2010


We have been to an airshow on Saturday. Now I am sure compared to airshows abroad, this was a tiny airshow, but airplanes and flying are passions of mine, (as long as I can watch from down here) so I absolutely loved it.

Please keep in mind that my camera is a little el cheapo, add to that the fact that I am a no account photographer, so this is the only pic I could get of an aircraft in flight, and at the time, the chopper was hovering right in front of us.

One of the highlights of the day, the Mustang, damn, is that a cool airplane or what. Used by the Us in days gone by, it used to be a remarkably fast and effective fighter plane.
When ever you see a single prop airplane with four propeller blades, that is an indication that the mentioned plane is very fast and very maneuverable. The pilot really entertained the crowd.

This little bi-plane is called the Boeing Stearman and is owned and flown by a well known aerobatics pilot of South Africa, Stu Davidson. Stu's son Patric just competed internationally in an aerobatics flying contest, and I speak under correction when I say I think he got 11th place overall. Not bad for a boertjie I would say.
The contraption you see on the top wing is a harness used to strap in any 'more guts than brains person' who is in the mood for wing walking. Just the idea gives me the shivers. I have actually seen a woman standing on the wing in flight on previous occasions. And yes, also in inverted flight. She must really be an adrenalin junkie.

Here is another plane dating from the world war two era, the Sea Fury. Note the four blade prop, same story, fast and maneuverable. I am not sure who this plane belongs to, but I know Stu Davidson also owns one, and believe me when I say, he knows what he is doing when he is in the cockpit of this extremely powerful plane. It has a 18 cylinder engine and is capable of 460 miles per hour or 740 km per hour. At the time that was more than likely the fastest single prop plane.

The Pilatus PC-7, the airplane used by the South African Air Force to train fighter pilots. Note again the four blade prop, very fast for a single prop plane and very effective as a trainer plane. Unfortunately there was always a crowd around it so I couldn't get a decent shot of it.

The L39 jet, also a trainer plane, used to train fighter pilots, but privately owned now. Not very fast as far as jets go, but fast enough to keep your attention.

Yolande and Jesse at the Yak, a two seater plane also privately owned. Here you can see a twin blade prop, this plane is very slow, and not all that maneuverable.
Jesse loves planes as much as I do, needless to say, just look at the expression on his face.

Amore, Jesse and Yolande at the Cessna, Jesse was not impressed as we were on our way out and he wanted to stay.... but as you can see, Yolande was wearing heels, and she'd had enough of standing and watching planes.

Well I guess that is it for today, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, but in all honesty, airplanes and flying, (not me flying, please take note) are my first passion, pity we don't have an airshow every weekend. (MAYBE A GOOD THING, MY WIFE WILL DIVORCE ME)

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Have a super day everyone!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Seeing that according to Feedjit the most popular searches are still "sexy legs" I guess it will be fitting to do another, casual post about some sexy legs. Also some new faces to color your day.

First up, new face, Jessica Stroup. Not an ordinary dress, nor an ordinary pair of heels. However, those high heels seem to shape her legs into quite sexy legs. She is in my opinion is a very beautiful young lady, of course the lip color catches my eye immediately.

Heather Graham? She has featured before, but I think she deserves far more attention than she actually gets. Something about stockings that most men find terribly sexy. I think this picture says it all. Heather looks vibrantly sexy, yet with loads of elegance and style.

Karina Smirnoff is a new face too. Her claim to fame? She is a professional ballroom dancer, apparently ranked second in the world. Now I love ballroom dancing, so I would love to see her in action. However, her dancing career is not exactly the reason why she is here. I think she has stunning legs. (might be because of her dancing) Love the tan, and I have to add, she is wearing the most beautiful dress. And in case you wondered, no I cannot do ballroom dancing to save my life, only wishful thinking.

I just couldn't resist, I had to throw in the cat, what do you think he saw?

I had a special request from one of my new readers to do something on Leighton Meester. Well, here she is, looking truly beautiful. And no, it was not her the cat saw.

A girl who is tremendously popular, is Minka Kelly. It is not difficult to see why. She is a lovely girl with beautiful legs. I love her calves....

I believe she is getting married, if not mistaken, this weekend already!? So it will only be fair to post a pic of Katy Perry. Need I say more, right now she is one of my favorite favorites.
I am pretty sure a lot of guys are not happy to see her get snatched away before their noses. Well, best wishes to her, I know she deserves happiness.Now ain't that a beautiful photograph of her. Fresh as an early spring blossom. Still not sure if had I been her dad I would have agreed with her choice in a husband...hehe... Maybe that explains the cat's face, it is not something he saw, maybe he heard her getting married to Mr Brand and it totally shocked him.

Another new girl on my blog, pretty face and sexy legs, Kendra Wilkinson. Not impressed with her dress, but she does have lovely legs. I am sure you will agree with me, she deserves a special spot here.

I guess that is enough for now, let me know what you think of my selection.
Take care and have a lovely day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I thought this should more or less give you an indication as to why I'm not particularly fond of flying, to put it mildly.

No, that was not me in the back seat, but had that been me, I would have been in serious need of a clean pair of undies. Oh and the pilot would have been rushed to hospital. That is not, and I repeat, not the kind of joke to play on anyone.

Hope you enjoyed watching it, have a lovely day.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I had no correct guess on the mystery girl, so let's get her sorted out first, and then we can take a look at some lovely girls with sexy legs.

Here she is, same girl, same outfit, different view, AnnaLynne McCord. I am sure you will all agree with me, she looks stunning, I so love her hair in this pic. Not to mention her legs....

If ever there was a girl that has gone from zero to full speed in no time at all, it is Katy Perry. She has a fabulous voice and I think, and this is purely my opinion, but she might have some acting talents also. She has definitely impressed me as a celeb. She has gone from a rather conservative, shy and modest dresser in flats and tights seen here....

To here...
(not sure if I bad been her dad I would have approved of her choice in men, but I am not, so I can leave the shotgun in the closet.)

And here, wearing revealing outfits and high heels.... oozing confidence and style. Quite revealing, yet classy.

Another young lady, ok, not so young anymore, but vibrantly confident, flaunting sexy legs and heaps of sex appeal, Kim Cattrall, well known for her role in Sex and the city.

Keri Russel has not been a regular visitor on my site, which is a shame coz she is actually a really beautiful girl, looking especially lovely in this pic. Obviously you will agree with me, the short(ish) dress and high stiletto heels serve to accentuate her well shaped legs.

And for the older folks, a golder oldie with a super sexy body, Raqual Welsh. A firm body sporting a pair of boobies and legs that would start some/most guys drooling. Ok, maybe not anymore, coz she must be in her 70's now already.

I guess that is enough work for a Saturday, let me know what you think of my selection.
Have a lovely weekend.