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Sunday, October 31, 2010


We have been to an airshow on Saturday. Now I am sure compared to airshows abroad, this was a tiny airshow, but airplanes and flying are passions of mine, (as long as I can watch from down here) so I absolutely loved it.

Please keep in mind that my camera is a little el cheapo, add to that the fact that I am a no account photographer, so this is the only pic I could get of an aircraft in flight, and at the time, the chopper was hovering right in front of us.

One of the highlights of the day, the Mustang, damn, is that a cool airplane or what. Used by the Us in days gone by, it used to be a remarkably fast and effective fighter plane.
When ever you see a single prop airplane with four propeller blades, that is an indication that the mentioned plane is very fast and very maneuverable. The pilot really entertained the crowd.

This little bi-plane is called the Boeing Stearman and is owned and flown by a well known aerobatics pilot of South Africa, Stu Davidson. Stu's son Patric just competed internationally in an aerobatics flying contest, and I speak under correction when I say I think he got 11th place overall. Not bad for a boertjie I would say.
The contraption you see on the top wing is a harness used to strap in any 'more guts than brains person' who is in the mood for wing walking. Just the idea gives me the shivers. I have actually seen a woman standing on the wing in flight on previous occasions. And yes, also in inverted flight. She must really be an adrenalin junkie.

Here is another plane dating from the world war two era, the Sea Fury. Note the four blade prop, same story, fast and maneuverable. I am not sure who this plane belongs to, but I know Stu Davidson also owns one, and believe me when I say, he knows what he is doing when he is in the cockpit of this extremely powerful plane. It has a 18 cylinder engine and is capable of 460 miles per hour or 740 km per hour. At the time that was more than likely the fastest single prop plane.

The Pilatus PC-7, the airplane used by the South African Air Force to train fighter pilots. Note again the four blade prop, very fast for a single prop plane and very effective as a trainer plane. Unfortunately there was always a crowd around it so I couldn't get a decent shot of it.

The L39 jet, also a trainer plane, used to train fighter pilots, but privately owned now. Not very fast as far as jets go, but fast enough to keep your attention.

Yolande and Jesse at the Yak, a two seater plane also privately owned. Here you can see a twin blade prop, this plane is very slow, and not all that maneuverable.
Jesse loves planes as much as I do, needless to say, just look at the expression on his face.

Amore, Jesse and Yolande at the Cessna, Jesse was not impressed as we were on our way out and he wanted to stay.... but as you can see, Yolande was wearing heels, and she'd had enough of standing and watching planes.

Well I guess that is it for today, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, but in all honesty, airplanes and flying, (not me flying, please take note) are my first passion, pity we don't have an airshow every weekend. (MAYBE A GOOD THING, MY WIFE WILL DIVORCE ME)

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Have a super day everyone!


Schnappy said...

Wow, cool! We were in Szeged last summer, and we saw air show! That was a cool, too! :)

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

very cool!!!

great post dear :D

Ivânia Diamond*

FashionJazz said...

Love your pics, looked like you had such a fun time Colin : ) I hope you have a lovely Thursday and a good weekend too! xx

LuvemOrLeavem Relationships said...

I've only been to one airshow, but I have to admit it was a lot of fun. You topic was a surprise to me. When I read the title I thought I'd be seeing photos of women in heels wearing aviator clothing LOL.

Jana said...

I came to thank your lovely comment there on the blog;)
Is always welcome!