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Thursday, January 20, 2011


sexy woman in pantyhoseImage via WikipediaWhen and why does a pair of legs qualify as sexy? A question I have been asked a few times. I have given it some thought and haven't come up with a easy or simple explanation, but I am going to allow you to decide if the legs I have chosen are sexy. By doing that, we might solve the problem.

Firstly, and this is not necessary my opinion, but from searches on my site, leggings play a major role. Leggings in the form of tights, fishnets and stockings. Most of my readers, as you know commented on my post referred to underneath, that fishnets are sexy.

Related articles So how about this pair of legs? Do they qualify as sexy? My opinion, yes they do. Why? Is it the stockings, or the way this lady sits, or is it the heels making them sexy? You tell me. I will venture to say it is a mite of all of the above.

How about Christina Ricci? Will you classify her legs as sexy in this pic?

How about her in this pic, which is more sexy? And why. My opinion? The second pic, and mainly because a nice pair of heels just always put more shape into a pair of calves. I think it will be fair to add that she does have really well shaped legs, even in flats.

Let's take another look at tights or stockings, Kate Hudson is a favorite of mine. So when does she look more sexy, when wearing tights..... and high heeled shoes?

Or looking casual like this? Now be honest, forget about the rest of the body, I know some people might find the belly button sexy, or what ever else, concentrate on the legs, ok?

How about this pic? I was shocked to see her looking like this. I actually had to look twice to make sure it really is her. I think she looks terrible in this pic.

What do you think of Gwen Stefani's legs here?

And here? Which is more sexy?

Now the ball is in your court, you tell us. I am going to relax and wait for your comments.

But before I go, I have a mystery lady with great legs for you, tell us who she is. Do you think that flat shoes would have been able to do that for her calves and legs? I seriously doubt that.

I guess that is all from me, enjoy your weekend, and take care.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have in the past added a paragraph here and there about this subject, and at first I had doubts about the authenticity and goal of the author(s) of the blog. (There are so many scams out there, it just isn't funny)

I have now however been a member for a few months, and I am convinced that there is substance, structure and truth in their target, their idea, pattern, newsletters and blog.

So I thought it wise to do a post dedicated to the developing and eventual goal of

I have read several opinions on it, and some are very positive, some kind of negative, calling it a scam, but no one can really put facts on the table as to why it is a scam.

I see it this way, normally when it's a scam, and the scam person wants you to join any kind of business, or online job, they expect you to make an upfront payment of some kind. Now my question is, why on earth must I pay you if you want me to come do a job for you, it should be the the other way round, don't you agree? If you apply for any other job offline, are you expected to pay upfront to be considered. No ways, so why must you do it online?

Here is what they, PayBox have to say about their product:


PayBox is a new payment service that is being built from the ground up in a grass-roots way. Our goal is to make buying and selling online easier, more secure and available to everyone.”

For them to reach their goal and to seriously start doing business, they need between 2 and 5 million members, and the only way they can reach that, is by letting us, early bird users, promote their idea for them. seems legit and I can find no reason why someone will go through all the trouble they are going through, like daily newsletter, debit card designs, surveys, etc, and only to scam you. There is no upfront payment what so ever, all they ask of you is to promote their site and business, and to do some surveys. You on the other hand get paid for joining, and you get paid for getting people to join under your personal link.

I am not going to bore you with detail you can also read on their blog, but their goal is in short what is written in red a few paragraphs up. If you need more info, read their blog, it is very informative.

So my humble request is, please seriously consider joining in their quest to reaching their dream, it might be to the advantage of millions of people world wide, and in the process you might earn a nice sum of cash. You have nothing to lose, (again, absolutely no upfront payment) unless it is a few minutes per day sending an e mail or tweeting or posting on your facebook, or what ever other medium you use. I have a pre - typed mail I send to folks whom I think will be interested. It saves me time, and it is short, but very informative.

If you consider joining after reading this post, please sign up here (my personal link) and follow instructions, it is easy, but if you battle, give me a shout and I will help where I can. And yes, I am anxious for you to join, on the one hand because I get $10-00 for each person that joins, but I am also anxious for the box to be opened so I can transfer my earnings to my bank account, and for that to happen, they need enough members.
My celeb for the day, the lovely Lisa Snowden! First time on my blog. Uhmm, great legs... classy lady, ooooozing sex appeal and style.

I'd love to know what your opinion is on the matter, let's hear it, and if it is positive, please join. You have nothing to lose!

Have a truly awesome week.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Seeing that it's Friday, and this weekend I will be extremely busy, I thought a quick post on some more sexy legs can do no damage, specially some legs never, or rarely featured before.

Ashley Greene has featured before, but is not a regular. She however has very sexy, well shaped legs, and I think she is a looker. What I like about this pic is the almost innocent expression. However, the quite revealing dress and stiletto heels somewhat contradicts said innocence. What do you think?

"Ashley Greene And Joe Jonas: It's Puppy Love!" and related posts (

Isla Fisher's first feature on my blog, quite alluring, definitely confident, and very sexy. I think it is safe to add sexy, well shaped legs to the picture. I do not know a lot about her, except that she is an actress/author from Australia, although she is not an Australian, but Scottish. (please correct me if I am wrong)
I like her style, loads of sex appeal.

Laura Vandervoort, most probably best known for her role in Smallville, also new on my blog, and I think she deserves a special welcome. Not only is she strikingly beautiful, she has beautifully shaped, sexy legs and she sparkles with elegance and style.

Laura Vandervoort at the 2010 Comic Con in San...Image via Wikipedia

Our mystery girl for the day, who is she? Tough one I know, let me give you a useless clue or two, she has a beautiful smile, and her name starts with a "C". She has quite nice legs, she likes red lip color and she has a very prominent mouth... can't make it too easy.

Quite a lot of readers beat me on the previous mystery girl, yep, Katy Perry. I guess the expression says it all. Just imagine, you open your eyes first thing in the morning, and a camera flashes right in your face. What do you think her first thought was? I think there was a whole string of thoughts, but somewhere in those thoughts the idea and desire to kill someone must have crossed her still sleepy, fuzzy mind. This desire more than likely became much stronger when she realized her unpainted, surprised face featured on Twitter, and eventually also featured on countless other sites.

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Monday, January 10, 2011


If you need to spice up your bathroom with some out of this world accessories, I am going to let you have a little peek into a world of bathroom wealth and beauty.

The folks over at are keen to roll out the red carpet for you for an experience you will not easily forget.

Imagine taking a bath in this whirlpool beauty! Now obviously not alone, and not without a bottle of champagne on ice, and to spice up the atmosphere, a few candles here and there. Come on, surely you can picture yourself relaxing in the warm foamy water with a loved one, in a bath designed for leisure. You have to agree with me, this bath speaks of excellent taste and obviously a very stylish design.

Better Bathrooms, a UK based company, has showrooms in Wigan, Warrington and last but not least, Manchester. Choosing your dream bathroom will be an absolute pleasure and easy as falling out of a tree. With the friendly and professional service rendered by their staff, you just cannot go wrong.

Better Bathrooms are proud to announce that if you see something you like, chances are just about 100% they will have stock and they can deliver in three to five working days! Their Glazebury warehouse has about 7.5 million Pounds worth of stock, now if you do not find everything you like or need there, it most probably does not exist. A whole world of quality bathroom luxury.

I noticed this shower cabin, now a bath is an excellent way of spending a romantic evening with that special person in your life, however, being a man, I would, if alone, much rather take a quick shower. If however the shower looks like this, one might be enticed into taking a longer shower than originally planned. On second thoughts, this shower is big enough for two.....

Six days a week you can walk into any of their shops and order and collect the items you need, to change your old bathroom into an exotic luxury, a private corner of relaxation and leisure. Come to think of it, you might spend more time in your bath tub than on your couch if you are not careful.

They sell just about any bathroom accessory you can think of, from beautiful and fashionable bathroom furniture, bath tubs and shower cabins, right down to many different shapes, sizes and styles of wall and floor tiles. Oh, you can add heated towel rails to the list.

Cherry on the cake, Better Bathrooms offers you a seven day money back guarantee on any item that lacks in quality. Their motto being, they are only happy as long as you are happy.

Nationwide delivery is no problem, including Isle of Man, Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland.

Do yourself a favor, visit them, whether online or in person, at any of their fabulously decorated showrooms, indulge and spoil yourself! You only live once, and you deserve it.
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Sunday, January 9, 2011


A few sexy legs to mix in between the previous posts where no legs were displayed.
It's been a while since she featured, but even if she was out of sight, she was never out of mind.
Kristen Bell!

I think she is such a beautiful young lady and she always dresses extremely fashionable. Her legs are just naturally well shaped and I know I always say it, but heels just without doubt, add loads of shape and sex appeal.

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Another out of sight but not out of mind lady with sexy legs, Kim kardashian, looking specially lovely.

If she knows I posted this pic, she'd love to kill me, if she could catch me, (guess I will have to wait my turn in the queue cos I didn't take the pic) but I am not going to mention names, you tell me who she is. Now do not cheat, be honest, would you have recognized her? I think I would have recognized her, but it's easy to say it now that I know.

Guess that is it for today, let us know what you think, and who is the mystery girl.

Stick that on your power cord!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


If you live in the northern hemisphere, you are now basically in the middle of winter, and most places have a pure white blanket of snow covering everything, and temperatures of minus 10 or less. I guess staying warm, yet sexy, is quite a popular topic, amongst the girls that is.

I have read quite a few articles where underwear and confidence are discussed, and then mostly in the same sentence. Most girls argue that if they wear sexy underwear, they feel just so much more confident. Now being a man, it only kind of make sense, but we leave it there :) Problem is, and I am sure you will agree with me, the normal sexy lingerie, skimpy bra and g-string, covers just the bare essentials, and surely is not doing its rightful part to keep you warm. So now, how do you stay warm and wear sexy underwear?

Damart, a well established household name in the UK, is proud to announce that they have a range of thermal underwear for women that not only keeps you warm and cozy, it also looks very sexy.
One of my favorite "sexy items," a pair of tights! Of course most guys prefer something sheer, thin and preferably black on a pair of sexy female legs, but when it is really cold, I am sure we can make exceptions.... :)

Damart promises reliable and out of this world customer care, a large range of clothing to choose from, easy paying methods and comfortable garments. They further offer a lifetime guarantee on their products and no quibble on returns. Add to that fast delivery, and you have a win, win situation!
I am pretty sure this girl feels confident wearing this sleeveless vest under her clothes.

Their thermal clothing range promises comfort and style while it keeps you cozy and warm. Best part is, you decide on the grade of warmth you will need in your environment. So,the colder it is, the higher the grade, and the warmer the weather, the lower the grade. You make your pick. All of this while you know that under your layering, you are wearing some really sexy underwear, which in turn boosts your confidence. An excellent example, the figure hugging vest the model is wearing in this photograph. I will give her 10 out of 10 for that, what do you think?

Now you take into account the excellent quality of their products and very affordable prices, paired with a sexy and stylish garment, and you should be over on their website in a minute and selecting something warm, cosy and sexy. Well, I am not going to keep you.

Take care and stay warm.... and sexy of course.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


A crisp white nurses uniform is not only soft on the eyes, it is also an absolute necessity in said profession. In my opinion, white spells super clean, pure, flawless and spotless. Now if the medical official treating you is dressed in a crisp white and super clean uniform, peace of mind will be the silent, subconscious impression in the back of your mind, even if you are at that particular moment not really up to paying attention to any specific detail.

From the medical official's point of view, professionalism, comfort and style are of utmost importance, as they spend up to 12 hours a day, and sometimes even more, in their uniform. Now the days when a nurses uniform looked like a rained out picnic are fortunately over. is a handy site where you can buy yourself some dressy and fashionable Scrub Sets that will have you stand out in any crowd and leave your patient with the much needed peace of mind! Their uniforms are fashionable, stylish and comfortable, yet with a professional look.

Style inspiration, yet extremely professional, an excellent example of what their uniform look like.

Something completely different! Fashionable, yet cool, leaving you with an air of sassy confidence. I love the sleeveless dress with the jacket. Do I detect a hint of sex appeal? Most definitely!

Best of all, if you are running on a tight budget, their uniforms are very affordable, and also absolutely durable, which I am sure you will agree, are both necessities.

Finding scrub tops that are colorful, stylish, fashionable and looks professional has never been this easy. At you will find an abundance of color, styles and shapes to chose from. Styles and color that will completely individualize you, yet will last a lifetime. Okay, almost, well, you know what I mean, with absolute affordability.

White again, a stunning looking scrub top, yet oozing professionalism. I think it is refreshing that it does not look like a typical scrub top at all. What do you think?

How do you feel about this one, I love the figure hugging, nipped in waist, it fits this lady perfectly and adds femininity. Definitely a cut above the rest.

This is one of my favorites, I love the color, it is fashionable, stylish and looks comfortable and cool. Best part is, this y0ung lady could easily have been on her way to the mall for shopping, and no one the wiser.

So, if you consider buying new nursing attire and you do not wish to lose an arm or a leg in the buying process, mosey over to and select a few sets from their "showroom". I'd love to hear your opinion on this, so please, feel free to air your view! Yes, even if you are not in the medical profession. :)

Take care everyone.

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