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Thursday, January 20, 2011


sexy woman in pantyhoseImage via WikipediaWhen and why does a pair of legs qualify as sexy? A question I have been asked a few times. I have given it some thought and haven't come up with a easy or simple explanation, but I am going to allow you to decide if the legs I have chosen are sexy. By doing that, we might solve the problem.

Firstly, and this is not necessary my opinion, but from searches on my site, leggings play a major role. Leggings in the form of tights, fishnets and stockings. Most of my readers, as you know commented on my post referred to underneath, that fishnets are sexy.

Related articles So how about this pair of legs? Do they qualify as sexy? My opinion, yes they do. Why? Is it the stockings, or the way this lady sits, or is it the heels making them sexy? You tell me. I will venture to say it is a mite of all of the above.

How about Christina Ricci? Will you classify her legs as sexy in this pic?

How about her in this pic, which is more sexy? And why. My opinion? The second pic, and mainly because a nice pair of heels just always put more shape into a pair of calves. I think it will be fair to add that she does have really well shaped legs, even in flats.

Let's take another look at tights or stockings, Kate Hudson is a favorite of mine. So when does she look more sexy, when wearing tights..... and high heeled shoes?

Or looking casual like this? Now be honest, forget about the rest of the body, I know some people might find the belly button sexy, or what ever else, concentrate on the legs, ok?

How about this pic? I was shocked to see her looking like this. I actually had to look twice to make sure it really is her. I think she looks terrible in this pic.

What do you think of Gwen Stefani's legs here?

And here? Which is more sexy?

Now the ball is in your court, you tell us. I am going to relax and wait for your comments.

But before I go, I have a mystery lady with great legs for you, tell us who she is. Do you think that flat shoes would have been able to do that for her calves and legs? I seriously doubt that.

I guess that is all from me, enjoy your weekend, and take care.

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Style Porn said...

Christina Ricci's legs definitely look adorable in flip flops and a mini! But sure, from a man's point of view I can see why you would like the second pic better.

And I definitely prefer Gwen in the first pic, because I'm a big fan of rolled skinny jeans with heels, and stirrup tights are definitely a fashion DON'T (in fact, they should probably cease to exist). That's my two cents!

janettaylor said...

Hehe! I am with Style Porn, Christina Ricci is always adorable... :)

Who is it, the last woman? I donno...U are so right, her legs are gorgeous! :)


Have a great weekend, Colin!

Tina T said...

As a short woman, I have to have heels or my legs look short. In fact, I think that the only women who really manage to have their legs look good in flat are women with long legs. That said, it seems that even women with supermodel legs are very aware of which fashions have their legs looking best and which ones that should avoid. That's one lesson that all of us women can remember--find what flatters you and wear it no matter what anyone else is wearing.

Angelica Ng said...

Interesting topic! I think heels definitely make legs have that perfect shape, but of course, legs have to be toned in the first place for heels to do their job nicely. And the people who can look great in a pair of flip-flops, well, those are the ultimate legs.

Juliet said...

Is the mystery woman Gwyneth Paltrow? I'm so bad at guessing :D

juliet xxx

FashionJazz said...

Hmmm interesting post Colin ;) Is it Gwyneth P? I love Kate Hudson! x

Juliet said...

I can't believe I got it right!

juliet xxx

Steve Bossenberger said...

As a self-proclaimed leg and butt man, I consider myself a semi-expert on the subject! I like some nice, toned legs. Legs that look like they are in good shape and are worked out often. Nice calves and thighs-More athletic than normal... I better stop or I could go on and on and on! :)

FarmGirl said...

I think that if you have it, you have it. A pair of heels and stockings may enhance the look, but if your legs are gorgeous, they will looks so even if you are wearing a pair of

~Frankie~ said...

Thanks Colin for an interesting article.

I wear skirts 95% of the time, and I have a little rule of thumb when it comes to stockings/bare legs. If it is seen as proper to have bare legs, (like in the summer time, or any other time it’s too hot to wear stockings for some even though I must confess I wear low denier hose) I see it proper to wear skirts without them. Likewise, when it’s winter and everyone else is wearing jeans or long pants, I see it proper to cover my legs with stockings or pantyhose.

Thank you again Colin for a wonderful piece of information


Miss Caitlin S. said...

haha intestesting take! you put a lot of thought into these... I definitely see what you mean however I'm jealous of amazing legs like this so I kinda want all of them! :)

MaxiVelasco said...

Hello Colin!

Legs look a lot sexier in high-heeled shoes... that's for sure! Doesn't matter to me if she's wearing stockings or not. For as long as she wears her high-heeled shoes with much confidence, that woman will definitely look sexy!

have a soooo pretty day! Hugs!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Is that mystery woman Meg Ryan?

I nice pair of legs have to be shown off by a great pair of stilettos...bare or stockings - doesn't matter but the heels are a must.

Anonymous said...

Colin it's fair to say heels really add sex appeal. they make the legs look longer. Some people like skinny legs some slightly fuller. Either way a pair of heels adds sex appeal. Regarding fishnets- you know my thoughts. I just find them vulgar, that's just what I think. I love black tights with some classy details on the back.

And the girl is ofcourse Gwen :)

hope you are well.
Dena xoxo

Sophia's Lover said...

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Schnappy said...

Cool post! Last legs very sexy! :)

buy viagra online said...

cant go wrong with Stefani's legs she is hot...

Footrwear said...

hummm sex legs with nice footwear

MsByn said...

Please don't look at my legs! They are far too muscular... and I'm sure don't fit into "sexy"....

till, I find your site interesting and have been reading:)