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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


If you live in the northern hemisphere, you are now basically in the middle of winter, and most places have a pure white blanket of snow covering everything, and temperatures of minus 10 or less. I guess staying warm, yet sexy, is quite a popular topic, amongst the girls that is.

I have read quite a few articles where underwear and confidence are discussed, and then mostly in the same sentence. Most girls argue that if they wear sexy underwear, they feel just so much more confident. Now being a man, it only kind of make sense, but we leave it there :) Problem is, and I am sure you will agree with me, the normal sexy lingerie, skimpy bra and g-string, covers just the bare essentials, and surely is not doing its rightful part to keep you warm. So now, how do you stay warm and wear sexy underwear?

Damart, a well established household name in the UK, is proud to announce that they have a range of thermal underwear for women that not only keeps you warm and cozy, it also looks very sexy.
One of my favorite "sexy items," a pair of tights! Of course most guys prefer something sheer, thin and preferably black on a pair of sexy female legs, but when it is really cold, I am sure we can make exceptions.... :)

Damart promises reliable and out of this world customer care, a large range of clothing to choose from, easy paying methods and comfortable garments. They further offer a lifetime guarantee on their products and no quibble on returns. Add to that fast delivery, and you have a win, win situation!
I am pretty sure this girl feels confident wearing this sleeveless vest under her clothes.

Their thermal clothing range promises comfort and style while it keeps you cozy and warm. Best part is, you decide on the grade of warmth you will need in your environment. So,the colder it is, the higher the grade, and the warmer the weather, the lower the grade. You make your pick. All of this while you know that under your layering, you are wearing some really sexy underwear, which in turn boosts your confidence. An excellent example, the figure hugging vest the model is wearing in this photograph. I will give her 10 out of 10 for that, what do you think?

Now you take into account the excellent quality of their products and very affordable prices, paired with a sexy and stylish garment, and you should be over on their website in a minute and selecting something warm, cosy and sexy. Well, I am not going to keep you.

Take care and stay warm.... and sexy of course.

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Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

so perfect!
Great post :)*

janettaylor said...

Great post, Colin! I love thermal things, especially my new thermal onesie from Alexander Wang. :)


The Seeker said...

Wow Colin, those tights seem so cozy and comfortable yet so stylish.
Great post!
All the best to you and love ones


Steve Bossenberger said...

Awesome post! Living in Iowa, We go through a lot of thermal underwear in the winter. Can't live without them

Fé... said...

Hey, this is one nice post. Thermal suits are really helpful when it comes to tight party dresses!

Juliet said...

Great tip! Though once I get used to the cold (-20 even) I don't really use more than normal tights underneath. As inside it's just as warm as it's always, so with the big difference between outside and inside is the problem.

juliet xxx

Bonnie said...

I never thought that thermal underwear could be hot.
I'm wrong.
(I hate admitting that I am wrong.)
I wish they could make thermal underwear more attractive for men. They look weird in theirs.


(Now following!)

J'Adore Fashion said...

Nice post! seem comfy!


Summer said...

Awesome Thank you! Come visit me sometime soon, doll :)

xoxo Summer.

DorothyL said...

Love this post as it is that time of year here in Northern Canada. The woollier the better :)

Who says that keeping warm can't be sexy :)

Anonymous said...

Great post Colin, I love Thermal underwear esp when home in Sweden. x

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