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Sunday, September 26, 2010


I have been contemplating on doing a post on what accessories can do for a girl's appearance and image. Seems like today is the perfect day for that.

AnnaLynne McCord is one beautiful celebrity who in my opinion always does her best to look great. Now surely you will agree with me that had she gone without the ear rings and bracelets, her appearance would have been a mite pale. I have to add in the same breath, without contradicting myself, that the dress is not your ordinary dress, so maybe she would still have looked great. Fact remains, she looks just so much more colorful with mentioned pieces of jewelry. I am however of the opinion that a nice necklace and a thin belt would have added that little extra finishing touch and style.

Hats? I have to admit, I do not like just any hat, but the hat my wife Yolande is wearing in this pic looks great, and she looks great wearing it. This outfit was for a special country and western dance. I love the cowgirl look!

I rather fancy a nice necklace, whether chunky and rough, or dainty and feminine. By the way, I stumbled across this web site where the nicest jewelry can be found. If you are in the market for some beautiful jewelry, please take a look at My Jewelry Box. I am sure you will find something there you fancy. They really stock the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. Will get back to that in a moment.

Anna Faris drawing attention to her....eeehm..... assets by wearing a very dainty necklace. I think it serves to emphasize her femininity. What do you think? (click on the image to zoom!) Not that she needs any help in that department.

Talking of which, My Jewelry Box also has the nicest gold necklaces like the one featured in this picture. This particular necklace, one of several available on their site, is 14 K gold and 20 inches long. I think the pattern in the chain is really something else.

Now you just imagine that necklace around your neck, just feel the satiny cool gold caressing your skin....

A perfect example of a girl looking stunning with accessories, is Heidi Klum. Love the ear rings, and the bracelets add a lovely finishing touch.
I think it needs mentioning that those high heeled peep toes are a bonus, they really shape her legs. I do apologize, I just never miss a sexy leg... :) And I just love a long dress with a slip like this one.

Here is another example of a beautiful gold necklace, this is a 18 inch, 14K yellow gold rope chain. A girl can brighten up any outfit by wearing this baby around her neck.

Here is a 'test your knowledge' picture, who is this lovely girl? I am absolutely nuts about her curly hair. A few hints, her hair is not normally that curly, and she has featured on my blog before. Oh, and she has a stunning sister whom she is seen with a lot. I have to honestly say I would not have been able to ID her on just that, but I have some very clever and knowledgeable readers.

I guess that is it folks, my wish for you is a lovely week and an accessories filled day. Take care!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Amber Lena of Fashion Bargain Shopper and I had a short "conversation" so to speak, about thinner or fuller figure women and my preferences. I thought it would make a great post, so here is my opinion on the matter.

Something most girls are concerned over is size, size of waist, size of boobs, size of ankles, size of tummy, you name it, it is bound to be an issue. I think the most dangerous question is, "does this make me look fat?" Now we all know this is a trick question with no correct answer. If you say yes, you're gonna wake up in the ICU of your local hospital. If you say no, you are a liar. Believe me, a guy is bucking a stacked deck on that subject.

Now for your information, I am going to air my view on this, mainly because I am untouchable where I sit. Unless my wife reads this...hehe...

Honestly, and I have said this before, just about any girl can look sexy and attractive if she puts her mind to it, only condition is that she must looks feminine, and of course, confidence is a bonus.

To prove my point, this is Coco, is she skinny? Not in my book she isn't, what do you think? Is she sexy? Yep, she is mighty sexy. Why? Because I say so?

Brooke Hogan, is she thin? Not by a long shot. Is she sexy? I reckon. Why?

I came across a link which I think supports my point of view, posting about the Hottest Women in the World, please mosey over and take a peek. At this site, and I have stolen a few pics from there to illustrate and prove my point, you will see some busty and fuller or plus sized figures, and all of them beautiful and sexy.

For example, a picture of Christina Hendricks, she certainly is not thin, yet she is oozing sex appeal, and she looks beautiful. Why? Because I say so? No, because she accentuates her best asset. I bet all the guys were drooling all over their shirt while their eyes were out on stalks, just a staring at her eeehm... assets. Picture courtesy of Hottest women in the world.

The model, Fluvia Lucerda is certainly not thin, yet, I think she looks stunning, definitely a fuller figure girl. Her picture also courtesy of Hottest women in the world. In my opinion wearing heels also tends to enhance legs that are not perfectly shaped. Exactly what she is doing here.

As I said, there are ways to hide the extra weight, and accentuate the assets. I am not going to go into major detail of horizontal and vertical striped garments, etc, but I heard someone talk on the radio yesterday and he made a point of baggy knees. He reckons a woman puts on weight around her knees first. I cannot agree there because I have heard numerous girls complain that first weight is gained around the waist and boobs. He further commented that women should pay attention to their ankles. Wider ankles can easily be hidden by wearing the right footwear. A high stiletto heeled shoe hides a wider ankle, while a chunky heel always accentuates a wider ankle. I definitely agree on this point.

To illustrate, Ali Michalka, whom we all know quite well, does not, in my humble opinion, have thin ankles, yet she hides it successfully by wearing dainty, and sexy I might add, high stiletto heeled, peep toe shoes. I have to add, she also does not have thin legs either, yet she looks stunningly sexy, and vibrantly beautiful. No lack of confidence there.

My last example, Holly Madison, certainly a plus size, and no need for me to tell you what her biggest asset is. Or should I say assets are?

Well that is my version, plus size, fuller figure, personally I prefer fuller figure, I guess it is less offensive to some ladies. But whatever the case, you tell me what you think. And for some really hot under the collar comments, go over to the Hottest Women in the World and see what other people think of the subject. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how seriously some folks are about said subject.

I cannot wait to hear what you guys think, am I completely off course? Or do I have a point?

Have a great week you guys!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I guess it is time for a new post. First of all I would like to thank everyone for the support and sweet comments I got regarding my "terrible" English. You guys made my day, and I guess my ego will survive yet another day... :)

The mystery legs? Well not even Stiletto lover of Hottestheels could get this one, and believe me she knows her legs, because this is the first time I caught her without a clue. However, I have to admit this one was very tough.

This is the girl who those legs belong to. Now as I've said, to me she is not stunningly beautiful, (Sorry Fergie, but that is just my opinion) but she always dresses fashionably and very sexy. She really does have well shaped, sexy legs, and always wear the high heels to emphasize her calves . I have yet to see her in flats....

I think it is only fair to say this, and to me it is merely a matter of personal taste, her hair in this picture actually changes her appearance completely. Don't you agree with me. I know I should not compare, I won't tell if you don't, she looks almost like Sandra Bullock in this particular photograph. And all it is, is the change in hair style. Pity she doesn't wear it like this more often. She really does look stunning with her hair like that.

Next up, I would like to thank a very special lady for a very nice and thoughtful gesture. The lovely Amber of Fashion Bargain Shopper Extraordinaire referred to me and my blog and if you want to read what she said, clic here.
I fully agree with her. We definitely speak the same language, confidence = sex appeal.

Thank you ever so much Amber, you have been very sweet, and I am honored to be featured on your site. Now if you guys need to buy a bargain, I can recommend you visit her often, she has loads of bargains lined up on her site.

One more picture of Fergie flaunting her sexy legs, wearing a beautiful, figure hugging, silver dress and a pair a very sexy high heeled sandals.

I guess that is all for today, let us know what you think of Fergie's legs, good, excellent or average.

Have a lovely day.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I know my post is long overdue, but I have been so terribly busy. So if I missed some of your posts lately, I do apologize. I will do my best to make up for it.

I just checked feedjit, and most popular phrases are still sexy legs, stockings and sexy celebrity legs. Well I guess I have no problem posting pictures of sexy celebrity legs.

This morning I am going to start with someone who has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons, Paris Hilton. I may add, not one of my favorites, but I thought we should give her a spot in the sun. She has rather nice legs, but it all ends there.

You know, in my humble opinion Victoria Beckham has pretty average shaped legs, (sorry Victoria) and in this picture one cannot see much of them, but I think she looks really stunning in this photograph. Red really suits her and the dress is beautiful. Just love the lip color! And the sassy attitude.

Just for fun I am going to throw in a pair of legs of a mystery girl. You have to guess who those legs belong to. I will give you a tip, she is not exceptionally good looking, and she has long, brownish colored hair. Well she had the last time I saw her. I think she sings, but not sure about that. There it is, you are on your own now....tell us.

Definitely one of my favorites, Kate Hudson. She has sexy legs, and the fact that she wears stockings and high heels in this photograph adds loads of sex appeal. Very feminine, and confidence galore.

What will a post be without my favorite celeb? Kate looking happy and beautiful. What I love about Kate and her hubby, they love to touch, and most of the time you can see the love they have for each other. She is very much a family person, which I think is great.

I do apologize, but I just had to post another pic of Kate, here she is with her daughter, just to prove my point about being a family person. I have numerous pics of her and her family together.

Talking about prove my point, a person commented on an earlier post of mine about proof and prove. I used the word proof instead of prove. Fact is, this person made a really snotty comment, which really peed me off. He or she however didn't leave any way I can get back to him or her. Well, I left a comment after his, but I just wanted to say that I am glad he pointed out my mistake, but since my home language is Afrikaans and not English, which makes me fully bilingual, I was just wondering if put to the test, this person will be able to write a whole post in a second language. I do not mind if someone helps me improve on my English, as I still make loads of mistakes, but if you do, please be nice about it. That said, I feel better, and I wish everyone a lovely weekend.

Oh I nearly forgot, my blogger friend Keith of Sugar and Spice, and I am sure a friend of lots of you also, has lost his job, and is in dire need of finding another income. If you can by any means be of assistance, even if just a comment or an e mail, please support him, I know he will appreciate it.