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Friday, April 20, 2012


I think the sexiest pump or court shoe ever made, is the C L Pigalle. A pair of Pigalles can turn just about any average leg into a damn very sexy leg.

Pamela Anderson in Pigalles. Now in my opinion Pammy is way past her "sell by date" yet in this picture, (rather old one) one has to give her credit, her legs still has all the sex appeal it needs. And then Pammy also knows how to flaunt her legs in a pair of Pigalles.

What is it about Pigalles that make a pair of legs appear so especially sexy? Is it the heel height? I doubt that, lots of heels are that height. I think, by looking at the picture down here, it is the cut of the shoe, low cut in the front and sides, ample toe cleavage, low cut sides, it puts emphasis on the arch. And then it shapes a nice pair of legs into a sexy pair of legs.

Katy Perry in my opinion will look sexy in a burlap bag, add a pair of Pigalles heels and she looks absolutely stunningly sexy. What a nice breath of fresh air she is. She can do nothing wrong in my eyes. :)

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Another girl who can do nothing wrong in my opinion is Kate Beckinsale. Here she is sporting a pair of Pigalles. Now Kate has very sexy legs, yet add a pair of Pigalles, and she makes men drool all over their shirt fronts.

Megan Fox is another girl who may wear Pigalles, she also has very well shaped legs, yet Pigalles just add that extra sex appeal to make a bold(er) statement.

There is something I want to add here. I love stocking and tights, yet in my opinion a pair of Pigalles should be worn without any kind of legging. Stockings are extremely sexy, but not with Pigalles.

So what do you say? What is it about this particular shoe that has so much sex appeal? The shape, the heel, or is it merely the name? I cannot believe that it is the name, or signature red sole. I think the day Christian Louboutin drew his first picture of this shoe, he invented a winner. A sex object. Let us know what you think and why is it such a popular shoe. Enjoy your weekend and take care.

Monday, April 9, 2012


If there is one girl who I think the world of, it is Katy Perry. She always looks great awesome. Although in this pic she looks a mite sad. Wonder why. Katy in high heels and tights, what better picture can you imagine for a Monday. Sexy legs she's got.

Would you have guessed who this girl is? To be honest, I wouldn't. She is Lauren Conrad, and she does have quite sexy legs also. Love what the heels do to her calves.

I have something completely different I want to share with you today. We were in a small game park close by yesterday. In this park we have a few rhinoceroses, and as you can see on this pic, the horns of the rhinos are cut off. We unfortunately have many rhino poachers in South Africa at the moment, who kill rhinos for their horns. So the park rangers have to cut the horns off so the rhinos will not be killed. For some stupid reason, a whole bunch of idiots believe that the rhino horns can improve libido and what not else. In fact, the rhino horn has absolutely no value what so ever once it is cut off a rhino's face.The pic you see here was not zoomed, we were really close up, and they were not scared. Maybe that is why poachers have such an easy task to kill them.

Here is a pic of a rhino, Thandi, who was a victim of poachers in the Kariega Game Reserve. As you can see she has no horn left, it was cut off by poachers, and a really crappy job. Fortunately she survived the ordeal, but an operation was needed to save her. The last time I heard, she was fine and recovering. By looking at the pic above where the horn was cut off by a professional and the pic below where it was cut off by an idiot, you can imagine what that rhino had to endure.

At the rate the poachers are killing rhinos, we will soon have no rhinos left. Please drop by the Kariega web site and learn about their fight against poachers.

This Cheetah is tame as a house cat and can be handled by visitors. What a beautiful animal. The Cheetah is the fastest animal on land, capable of up to 80 km/h for short distances. I have never heard of a Cheetah attacking humans. Not even in the wild.

My wife, Yolande. She hates doesn't like the sharp end of a camera.And she can be more dangerous than a cheetah when riled. haha...

I guess that is all for today, we have a national holiday today, so I am taking it easy. Hope your week goes smoothly.

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