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Thursday, October 29, 2009


This one is for the girls, I am sure you will enjoy the expression on this guys face when the girls look at him. Everytime I watch this, I crack myself laughing.

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, October 26, 2009


The gorgeous Stephanie of Chic Femme
has thought it fitting that I deserve another award. I am honored that she should think of me to pass it on to. Thanks Stephanie, much appreciated.

I am required to pass the award on to another blog or two, and I thought it wise to pass it on to Beckyxoxo of Try to be Stylish blog. Becky's blog is slowly but surely becoming an extremely popular site and I sincerely hope that she will be getting loads extra visitors after this award.

One more blog that I think deserves loads of credit, is Carrie's Life or Something Like It
Carrie says what's on her mind, and in my opinion is a girl who knows what she wants.

Please folks, visit and support these two sites, we all need a boost and a smile from time to time.

Thanks again to Stephanie for honoring me with this lovely award!

Friday, October 23, 2009


From my last post it has become obvious that this lovely lady is just about every one's favorite. I have a huge soft spot for her too, she is good looking, she seems to be a mite naughty, a great sport and mighty sexy. What I especially love about her, is her smile, she really has a naughty smile.

And the lady we are going to discuss today.....

Kate Hudson of course!
Dressed to kill, wearing a beautiful black dress, black stockings and black high heeled shoes. In my opinion, extremely sexy!

A rather naughty number, hiding only the necessary. Be that as it may, she looks radiantly happy and very, very beautiful. Now you pay attention to that smile! Don't you think she is telling the world something with that smile?

I just love this picture of her.... looking sexy in a short, pink dress and strappy high heeled sandals.

My favorite look, cute dress, great legs, peep toe high heeled shoes, and the bonus, red varnished toe nails!

The kinda look that will warm almost any man's heart! To me a truly beautiful photograph!

Last photograph, Kate with Anne Hathaway. Both ladies dressed in their Sunday-goes-to-meetin' clothes...
Love the lip color!

So what do you folks think? Isn't she just great?
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


While it is still Sunday in a big part of the world, it is Monday already where I am sitting. So I thought, to cheer a few folks up, (myself included) I will post some pics of nice legs, and say very little.

I think this pic of Pamela Anderson's legs will get a few people's attention. There is just something about the combination of the dress and the high heeled shoes that makes for a very sexy girl. Obviously the hair style is a bonus, just love the hair.

Petra Nemcova, sexy short dress, sexy high heels, flaunting long, well shaped legs.

I think this is a great pic of Audrina Patridge, lovely dress, well shaped legs and a pair of really beautiful, strappy, high heeled sandals. To make the picture perfect, pay attention to her nails, nice color varnish! Both finger and toe nails! Her make up is really well done, without over doing it. I would think this is the perfect pic, and I think Audrina looks really fantastic in this photograph.

I will be honest, this is not my favorite hair style, but she is my favorite celeb, Kate looking radiantly beautiful. I know you do not see much legs, but you can take my word for it, she has stunning legs.

Again not my favorite hair style, but we are looking at legs today, and Annalynne McCord does have well shaped legs and those high heeled sandals sure do change those calves into a mighty fetching shape.

Great combination, love the hair style, love the short dress, love the high heeled peep toe shoes. Kate Hudson, also a lovely lady with lovely legs.

So what do you folks think? Love to hear your opinion...
Have a wonderful week!


Marie of Bound and Determined blog has busted my bubble! She commented on my last post on Marilyn Monroe and informed me that the last two pics I posted, were in fact not Marilyn. At first I thought she was just yanking my chain, (she enjoys doing it) however, subsequently a person by the name of Dave also left a comment, confirming what Marie'd said. Now not only my bubble got busted, but with it, also my ego! I was down and out. So I sulked for a whole day!

However, after contemplating, I decided that all I have to do is apologize. When I downloaded those pics, I got them from a Marilyn website, and I posted them in good faith. I am sure you will all agree, sometimes when you do a post, you are pressed for time, and I just didn't pay proper attention to the finer detail on the pics. Not that I would have noticed a difference as my laptop is quite old and the graphics not very good quality.

Be that as it may, I know it remains my responsibility to make sure what I post is correct, so I accept full responsibility. (If Marie will be so kind as to inform me when the hearing is, I will make sure that my case in defence is ready... lol..)

I would however like to thank Marie for informing me, I do appreciate it and I will in future do my best not to make the same mistake again. However, if any of you folks out there have a minute to spare, please take the time to drop by Marie's site, she is a lovely girl, and will be only too happy to entertain you.
Thanks again Marie, you are sooo sweet.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


She has been long gone, however Marilyn Monroe will stay in our minds, bill boars and on web sites for ages to come. A much talked about girl, even today still. Born Norma Jeane Mortenson, but later changed her name to Marilyn Monroe. She was born in 1926 and sadly died in 1962, long before most of you were born even. (I was one year old when she died) The official cause of death if I remember correctly, was suicide, however there are rumours that she got taken out by the CIA because of her relationship with John F Kennedy. But that is not why I am posting about her, some time ago, a good friend of mine, Dorothy of suggested I do a post on Marilyn. I never got around to doing it, but here we are.
To me Marilyn will always remain the sex bomb of years ago, and a real classic.

Unfortunately good quality pics of her are very hard to find, but here is one pic she is famous for, looking sexy in a short dress and a pair of high heels.

Marilyn on the beach, looking sexy.

It is rumoured also that Marilyn went no where without wearing high heels, she was famous for her heels and a sexy sway of her hips and her dress blowing up, no idea how they managed to always get the wind to do that.
Whatever the case might be, I am sure you will agree with me, she was a beautiful lady.

This is one pic of her I thought is brilliant, long sexy legs, short dress, high strappy sandals.

The pic she is famous for, dress blown up in the wind....

A last great looking photograph of her, dress blown up, revealing long sexy legs and high heeled pumps.

Well, what do you think, how does she compare with today's girls? I know Keith of Sugar and Spice will enjoy my post, he likes the classic girls of the past.
Have a wonderful weekend folks!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I got another award, Little Red of The Redhead Fasnhionista blog, thought me worthy of the "Better than ice cream" blog award. This is what it says:

In this post, I want to hand out the “Better than ice cream” award to the 3 blogs that for whatever reasons has caught my attention lately. Someone who’s blog is inspiring me, someone who has done an exceptional job with their blog or just made me think differently about something…The whole point of the “Better than ice cream” award is for the bloggers who receive it to then pay it forward to the 3 bloggers who have had that same impact on them. It can even be to the blogger giving it to you, as long as you also give to 2 other bloggers to keep it moving forward!

If you receive this award more than once, just headline it the number of times.

(The italic text is to be included in the blog post when passing this on so it keeps moving.)

So I have to pass this award on to three blog authors.

I have given this some careful thought, I love my ice cream, so for a blog to be better than ice cream, it has to be a pretty damn great blog, or terrible ice cream. However, here are a few I can think of.

So the first blog I would love to pass it on to, is a lovely Finnish lady, who in my opinion has loads of potential. Her blog is colorful and filled with great photographs of her in various outfits and who is a honey to deal with. She is the lovely Nuheila of Nuheila blogspot
Please visit and support her!

The second blog I would love to pass this award on to is the lovely Stephanie of Chic Femme blog. Her blog contains loads of info of what is going on in the lives of celebrities and fashion, loads of photographs, making it a very colorful site to visit. By the way, I "stole" the idea for my last post from her blog, thanks Stephanie. So please be generous, and visit her!

The last blog I would love to pass the award on to, is a well established blog, the blog author is a pretty young lady from Brazil. When you pay her a visit you will find a very friendly, stylish and warm person, someone, who I get the idea, really blogs from the bottom of her heart.
She is Kira of the Kira Fashion site. Please visit Kira, you will make a loyal friend for life!

I would like to thank you again Little Red for thinking of me when you passed on this award, I am honored!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I have posted on this before, however, this morning I read a post on Stephanie of Chic Femme blog about celebs without make up, and after Heidi of Health Nut Wannabee Mom commented on my previous post about wanting celebs' stylists, I thought I must share this with all you lovely girls out there. Celebs without their stylists are just what every other girl is, a normal human being, just like you.

Will you take a guess who this girl is?

She is a well known celeb... however, I will be mighty surprised if you know who she is.

And this girl??

Surely you will recognize this girl, she is one of my favorites when we talk sexy legs, however, sadly she is not aging well. And without make up...? Let's not go there...

Now let's take a peek at what our girls without make up looks like after they have spend hours and hours and thousands of dollars with their stylists.

The girl in the first pic was no one else but Ava Longoria. Now I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined that she looks like that when she wakes up in the morning.

Here we see Ava looking stunning, her celeb face in place, wearing a sexy dress, flaunting a pair of sexy legs, complimented by a pair of sexy high heeled sandals!

The second girl, Paris Hilton, same here, a lot of spit and polish, and this is what she looks like when she is dressed to kill. A completely different picture, I am sure you will agree with me!?

The last girl, Pam, looking sizzling hot in a short dress....Legs to die for... Looking 100% better than in the previous picture. Now you tell me those legs are not sexy.... specially with her wearing her high heeled C L Pigalles.

So, do you folks agree with me, all celebs are just ordinary people, but with a little bit of effort, just about any girl can look like them, and most even better.
And you do not really need an expensive stylist to look like them, believe me, what you need most of the time is the lights expert when the photographs are taken.

I'll further bet you look better than most of them when you wake up in the morning... :-) I know my wife does! hehehe, and no, I wasn't forced to say that....

I'd love to know what your opinion is on this matter? I'd love to hear what your other half thinks too...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This post is long overdue, and I think now is the best time to do it.

Some time ago, and without me asking, a sweet young lady offered to change and improve my link list, from a long, disorderly mess, to a neat, well organized, user friendly list. Not only did she rewrite it in an acceptable computer language, which I might add, I do not know the first thing about, she also set the list up, mailed it to me, and all I had to do was copy and paste it onto my blog.

Then, some time later, I lost just about my complete blog by being stupid. Almost everything was gone, don't ask me how, but believe me when I say, it was gone! Needless to say, I didn't keep a copy of my blog in case something like this happens, so I was basically down and out. Fortunately for me, this same lady had kept a full backup of my blog on her hard drive somewhere. She restored my complete blog, and if anything went missing, or if I'd lost any info in the process, nobody ever noticed, so no harm done.

Since then we have been in contact from time to time, and whenever she sees fit, or if I ask, she lets me have valuable info to improve my blog. She further visits my sites on a regular basis, and always leaves inspirational comments or messages.

This lady is well known to loads of bloggers, and I thought it only fair that I thank her in a fitting way, so even those bloggers who have not heard about Dorothy yet, can "meet" this lovely, unselfish, friendly and helpful dame. So I'd like to dedicate this post to Dorothy, the author of womensselfesteem blog and Dating Online blog

So folks, when you read this post, please pay Dorothy a visit and support her blogs in any way you possibly can. Do what ever you like, copy her badge,

visit her sites, leave comments on her sites, as long as you support her.

Many thanks to you Dorothy for being a loyal and true friend, I really appreciate and value your advice, your friendship, your inspirational messages and the constant support.
I can truly say, you have been a great help, and I wish I'd met you earlier, coz then my climbing the blogger ladder would have been so much less painful, and a whole heap quicker.
Thanks again Dorothy, you are a star!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Today I am going to post a few pics of girls whom I think are really gorgeous and well dressed. I'd love to hear your opinion on my choices.

To open the floor, Aly Michalka, dressed in a sexy black number, hair just the way I love it, flaunting a pair of sexy legs, complimented by a pair of high heeled, black peep toe shoes. A bonus, she didn't forget to add a coat or two of red varnish to her toe nails. In my opinion, a stunning picture.

Another lady who can really take the legs from under a good man, Charlize Theron. And she, by no means a favorite of mine just because she is South African too, but because she has style and loads of class. I just love the pink dress and high heeled, black sandals. Pity she neglected to add a coat of varnish to her toe nails, that would have made a perfect picture.

I guess I will always remain a Megan Fox fan, here she is looking super sexy, dressed in a revealing black number and a pair of black high heeled, sling back, sandals. Please note, she even painted her toe nails for the occasion.

A lovely picture of a gorgeous looking Rachel McAdams. I just love the way she looks here. I especially love the dress, of course the lipstick adds a final touch to her outfit. What I especially love about Rachel is the innocent expression she has most of the time.

Heather Graham, looking gorgeous, again the same innocence I find with Rachel. I think she does not always get the credit she deserves, she is a really stunning looking lady.

Well, what do you think, are they gorgeous? Please let us know what you think.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Quite a few of my readers have hinted along the line that they fancy Kate Moss, so I thought I will post a few pics of her and a few pics of another Kate or two.

And here she is, steaming hot, flaunting long sexy legs and high heeled shoes, Kate Moss.

Cannot see much of her face, however the body looks great!

It seems to be a habit of her to hide her face, however, seeing that this is a sexy legs and body site, it doest not really matter if she shies away from the camera. Here she is, looking lovely in a figure hugging skirt and white, high heeled shoes.

I have to swallow my words, here is pic of her face, doesn't she look absolutely stunning here??

My kind of girl, short dress, high heels... sexy legs... Kate looking mighty sexy!

Another Kate, Katy Perry, looking stunning, swapping her flats for a pair of high heeled Pigalles. I would venture to say she looks gorgeous! Those heels definitely turn those legs into a pair of extremely well shaped, sexy legs.

And one more of Katy Perry, I hope someone told her how sexy she looked in those heels...

Another Kate, this time my all time favorite, Kate Beckinsale, sporting a pair of stockings and boots. Since the first time I saw her in Pearl Harbour, I have taken a liking to her. In my opinion she is an excellent actress and a stunning person.

Kate Beckinsale like you have more than likely never seen her before... neither have I.

One last Kate, Katie Price, now I do not know what her claim to fame is, but in my book she will be remembered for a stunning pair of legs... And then there is a bonus here too, for the guys who fancy boobies, she does have a beautiful pair of boobs..

Well, what do you folks think, which Kate will win the price for the sexiest girl?
Remember, your opinion means the world to me!