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Monday, September 29, 2008


Who is this?? Take a guess….come on, without looking closely…. I bet you didn’t know straight away…. I certainly never would have recognized her, not the way she is dressed in this picture. And make no mistake, I do think she is a looker!!

Now scroll down:




This is the same girl, and this is what she normally looks like on the red carpet!

(click to enlarge)
Surely this proofs my point, most ladies can look stunning if they put their mind to it. Not that Megan needs to put a lot of mind to looking stunning, in my humble opinion she is a hot number, stylish, sexy with heaps of sex appeal. Naturally I am especially impressed with her legs, really well shaped, just look at those calves! And with those heels….they make you think they go on for ever and ever. I think I should add though, I am not fond of tattoos but then, everyone to his own thing.

More of Megan, steaming hot!!

And then there is Sophia Bush, now concentrating on her face, to me she looks like the innocent, girl next door type of girl, pretty, really very pretty, but innocent. Move down to her legs, well, that is a different story altogether. See for yourself!

Bottom line is, yes, the feathers do make the bird…. In my opinion it surely does, now you may disagree, but if you do, let us know about it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


If you battle to walk in high heels and you cannot resist trying, start with a lower heel and gradually increase the heel height as you improve.

When walking in heels, obviously you are going to feel slightly off balance, so you will need your arms to help you balance, also keep your shoulders back and straight, pelvis out and keep your chin up. When walking, try and keep your legs straight and as close together as possible.

Another thing is, there is no rush, walk with small strides, putting your heels down first, this will help with the balance. As you get the hang of it, you can teach yourself to put one foot down directly in front of the other, it makes for a very sexy and hip swaying type of walk. Practice this in front of the mirror, focus on your posture and you will quickly get the hang of it.

Pay attention to the way Megan Fox walks on the picture , her one foot directly in front of the other foot.

I''ll say this for Megan, she certainly has style and she has great legs!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Surely you will agree with me, Misha cannot claim to have great legs, in my humble opinion she has pretty average legs, and had she been wearing flat heeled shoes I would not have taken a second look, but wearing heels as in this picture will make me reconsider....

The same goes for Amanda Hearst I think....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Sophia Bush looks stunning, and I must add that those heels are doing a lot for her looks.

Sarah is well known for her role in Sex and the City, she claims that she prefers to wear her heels while filming, even if it is only a shot of her upper body or face, says it gives her that extra bit of confidence.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Nice legs versus great legs….
I think it is a matter of opinion, I am pretty sure you will agree, and this is just my opinion, but when it concerns legs,Cameron Diaz has nice legs, she however really needs a high heel to boost her legs' shape. But it is not impossible, and as seen here she does it very nicely.

On the other hand however, Pamela has absolutely great legs, and as seen here, these killer heels serve to boost them legs into superbly shaped sex objects!! Now, as I said, it is merely a matter of opinion….