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Friday, April 24, 2009


I would like to feature a few ladies who in my opinion are always well dressed when or where ever they are photographed.
One of them is a girl whom I've noticed, quite a few readers of my blog in particular, search for when they open my blog - Minka Kelly. Unfortunately she is not featured much on the net, but I have found a few pictures of her. I think she is a lovely young lady! Pity there is so little of her to be found.

Another one of my all time favorites is Kirsten Bell. I just love how she can look so innocent, yet so sexy at the same time. And always dressed to kill!

Two more of Minka, now this pose, the girls can help me out here, but I have noticed Kirsten also loving this particular pose. Now to me, it is all mighty sexy to stand like that, but is there a special meaning to it, has it something to do with modelling or do they merely use it because it compliments their legs and figure. Because it really does, I am sure you will agree with me. Come on ladies, help us out here, what does it mean? Or is it just a woman thing....

And one more of Kirsten, see, there is that pose again.... showing well shaped legs.

Jordana Brewster, stylishly dressed, dress may be a might too long though...not showing enough leg, but that is merely my humble opinion.

Couldn't resist, Kirsten again, same pose....

Last one, Rachael Leigh Cook, well dressed, stylish and colorful, with the same pose again...

Come on ladies, help us out here....

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I would like to dedicate this post to two very special, kind and caring ladies, who in the last week or two helped me to improve my blog, one way or the other.
Dorothy of offered to change and improve my blog roll from a blog roll with a long list of site names, looking like a street hound dog's hind leg to a neat list that is able to slide site addresses up and down, displaying only the name of the site, please feel free to check it out! Now me not being computer literate so you would talk about it, this was impossible to achieve on my own, so Dorothy took the initiative and did the majority of the work and I got the results.
Thanks Dorothy for your effort and time, I really appreciate your kindness and friendship!

Then I came across a post on Maxi's site,


which tells you how to create your own special badge for your site. Now again due to a lack of adequate computer skills, Maxi took my hand and helped me to get my badge installed on my site almost painlessly. Something I have always wanted, my own badge that is, but just never had the know how, and was too embarrassed to ask anyone.
Thanks Maxi, for the help and effort, now I can display my badge with pride and hopefully draw the right kind of attention to my blog!

Many thanks to both these ladies for their assistance, I wish you both happiness and hopefully by posting this, you will also draw the right kind of attention to your blogs. So to all my readers, please visit them, I promise you will enjoy your stay!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


I have been contemplating, and I would love your opinion on this. Why is it that some people want to draw attention to themselves by doing something wrong, or something out of the ordinary, or even something totally bad, like for instance, bumper stickers that say, "BAD GIRL" or boy for that matter, why wanna be bad? Or someone would wear clothes that are really terrible, maybe dirty, torn or colors that's so hard on the eye you have to wear sunglasses to look at them. Is it normal to be way out? Or to have terrible dress sense? Or to follow a friend or idol that is way out, if that friend or idol jumps into the fire, will you be idiot enough to follow? I certainly doubt that, so why make a fool or spectacle of yourself just because that person makes a fool of him or herself. Terrible dress sense draw lots of attention, but hell, it is the wrong kind of attention.

Here are some examples of people who are way out or even making fools of themselves.

Now get this straight, this picture is not so bad, I know it is fashion to wear these denims that look like the neighbors dog got hold of them, but still....

Now compare above picture to this one:

Doesn't it just look so much better, well dressed, stylish and sexy!

Here is another example, this just doesn't gel, it doesn't look good, to be honest, it looks terrible... my opinion....

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Pam, but not when she is dressed like this, I think this is terrible dress sense, no matter where she is going, it looks like.... yeah... like that...

Compare to this picture of her...come on, you have to agree, she looks 120% better!

Why look terrible if you can look like a million dollars?

You tell me.....

Friday, April 10, 2009


For all those lovely girls out there who are not satisfied with their bodies, this video should be a lesson to appreciate what you have, be it gun holsters on your hips, small boobs, or sins to hide on your legs, watch this and be for ever grateful....!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Your body language may say more about you than you realize, it actually tells the world what you think about yourself, or how you feel about yourself.

If you are happy with the way you are dressed, and you feel sexy, then that is the message you portray to the world.

Take a look at this picture, do you think Adriana is happy with her appearance? The way she stands says everything - "I am sexy and I know it!" That's what her body language tells me....

The same goes for Petra, she knows she looks good, she feels good about herself, so she flaunts it! Don't you just feel compelled to agree?

Do you think Emilie de Ravin feels sexy? From what I read in this picture, she is merely mildly satisfied, she does not shine, there is no pizazz, not that I think there is anything wrong with her or her outfit, it is just that she does not have the confidence to flaunt it.

In this picture of Cameron Diaz it's like she is saying - "I am so sorry I am here, I know I don't look my best....but...." Maybe it is because she needs a might of color, she looks a little pale to me, what do you think?

While Megan says - "Wow, look at me now, I know I am damn sexy, and I am making a statement!"

Milla Jovovich does not look happy with herself, can you tell? My opinion, if her hair looked better, it would have changed the whole picture....

Would you say Amber Heard lacks confidence? I, certainly don't, I think she is radiantly sexy and she knows it.

What I am trying to say is, if you feel good about yourself, everyone will notice, if you feel sorry for yourself, everyone will notice too, but you will be making the wrong statement. Before you leave your mirror, ask yourself a few questions, "do I look great? Will I make the correct statement? Do I look pale or will people look at me and go, 'WOW'!?"