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Sunday, April 19, 2009


I would like to dedicate this post to two very special, kind and caring ladies, who in the last week or two helped me to improve my blog, one way or the other.
Dorothy of offered to change and improve my blog roll from a blog roll with a long list of site names, looking like a street hound dog's hind leg to a neat list that is able to slide site addresses up and down, displaying only the name of the site, please feel free to check it out! Now me not being computer literate so you would talk about it, this was impossible to achieve on my own, so Dorothy took the initiative and did the majority of the work and I got the results.
Thanks Dorothy for your effort and time, I really appreciate your kindness and friendship!

Then I came across a post on Maxi's site,


which tells you how to create your own special badge for your site. Now again due to a lack of adequate computer skills, Maxi took my hand and helped me to get my badge installed on my site almost painlessly. Something I have always wanted, my own badge that is, but just never had the know how, and was too embarrassed to ask anyone.
Thanks Maxi, for the help and effort, now I can display my badge with pride and hopefully draw the right kind of attention to my blog!

Many thanks to both these ladies for their assistance, I wish you both happiness and hopefully by posting this, you will also draw the right kind of attention to your blogs. So to all my readers, please visit them, I promise you will enjoy your stay!!


Mimi said...

I am in fact a big SJP fan!


heidi said...

Thanks for sharing these. Will stop by.

Colin said...

Mimi, it was easy to see when I visited your site, thanks for your input and visit!

Colin said...

Hello Heidi, yes please do, the red carpet will be washed and ready :-) said...

Hi Thank you for displying my banner on your blog.
I know I need to change the url of my badge, will do so asap and re publish it on
Thank you again for your interest.

Colin said...

Shes daily, hey, you published a post about my blog on your site some time ago, now I am glad i could return the favor, you are welcome. Thanks for your regular visits.
Take care.

still said...

Thank you for the link!!!
(sorry for my English)
A bientôt!

Dorothy L said...

Collin....many thanks and a very warm hug.
I am a true Pay It Forward believer.
If I can make life easier for anyone soul...then I have my reason for being :)

It is good to have you as A FRIEND.


Colin said...

Still, you are welcome, and your English does not bother me.
Kind regards.

Colin said...

Thanks Dorothy, you are a very kind person. I tend to agree with you on the pay it forward principal... I believe in it too.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

hello my name is Dedi from Indonesia, nice blog you have (I'm sorry my English is not too good)

Colin said...

Dedi, thanks for the visit, comment and compliment. Always welcome, please come again. And believe me, from what I can see, there is nothing wrong with your English....

Tracy J said...

It's my turn to thank you, Colin. You have tought me well.. (just by looking at my blog). And the Pay It Forward.. (give and you shall receive)right:-)

Colin said...

Tracy, you are more than welome, I really hope that my assistance will contritbute to your blog doing well. Yes, I do believe in paying forward, but I also believe that one should not expect something back.:-) Have a super day Tracy.