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Friday, April 10, 2009


For all those lovely girls out there who are not satisfied with their bodies, this video should be a lesson to appreciate what you have, be it gun holsters on your hips, small boobs, or sins to hide on your legs, watch this and be for ever grateful....!!


Laarni said...

Very nice! Thanks for sharing. I love my boobies.. azn boobies. hehhe. OOoooh, new header, huh. Me likey.

Colin said...

Hey Laarni, great to see you here! Glad you like the header. Thanks for the comment.

maxiVelasco said...

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Colin said...

Hi Maxi, you are welcome, and thanks for the offer, will look into it.
Tnanks again.

MaxiVelasco said...

hello.. wow! you've learned quick. that's good.

i will be posting again about your question... on how to create the HTML code for others to grab. will be back here to let you know if i'm done with the post.

see yah!

Colin said...

Thanks Maxi, appreciate your help, will wait for your next post.

maxiVelasco said...

hello Colin, done with the post about your question. you can check it here:

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Colin said...

Maxi, thanks, installed and tested, works well! Thanks again, you are a star!

maxiVelasco said...

welcome Colin! i'm glad to help.

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have a great day!

Colin said...

Thanks Maxi, have done it, hope it is correct, not sure.... Thanks again. :-)

KCee said...

Wow, that's really amazing!

Most of the time we tend to forget what we have because we always focus on the things we don't have.

Thanks for the inspiration and congrats on the beautiful new header and a PR3!

Have a great week!

Colin said...

Kcee, thanks for the visit and comment, yes we often complain about a perfectly great and normal body, when there are ppl out there like this lady who, I am sure, never compains about not having arms. She is absolutely amaaazing!

Anonymous said...

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