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Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have in the past added a paragraph here and there about this subject, and at first I had doubts about the authenticity and goal of the author(s) of the blog. (There are so many scams out there, it just isn't funny)

I have now however been a member for a few months, and I am convinced that there is substance, structure and truth in their target, their idea, pattern, newsletters and blog.

So I thought it wise to do a post dedicated to the developing and eventual goal of

I have read several opinions on it, and some are very positive, some kind of negative, calling it a scam, but no one can really put facts on the table as to why it is a scam.

I see it this way, normally when it's a scam, and the scam person wants you to join any kind of business, or online job, they expect you to make an upfront payment of some kind. Now my question is, why on earth must I pay you if you want me to come do a job for you, it should be the the other way round, don't you agree? If you apply for any other job offline, are you expected to pay upfront to be considered. No ways, so why must you do it online?

Here is what they, PayBox have to say about their product:


PayBox is a new payment service that is being built from the ground up in a grass-roots way. Our goal is to make buying and selling online easier, more secure and available to everyone.”

For them to reach their goal and to seriously start doing business, they need between 2 and 5 million members, and the only way they can reach that, is by letting us, early bird users, promote their idea for them. seems legit and I can find no reason why someone will go through all the trouble they are going through, like daily newsletter, debit card designs, surveys, etc, and only to scam you. There is no upfront payment what so ever, all they ask of you is to promote their site and business, and to do some surveys. You on the other hand get paid for joining, and you get paid for getting people to join under your personal link.

I am not going to bore you with detail you can also read on their blog, but their goal is in short what is written in red a few paragraphs up. If you need more info, read their blog, it is very informative.

So my humble request is, please seriously consider joining in their quest to reaching their dream, it might be to the advantage of millions of people world wide, and in the process you might earn a nice sum of cash. You have nothing to lose, (again, absolutely no upfront payment) unless it is a few minutes per day sending an e mail or tweeting or posting on your facebook, or what ever other medium you use. I have a pre - typed mail I send to folks whom I think will be interested. It saves me time, and it is short, but very informative.

If you consider joining after reading this post, please sign up here (my personal link) and follow instructions, it is easy, but if you battle, give me a shout and I will help where I can. And yes, I am anxious for you to join, on the one hand because I get $10-00 for each person that joins, but I am also anxious for the box to be opened so I can transfer my earnings to my bank account, and for that to happen, they need enough members.
My celeb for the day, the lovely Lisa Snowden! First time on my blog. Uhmm, great legs... classy lady, ooooozing sex appeal and style.

I'd love to know what your opinion is on the matter, let's hear it, and if it is positive, please join. You have nothing to lose!

Have a truly awesome week.

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onlinesmallnote said...

i have long sign up at PayBox.
let's wait, whether they scam or not.

Regarding Lisa sexy :D

Schnappy said...

Wow, this black clothes so cool! Very sexy! :)

FashionJazz said...

Thank you for the post, maybe its something I should look into..
Hope you are having a lovely week so far xxx


My sweet Colin!

Taking the time to thank you for the most sweet words in the planet...

all my love,


Dorothy L said...

Already a Paybox member....thanks jst the same for the sweet invite Collin~

Steve Bossenberger said...

Love Lisa Snowden and her legs!

Let me know how Paybox works for you. I have been using PayPal, but have had some problems recently. I am looking for a change.

Take care Colin and have a great week!

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Lisa Snowden is looking great in that pic, her legs look like they gone on for ever :)

Phone Sex said...

She has most sexy leg among ladies.

andrea chiu said...

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