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Monday, December 20, 2010


IMG_7928 Sienna MillerImage by SpreePiX - Berlin via Flick

Comments and input from readers on previous posts has proved that Sienna Miller is a quite popular young lady. I have no choice but to agree, so I thought it wise to post a bit about her.

Sienna Rose Miller, born in New York city on 28 December 1981 has made a name for herself as mainly a model and actress.

Stunningly beautiful? Yes I reckon. Sexy legs? Definitely. Maybe a mite on the thin side, but sexy none the less.

Sexy legs, no doubt about that, I love the calves shaped by those heels.

I have a question though, more for the ladies, and I am sure any male readers will agree with me, why would someone with calves and legs like these.....

wear something like this?? My point being, why hide your best assets?? Ok, I agree she does have a beautiful face, but still. This outfit does not compliment her at all... my opinion ok? But, take a second look, is it just me, or does she sort of agree with me, she does not look confident at all. Looks like she is holding thumbs for something.

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I think this is a stunning pic of her, she looks especially beautiful, maybe it is the red contrasting with her blond hair, not sure. Now I know she is kinda hiding her legs, but I think the stockings or tights paired with the high heeled boots adds a brilliant touch to her outfit. What do you think?

I also love this pic of her, she looks stunning!

What is your opinion on Sienna? What do you guys like about her?
Oh, and I know you are going to "klap" me about my criticism on her not flaunting her legs, but I can take it.. :)

Take care and enjoy your week.

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Rachel said...

I love Sienna Miller! She looks incredibly gorgeous in all of these photos. And she really does have great legs. She should them off more often!

janettaylor said...

I love her style!


The Girlie Blog said...

Yes, she is absolutely beautiful! One of my favorite blonds so far hahaha!

Susu Paris Chic said...

I just adore the way she works sexy! Subtle and always on the very top!

Tights Lover said...

Great post. There's no doubt that what you're wearing has a big effect on how confident you portray yourself.

FashionJazz said...

Love Sienna! Thank you for this fab post Colin! I hope you are enjoying the christmas holidays xxx

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Love Sienna Miller!!! She is so gorgeous and you're so smart to highlight her. Not only is her body insane but her fashion just kills me... looooove this post!!!!

PS thank you for the fun comment to read. Chicago has decided to drag out the vetting process so I have been on the phone with them a lot, getting tiresome :) we'll see....

Have a great day and take care :)

Steve Bossenberger said...

NICE POST! Siena is looking great, as always!

The Shoe Diva said...

She does indeed have great legs. I wouldn't "klap" you for saying she should show them off. Looking at your array of pics, I'd have to agree, the baggy pant debacle should be burned & I don't particularly like the way the longer skirt looks on her. She can def pull off the short skirts, laced stockings & so I agree with you, she should play it up as often as possible.

Style Porn said...

Ahh, so you agree with me then? ;) I do adore Sienna's style and her look. She's really short in real life but her legs are so slender and well-shaped that it makes her photograph very tall. I'm jealous!

marta said...

really love her!

I follow you! follow me back!


beingdena said...

She is stunning no doubt but I always dislike her for stealing away all our favourite Jude Law.
She always looks so fresh.

beingdena said...

She is stunning no doubt but I always dislike her for stealing away all our favourite Jude Law.
She always looks so fresh.

Fashion Information said...

What a amazing style, I really like her style...thanks to share..