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Thursday, December 16, 2010


woman in sexy fishnet stockingsImage via Wikipedia

I need to get some answers from my (female) readers.

How do you feel about fishnet stockings or tights. I think mostly people associate fishnets with ladies of the night. I read a post on the subject and it gave me the idea to do a post myself, I am curious, what do you guys think, do fishnets look cheap and sleazy, or just inappropriate? Or does it look sexy?

Will you wear them to work? To a wedding?

I am sure, no, I know, most men find fishnets quite sexy, actually most kinds of stockings or tights look sexy on a nice pair of legs. My opinion, a pair of stockings worn with a nice dress or skirt, and a pair of heels does look sexy. See image for example, I would think, and I am honest when I say, the dress or skirt is a mite short for it to not be inappropriate to say the least.

If however worn like Natasha Bedingfield is in the following pic, I would say it actually looks very sexy and appropriate.

I am going to keep this short, I'd love to get your opinion on this matter. Sleazy or sexy?

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Susann Akers said...

Fishnets are extremely sexy - they used to be thought of as cheap and a bit sleazy - many years ago, are you giving your age away Colin ?

Ceiça Frota said...

Our everything good and beautiful! In love!

janettaylor said...

Fishnet is classy and sexy!


Princess Andy said...

depends on the event...

for work? not if you're a kindergarten teacher or if you volunteer at your church purity club.

pretty much anywhere else goes.

especially if you can find them in multiple colours...imagine the possibilities!

<3 andrea

The Evil Shoe Fairy said...

When I worked at an inner city hospital I never saw any of the prostitutes wearing fishnets and high heels were pretty rare too. I definitely wouldn't wear them to work (accounting) or to a wedding but I'd wear them if I were going to a club.

~Frankie~ said...

They are both classy and sexy it all depends on the occasion and how you wear them.

I usually wear fishnets for special occasions Colin like when going to parties and even some important places like opera and musicals, but I only wear those with smaller holes. I also think it depends on the event as long as you wear them with decent clothing.

Oh yes I forgot they are also good to wear when flirting with your husband especially in the bedroom! lol

take care

Erica Belle said...

It completely depends on how you wear them! The style, color, whether you're wearing them with's almost like saying a corset is old fashioned. Yes, technically it is, but it can be modernized.

The Belle Fatale

Steve Bossenberger said...

They are always sexy. As for sleazy or classy -- I think that depends on the girl and what her whole outfit is. A nice dress - Classy.

A slutty whore outfit - Sleazy.

Style Porn said...

I'll definitely go with sexy--but they're extremely passe right now. They just don't feel very fresh to me, and that of course is just an opinion, but I prefer sheer stockings or even thick wooly ones.

FarmGirl said...

There is NO WAY that I will wear them myself, but I think with the right outfit a woman can look extremely sexy. Wrong outfit= sleazy.

Tina of LuvemOrLeavem said...

I think that it depends on how bold of a fishnet, what you are wearing and where you will be going. Nightclub yes, Church no way. I think that the stocking with the seam up the back are a nice compromise. Not as racy as the fishnet, but with a little something extra over a plain stocking.

Vic said...

I would never wear...but that's just me...i think they look nasty:) love you as always! enjoy your weekend! xoxoxo

Dorothy L said...

Well..I would have to say...there is a time and a place for everything and that most certainly does include fishnet stockings~

I use to wear them when I was younger...not sure if I would wear them now...they are in fact very sexy on the right pair of legs and with the right outfit~

Faboulista said...

I'm giving an amazing jeweled cuff away as a Christmas gift. you should enter it. its open to everyone worldwide!:)

thesydneygirl said...

I reallllly like fishnet stockings - worn the right way! with something sexy & glamorous.

Angelica Ng said...

I think it's all a matter of doing it right. If you're going to wear fishnets, don't bring out the leather miniskirt and the low v-neck top! Keep it classy, and sophisticated. The fishnets will do all the "sexy" for you.

rahardjoe said...

I reallllly like your info my friend,,

Anonymous said...

Sorry but fishnets are a total no no in my book. they are not and will not be in fasion and they just look cheap no matter how u wear them. I have a strong opinion about this one ;)

Dena x

MsByn said...

when I did roller derby last year, it was the uniform... that first pic is possibly THE most unflattering picture I've ever seen.

Fishnets, yes. Whenever you and your significant other find it hot and appropriate.

Otherwise, who cares?

Pearls said...

Definitely sexy and classy...Fishnets are all the rage.