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Saturday, July 3, 2010


Some more celebs with sexy legs on the red carpet, and what I think of their fashion sense.
Dangerous ground for me to move on, but hey, you can only disagree with me.

Don't ask me why, but I have never posted about her on my blog, Keri Russell, and this is quite an old pic, but I love the way she dresses. Not overboard, but rather simple, yet elegant and stylish.

Stacy Keibler has featured before, but she deserves another round or three. To me she has loads or sex appeal and no shortage on confidence. Seen here in a sexy black number and strappy high heeled sandals, a true picture of sexuality.

I am not sure what Vanessa Hudgens' height is, but she seems to be a shorty and very petite, however, there is nothing wrong with her legs. Well shaped and sexy. Great pic of Vanessa on the red carpet.

One of my favorites, Kristen Bell. Kristen always dresses very fashionable and she does have sexy legs, well complimented by a pair of sexy heels.

Some time ago someone asked me what I consider to be a sexy leg. That is a difficult question to answer. I guess a leg doesn't necessarily have to be perfectly shaped to be sexy. In my opinion a pair of nice heels can change a pair of ordinary legs into a pair of sexy legs. A well shaped calve is obviously a huge bonus. And further I also feel that what you choose to wear, will determine if your legs are going to look sexy or not. Maybe it will be safer if we can differentiate between a well shaped leg and a sexy leg. A well shaped leg will be sexy when and where ever it is visible, no matter what you wear. A sexy leg can be a not too well shaped leg, but can appear sexy if you wear the right outfit. Damn, what a difficult explanation. Would love to hear your opinion on this one.

I'll try and demonstrate by way of pictures.
Blake Lively in my opinion has sexy legs, specially when wearing a pair of C L Pigalles. Don't ask me what it is about a pair of Pigalles, but they can turn just about any pair of legs into a pair of sexy legs.

Now Ciara on the other hand, she has extremely well shaped and sexy legs. I would almost say a perfect pair of leg. Did you notice both of them are wearing Pigalles? I tried to find pics of the same shoes, just so I can proof my point.

Okay, up to you now to tell us what you think, specially on the subject of sexy legs and what you consider as a sexy leg.

Have a stunning weekend.


stilettolover91 said...

Stacy, Vanessa, Blake & Ciara are my favorites here!!

P.S: I posted pics of my new heels on my blog today, go check them out.....

Kai Phoenix said...

All those women are gorgeous!

I am so jealous of their legs! Think it is time I go for a run now (I say this as I'm sat eating a chocolate muffin with no intention of moving...damn I need some self control!)

Tayebug said...

I love Stacy Keibler. She is so gorgeous and has a fantastic figure!! And Blake Lively is always very sexy. I love just about everything she wears!


Long legs and stiletto' favorite look on a woman!

The Seeker said...

I agree with you, there are some not so well shaped legs that turns to be very sexy, but that it helps the shape, it really helps... believe me, me who have awful legs and feels lots of envy of those perfect ones.

Stacy Keibler is so beautiful!! She has "that" look...

Hope all is well with you Colin and your family. Is the World Cup provoking some difficulties??

I Hope you're having a fantastic weekend


Kata Wagner Berg said...

Ciara have a fantastic legs! Nice tan,nice shape and loooong :)

I like Vanessa!

Dorothy L said...

Gosh there no end to the beauty's out there~
What a delicious line up~

FarmGirl said...

Ciara has the most beautiful legs! Her calves are perfect. Oh what I would do with a pair of legs like that.

Karen said...

Hi Colin :) How have you been?!
All the ladies in your post are gorgeous - I love Vanessa's sandals as well as the studded Pigalles the best here!
For me, gorgeous legs are ideally longer (a bit of height unfortunately which I myself don't have), lean and defined. Ciara's got gorgeous legs - I've seen better pictures of her from a front angle and that girl has got it right. I don't usually remember legs of celebrities but I do remember Ciara's ;) I was actually discussing this topic a bit with my boyfriend a while ago and he said he really doesn't like ugly knee caps. He said so many girls have huge bulging knee caps that don't look good. I certainly agree with him - do you?
Have a lovely day :)


Fantastic women colin! I adore the style of Blake Lively! she is so great!

Josie said...

I love Keri Russell! She always looks so classy and chic, but I tend to overlook her when it comes to fashion icons. Kristin Bell is always fabulous as well!
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your comment. Yours is fab; I can't wait for more.
xo Josie

Style Porn said...

The pigalles truly DO make anyone's legs look sexy, even stumpy ones like mine! To me, a sexy leg has to have the right taper through the ankle (that means no cankles!). The relative width of your ankles actually depends on the placement of the tendons at the back of your foot, so it has nothing to do with how skinny or fat you are! (Case in point, me. I have rather sturdy looking ankles. Not my best attribute).

Anonymous said...

awww... i like vannesa's looks..and her make up..
she's cute and fabulous..

FashionJazz said...

I love them all, Blake is my favourite though : ) Hope you had a lovely wknd Colin : ) xxx


GreaT choices! Love Ciara, Blake and Vanessa's legs! Gorgeous! Drool worthy! And red carpet ready:-)

Veronica Anita said...

oh, i love blake
and Stacy Keibler too, she's fantastic !

Festy said...

I like Blake Lively! She's so stylish.


Anonymous said...

I have not really paid much attention to the legs, except for this spring.Sometimes I was always high heel shoes that would look taller, but now I think, but when you feel like it.I think beautiful are everyone who dare to be what it is.

I like Vanessa and admire Stacy and Keri too these pictures.
This post is nice.

Have a wondefull week,Colin!


Rod Williams said...

I basically agree with the host. Sexy relies on context and presentation, whereas good legs is an objective thing...I used the word "technical" on Skimpy Skirts the other day.

Good legs presented in a sexy manner...well, that's what we look for. The frission!

Nina said...

I want THEIR legs!

Keith said...

I love all of these. Really cool to see Stacy and Vanessa up here. All of these are gorgeous ladies.

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Luca Belotti said...

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Katy Mary said...

Fab ladies! They all do have great legs :)

Anonymous said...

Blake and Ciara are my favourite. I got such a huge crush of Blake Lively thought she can't compete with my favourite Leighton.

Missed you so much while I was away. Got a fab giveaway on, surely you will take part right? :) You might be the winner once again ;)

Kisses for you and the family.
Dena xoxo

Geli said...

wahahahaha, i was actually looking more at their shoes! :D :P

i missed your posts. i've been away too long :P

Jill said...

I love Keri Russell. Great pics.

Madiha said...

WOW! i am loving all these looks!!! the shoes are amazing..
Thanx for your comment on my last post colin. have been soo busy and out of the blogging scene for a while. But i have a new post up, so be sure to check it out and let me know what u think! :)
hope u have been good!!xx