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Thursday, May 28, 2009


I gonna be quiet while you enjoy the pics I post for you.
Don't you just love the way Rachael is standing here....??

Kate, an all time favorite, looking especially lovely. Very popular young lady...

Katherine McPhee looking radiantly happy... I know most of my readers will be happy to see a pic of her.

Another favorite, Petra Nemcova, looking stunning!

Last one, Stacy Keibler showing a pair of really sexy legs.


stilettolover91 said...

i love katharine's & stacey's louboutins!! they both look stunning, although kat's pic is a little dated and stacey's is from last year, they both still look amazing!!

Colin said...

Thanks Stiletto lover, yes I knew you will love Katherine, so I thought I'd post it. Thanks for commenting. said...

Love your blog.. really... I do.. Every post brings a smile to my face, you sound so optimistic and lovely.. very refreshing

love always
hope to hear from you
- amy !!

The Seeker said...

Hi Colin :)

Another great post with lovely ladies.

Thank you for passing by and sorry because I'm so behind, but I've been soooooooo busy.

Hope you'll have a great weekend


Emm said...

Oh yes, I do like how Rachael is standing. She is growing up nicely.

Colin said...

Amy, thank you very much for the kind and sweet words, I really appreciate the compliment. Glad you find my posts refreshing, I hope to see you around often.

Seeker, Thanks for the comment and compliment, it is only a pleasure and no sweat, will visit again soon. Enjoy your weekend too!

Emm, I agree, Rachael is a lovely person, and that pose? it must be a winner coz lots of those sexy gals are using it, and it is a very sexy way of getting attention. Thanks for the input, hope to see lots more of your comments.

Dana Yartin said...

Hi, Colin. Great pics as always. )
Love Stacie`s dress and heels.
Want to have the same look on my hubbie`s b-day party next week %)))

Colin said...

Hi Dana, thanks for the comment, I am sure you will look hot for your hubby's bithday.

Anonymous said...

great pictures! and thanks for stopping by my blog

Colin said...

Emma, you are welcome, thanks for the comment and compliment, hope to see you around again soon.

Francie. said...

ahh, i really do like those dresses!

Colin said...

Francie, thanks for the comment, really appreciate your input.