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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


More proof that the feathers do make the bird. Also, just about any girl can look like this, if you do not believe me, scroll down and have a look at the pictures of some of the celebrities without their make up.

Heidi Klum looking stunning, again, pay attention to the extras, the jewelery, the varnished nails, in my opinion the kind of look any girl can be proud of. It could be you, yes you!!

Charlize Theron, one of my favorites for obvious reasons.

Marisa Tomei, in my opinion has strong legs, and in this picture one can see that they are well complimented by the heels she is wearing. I would venture to say that she does need to mix in a mite of color when she applies make up.

Let's call it a day with lovely Cameron Diaz, looking stunning, her long legs complimented by her high heels.

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Evqua said...

Heidi is just gorgeous