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Monday, February 1, 2010


Two more brave readers have send me some pics to be posted as readers legs.
The first lady, the lovely Erika, author and owner of the colorful and interesting Cafe Fashionista blog.
If you haven't been to her site yet, please do yourself a favor, you are missing out on a whole heap of fashion entertainment.

Erika showing us how it should be done.

Another well known pic of Erika...

The other lovely lady I am featuring today is the beautiful Valentine of the very interesting and versatile P'titeValentine blog.
Please do yourself a favor and visit her site, she has lots to offer.

Valentine demonstrating a fashionable moment.

Another one of Valentine in a very relaxed frame of mind.

My sincere thanks to these two ladies, I really appreciate you sending in pics and allowing me to place them on my site. Please folks, visit these two ladies, I am sure they'd love to entertain you.

Another lady whom I own big time is Nina of Ballerina's Closetobsession blog.
She gave me this award,

and I would now like to thank her for keeping me in mind.
Thanks Nina, I really and truly appreciate it.

Now I had to contemplate, pass it one or not. I decided that there are too many "over the top" blogs and sites out there, it will not be fair to pass it to only 10. So if you like the award, by all means, grab it, and forward it as you please.

I have also been tagged by the fashionable and lovely Nuheila of Nuheila blogspot!
I am supposed to list ten things that make me happy....uhmmm, and then pass it on to 10 people.

Well here goes,
1. Being a Christian makes me happy, I guess that is the most important part of my life, without God there is no reason for living.
2. At my age, and after what I have experienced in life, having a piece full home and a loving family certainly makes me happy.
3. Beautiful music makes me happy.
4. Being with friends make me happy.
5. Sitting in front of my laptop makes me happy.
6. Seeing justice done, specially when someone has done someone wrong, makes me extremely happy.
7. If I could lend a hand in seeing justice done.... so much happier...haha... yes I think I am kinda a vigilante at heart. (don't get me started on that subject)
8. Seeing my family being happy, makes me very happy.
9. Being with my kids make me happy....most of the time...haha... they can be an earful...
10. Living close to the sea makes me happy.

Wow, that got quite challenging towards the end.

Pass it on to 10 people:
1. The Girly Blog.
2. Chic in the Tropics.
3. Glimmer Glam.
4. Festy in style.
5. Pixie Dust.
6. Cafe Fashionista.
7. A Little Bit of This.
8. Mon Mode Blog.
9. Body and Mind for all Women.
10. Audrey Allure.

Phew, that took me a while, now please play the game, list your happiness and then pass it on to 10 bloggers!

Best wishes for the week everyone!


FashionJazz said...

They are gorgeous!! I am luving the readers legs posts! Yes I think ur wife and I will have lots in common! Lol, we must def sometime : ) Have a lovely day xx

V said...

How sweet;) Love it;) Thanx babe! U sure rock!

nuheila said...

Great readers legs again:)
It was intresting to read your answers and yes it took also a long time from me to list the things what make me happy;)Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week!


Zanah said...

Thx for this! :) Mon Mode Blog

Jacqueline said...

Congrats on your award Colin! Erika has got some GORGEOUS legs. I love her blog and seeing photos of her =) Great post! xo

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i never really liked showing my legs, unless i'm wearing tights! i barely even wear shorts in the summer!
i'm waiting for someone to post a pic wearing stockings/garter belt!
xox alison

Leah said...

It's so great to see more of Erika. I adore her. xoxo

betz said...

Fabulous ladies. Erika is such a sweet lady. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Erika looks fabulous!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, I absolutely LOVE this, Colin! You're so sweet to feature my pictures!!

And congratulations on the award! So well-deserved - you truly have one of the best blogs in the blogosphere! Thank you so much for passing it along to me!! :)

Tanja said...

congrats with your awards :)
And thank you for your sweet comment, makes my day!

Love to read the things in your blog, I follow :)


Lily Johnson said...

Erika rocks! Thanks for tagging me. Lovely post as usual

tris1978ton said...

Thank you for passing me your happinesses. I am honored. Will be passing on my happiness too among my fave bloggers.

Porcelain Blonde said...

Hey Colin! :)

Loved reading about what makes you happy and getting to know you better.

And Hooray for featuring Erika! I adore her blog and shes such a sweet girl too, as well as having very cute pins hee hee!

<3 xxx

S.Elisabeth said...

Yay how fun! I love your happy list; I too am a vigilante at heart! ANd love the blogger pics! Legs are always fun to show off

Madame Bovary said...

bloggers legs...
interesting post!!!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

WONDERFUL! What great gams!

Audrey Allure said...

aw thank you for the award! i'll update a post with it soon :)

Mrs. M. said...

my what gorgeous readers you have!

Fashion By He said...

congrats on the are right, both have sick bodies!!!

-He approves

not sure if you saw this post, but thought you might like

Vic said...

I forgot to mention on my list that Colin makes me happy whenever I read his bad! U make me happy;) I'm sure you make your wife even more happy!:)

JENIE said...

very nice of you to post about these 2 wonderful ladies;) salute to you friend!

ur wonderful smile will cheer me up today;) visit back!

bananas. said...

daaang! i never knew erika had such long stems on her. totally jealous!

Iva said...

WOW!! Look at Erika!! awesome!! ...Congratulations on your award!!


Nice blogger legs! :)


Audrey Allure said...

Hi Colin! Of course I would love to trade links with you. I've already added you to my blogroll!

Take care :)

Tina T said...

More brave and lovely readers. I can't believe how many great looking bloggers there are out in the blogosphere. Love your 10 things that make you happy. It's always fun to read these.

kirstyb said...

gorgeous girls indeed x

Rachel said...

What fabulous ladies and gorgeous legs!

I have to say, Erika looks stunning! Loving both of her looks as well. :)

Congrats on the award, Colin!

heidi said...

Congrats on your award and great pics of the ladies!


Great legs!

North West London Girl said...

I really need to get my legs in shape before I can reveal them xx

Dorothy L said...

So cool...even more brave and sexy women sporting their legs.
Love to see so much confidence on one blog.
Good Job Collin :)

Ali said...

Aw, I love all of your positive thoughts! It's a nice getaway from blogs that constantly are 100% fashion-serious, and this is just good pretty legged fun. ;D

Treacle said...

What fantastic photos and congrats on the award!

atelier said...

lovely legs! good photos:)

Adela said...

nice pictures! are you looking for people to feature on here? =)

Monica said...

As always, nice legs! congrats on the award Colin ;)

Stephanie said...

Hey, Colin! How are you??? Sorry it has been so long. Love the new post. Very cute pics. I really love the pics of Valentine. She is a doll. Love her little gray and black dress. TOO CUTE. :) Hope you have a great week, darling. :)

Bill said...

erika has a great pair of legs here Colin very sexy.

prashant said...

Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week!

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