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Saturday, March 7, 2009


I believe every woman has the ability to look stunning, no matter what. The other day on the Oprah show they interviewed a lady of color at her home. Now this lady was a married, totally unattractive, overweight, not so young anymore, low self esteem, person, a complete nobody, hair in a tight pony tail, (so tight she couldn’t close her eyes) thick, dark rimmed glasses, with no account attire, and in her own opinion, nothing to look at.
Almost like the celeb in this picture, do you recognize her? If not, I will show you later who she is.

Oprah rushed her off to the studio where a team of experts worked her over for a while. When finished, she glided out into the studio, like she was walking on air, even her husband had trouble recognizing her. She looked stunningly beautiful and sexy, dressed in the most beautiful gown, hair wild and curly, no glasses, make up brilliantly done, almost a brand new personality....looking better than a few celebrities on their best days.
My point - If they can do that to said lady, (if only you could have seen her before the make over) you or someone you know, can do that for you!! I wish every lady who thinks they don’t have what it takes to catch the eye, could have seen that show.
I’m going to post a few pictures of celebrities who also look like a nobody when they haven’t had their make over yet.
Then you decide, are you going to remain a nobody, or do you want to catch the eye!
Take a look at this celeb, do you recognize her?

Now this is what the first celeb looks like when she has been worked on. She is the girl on the left, Adriana Lima, featured on my blog before.

Would you have recognized this young lady? Be honest!

Same lady, and if you recognized her without her second face, congratulations! I don't think I would have, and she is one of my favorites, Megan Fox.

And this is the girl on the phone, yes the one with the cap.

My point being, if you thought you are not worth it, or not smart enough, or skinny enough, or not pretty enough, you are dead wrong my girl, just put your mind to it, it is possible, if the ladies I use as examples could do it, then you CAN do it too!!


djtammy said...

Yay! another set of beautiful faces and gorgeous body and ofcors Colin's Fave Megan Fox. hehehe

She looks different in this Pic but still looking very beautiful.

have a nice day Colin.

Colin said...

Thanks for the comment and wishes DJ, really sweet of you.

Anonymous said...

Adriana and Paris were easy, but I couldn't figure out who is carrying the books.
Yes, they are a bit different when they aren't on the red carpet, and I agreee with you, basically everyone can become a hottie.

Colin said...

Dexter, I'd be honest, I would only have been able to id Paris, the other I would never have been able to. Thanks for your welcome comment, such a pity not all woman realise that everyone of them can be stunning if they put their mind to it.