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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This morning I visited a site of a young lady, whom, I might add, is just sparkling with confidence and sex appeal. Now I could find no evidence on her site that she is a celebrity of any kind, except in her own life and home. Carrie of tells us in no uncertain terms that any girl can be sexy and beautiful. Now you folks who have been regular readers of my blog will know that that is exactly my argument. She inspired this post, needles to say...

What is it that makes a girl sexy? Not what she wears, but how she wears it. If a girl feels great, she has confidence, confidence is directly related to sex appeal. And everyone notices.

A girl whom I think is just oozing sex appeal, is Penny Lancaster, the very sexy and stunningly beautiful wife of old man Rod Steward. She is now pregnant with her second child, just by the way. Now this pic of her speaks for itself. Confident and kick ass sexy. Beautiful dress, lovely wild curly hair, sexy high heeled sandals, and red varnish on her toe nails, 10 out of 10. Sexy legs too!! !\_

The fact that her hubby is much shorter than Penny is also, thankfully, not stopping her from wearing heeled, in fashion shoes either. (it doesn't seem to bother him, and it wouldn't have bothered me either had I been shorter than my wife, lucky for me I am taller, because she goes no where in flats.)

When most women look at a celebrity, it is with envy and sometimes even blatant jealousy. (come on, admit it!) Why? Cos in your humble opinion the celebrity is well build, sexy, beautiful, or what ever praise you wants to swing in her direction. My opinion, one mostly sees a celebrity in a picture that has been altered, just so she can look fabulous. If you peel off the wall and all and war paint, and you will find wrinkles, stretchmarks, cellulite, flabby thighs, etc, etc. You will find that you more than likely, look better than she does when she opens her eyes first thing in the morning, and I can proof that to you.
Look at this pic of Cameron Diaz:

Does this prove my point? Is this what you look like first thing in the morning? Nah, I didn't think so.

Cindy Crawford has always been one of my favorites, and I have to add, she has loads of natural beauty, but looking at this pic of her on a day out, shopping or what ever, she looks pretty average to me, she might as well have been the girl living just down the street. Sorry Cindy, but even here she looks great.

What does that tell you? You can also look like that. I hear my wife complain, her thighs are too big, gun bags she calls them... or her boobs are too small, her hair is too straight... I can carry on, but most celebrities have the same complaints, only difference is, they have highly paid hair stylists that do their hair every day, they have time and money to go to gym every day, they have a bank balance to pay for plastic surgery and/or boob enlargements, and they have a professional photographer who can make them look fabulous in pictures.

Same Cameron Diaz, after the professionals who surrounds her on a daily basis, has done the necessary.

I can hear you say, "what does a man know?" You are forgetting something, we see you from the "other side", to me my wife is gorgeous, even if she doesn't believe me, and I am sure the guy in your life thinks the same of you.

I'd love to hear your opinion on this, tell us what you think, and if I left out something, feel free to add it in your comment. Maybe I can use it in a future post. It is true, I am a man, and I am also learning something new everyday.

Have a great day and a care free weekend.


rock music fans said...

Agree with you that confidence can makes someone sexy..

FarmGirl said...

Hi Colin

Loved your post! Out of the horses mouth.

Love Cindy Crawford...She oozes style, sexyness and for her age, she looks awesome.

Have a great day.

Nuheila said...

Very intresting post as always.
Love Cindy,she looks great and her style is very natural.
For me the beauty starts from the way how women carry their body and then comes the smile.
I think your wife is very beautiful,love her hair and using the high heels,she looks fabulous!

Have a fab weekend Colin!


Keith said...

Rod is definitely one lucky man. He's got one hot babe as a wife.


I totally agree with you! xo

Juliet said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! Very wise words here in this post. Though I do think bad paparazzi photo ain't the same as they look when they wake up in the morning. And clearly our culture uses waaayy too much photoshop -it's not healthy!

juliet xxx

Teri said...

I love to hear a man's opinion on this issue, because frankly, I dress for men, not women. :) I want to be thought of as sexy by men. Sadly, this makes women sometimes feel threatened. They are more comfortable with other women who dress in tennis shoes and sweat pants.

stilettostetico said...

I totally agree about this equation "Confidence / Sex Appeal" Colin, AND have to say that a proclaimed "Star" intrinsically is a (more or less sexy) "GirlNextDoor" at natural indeed . . .
ps: "Penny Lancaster = Dazzling BOMBshell-ity" !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Chantel said...

I couldnt agree more! Nothing sexier than confidence! But there is a fine line, because there is also nothing more off putting than arrogance, in my humble opinion that is!


For sure Colin!
Someone can be completely different after a makeover! Cameron Diaz really is the perfect exemple!

Sandra said...

I loved this post! And i thnk you're spot on! It's all about how you feel!
...although now, I feel like I need to put ruby red polish on my severely neglected toenails!
Always a pleasure to read you sir!

Anonymous said...

You make some great points! If i had a stylist and makeup artist that I had following me when I wake up I would look dynamite all the time! and of course If we all had personal trainers and nutrionists we would all look close to perfection too..time is money and they are lucky for having it, but we cant compare ourselves to that! too bad so many girls do

Miss Neira

Juliet said...

Hi, thanks for telling me about the problem! I'll get right on solving it!

juliet xxx

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Jolly Princess said...

Beauty and being sexy is in the eye of the beholder. My boyfriend tells me so, and I believed him. :)

cribs said...

Fashion will definitely makes person attractive. I think everyone should read this post. I know that there are lots of people who can relate in this problem.

janettaylor said...

Hi Colin,

I agree with U and yepp, C. Crawford is one of my fave too...

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous ladies!
Love Cindy!


Bill said...

I love the new look Colin. I truly love the header i am a big Heather Lockier fan.

Anonymous said...

wow, interesting post again
in my opinion, the most important is confident.. any clothes you wear if you have confident to wear it, you will look good even sexy..

Lily Johnson said...

Beautiful and so true Colin. You are amazing and your wife is one lucky woman. Great great piece!!

Dena said...

what an amazing post Colin, you made us all feel like a million dollar now.

Dena x

Persis Shah said...


you really know how to make us women feel beautiful! great post...loving the new blog layout too!


FashionJazz said...

Totally loved your post and your point of view : )You always make us woman feel soo special : ) Have a great Thursday xx

Haidée said...

Love the white dress so cute xxx

Yes, I am anal retentive said...

"Does this proof my point?"

Perhaps you meant "prove" my point?

Perhaps you should have "proof" read.

sexylegsandbody said...

This comment to 'Yes, I am anal retentive", thank you very much for pointing out my gross (and I presume only) mistake, I will correct it if that will please you. The first thought however that comes to mind is this, sou dit vir jou moontlik gewees het om hierdie inskrywing in 'n tweede taal te skryf, sonder om 'n enkele fout te maak? English translation: Would you be able to do this post in a second language, without making a single mistake?

For your information, Enlish is my second language, my home language is Afrikaans. So if I offended you by making such a gross mistake, I do apologize, problem is, people around me are all Afrikaans speaking, and to have someone proofreading my post before posting it, will no doubt cost me money, which I don't have.

A point I want to make, I come across loads of posts with obvious grammar and/or spelling mistakes, I however look past the obvious and not so obvious mistakes, and enjoy the message that the author of said site is trying to share with his or her readers.

So mister/madam, please forgive me the offense of picking the wrong word, and next time, be brave enough and leave a link so we can all see what a perfect anal retentive looks like.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Colin, proud owner and author of this mistake ridden blog.

tris1978ton said...

Yes I totally agree. Confidence is key, everything else is icing on the cake.

Oh, Cindy's little girl is really pretty, btw. She takes after mommy.

Crown said...

Ya, Confidence is mostly you need. But not over. There is a short diff between confidence and over confidence.