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Sunday, April 3, 2011


I guess it is time for the new post, maybe even long overdue.
Let's start off with my mystery lady of a previous post, she was none other than Demi Moore, so for those who got it right, without cheating, :) I am proud of you.

A new face on my humble blog is Daisy Fuentes. I saw this pic of her and I loved it. She is beautiful, feminine, obviously sexy, and all lady.

Stylish? For sure. Elegant? I reckon.

Daisy Fuentes backstage at The Heart Truth's R...Image via Wikipedia

Daisy's family was forced to flee from Cuba when she was only three. She quickly learned to speak English and today she is a model and hostess of tv shows in the US.

Right now this young lady is one of my favorites, and I guess she will be for a long time. She is vibrantly alive, extremely feminine, she has a fabulous voice and I love the way she dresses and flaunt her sexy legs.

Well, where I am it is Monday morning just after 5 and I have to run, guess that will be all for today, enjoy your week and let us know what you think.

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The Girlie Blog said...

Great picks! Especially Demi and Katie!

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I realised you took a mini blog break, glad to have you posting again. Demi is looking so fresh and youthful and Daisy is the all female as you stated. She has done very well for herself considering the many obstacles she had to overcome to be where she is today.

FarmGirl said...

Demi is looking fab for her age!

stilettolover91 said...

I love Demi & Katy! said...

They are all rockin'! Thanks for the inspiration...gotta get out there & do my run!

Make Mommy Chic said...

Great choices Colin! Demi Moore always looks great making being in you forties seem really sexy! I haven't seen daisy fuentes in a while and nice to know that she has kept her lean, toned body. And Katy perry will always cause 'fireworks' wherever she goes! Thanks for posting !

Anonymous said...

Drew is amazing, looks better than 99% of 20 year olds. Imagine looking like her after having 4 kids. Woww.

I always like your picks Colin.
Now 5 am is too early. I intend to sleep in tomorrow :P

hope you are well and smiling darling.
D x

Angelica Ng said...

Demi Moore looks great! Gorgeous dress as well. Katy Perry...vibrantly alive is a good way to describe her!

Anonymous said...

Daisy is definitely sexy! my man loves her!'

Miss Neira

Navi said...

I Love the pictures with your comments....Keep on adding new stuff


Schnappy said...

I love 2. and 3. dresses! :)

MyStyle said...

Hi there-a fabulous post and I adore your header of Heather too!! Thanks for stopping by xx

Steve Bossenberger said...

Demi and Katy are looking hot. Daisy is loosing it though. She is not as hot as she was about 10 or 12 years ago. I actually saw her once in an airport in 97 and she was gorgeous.

Thanks for commenting Colin and stay in touch. Keep on Bloggin!

FashionJazz said...

Glad to see ur posting again : ) I think Demi is so stunning! Hope u have a lovely thursday x

Sophia's Lover said...

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Geli said...

oh my! katy perry! i love her!! :D i agree, i love her style! :D

Ty of Erectile Dysfunction said...

They are all look sexy and beautiful. Looks really stunning.