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Sunday, December 4, 2011


It is all about calves today. In my opinion calves that are shaped well, in a huge way, determine whether a pair of legs are sexy or not.

Cassie Scerbo, I guess everyone will agree, sexy legs, well shaped calves. And she knows how to flaunt them, that is for sure.

Emily Procter, beautiful girl, sexy legs, and well shaped calves. I have to admit, the stockings and high heels are in a way responsible for the shape, but she does have nice calves none the less.

Emma Caulfield, don't know much about her, but what I do know is that she has stunning calves.

Jaimie Pressly is a perfect picture of sex appeal, sexy legs, well shaped calves and no shortage of confidence to her attitude.

Question for you, guess who the mystery girl is. I think it should be easy, everyone should be able to put a name to the picture. She, by the way also has stunning legs, and with the help of the right heels, well shaped calves.
You tell us who she is.

Hope your week will be fantastic.
Take care.


stilettolover91 said...

That's Megan Fox in the last picture (i knew it lol but u labeled here in the post) and Cassie looks amazing!!

Girlie Blogger said...

Last girl has to be Megan Fox. Please tell me I am right :O)

Yes, I think calves are totally sexy.

SweetMelody said...

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FashionJazz said...

Her calves are amazing! :) Hope you had a stunning wknd xx

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Is the mystery girl Megan Fox?
Great photos!!! Jamie Pressley looks amazing!!!
Hope you had a wonderful Monday!!!

Anonymous said...

sexy ladies, I like :)

Thank_Q said...

Wow. Jaime Pressley is doing it! I had no idea her legs looked like that.

SweetMelody said...

It's always a great pleasure for me than spending a few moments in your blog.
I hope this new week looks good for you.
Have a nice day
Sincerely from France

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Dennis Rode said...

Most celebrities see the need to have a "perfect" body. There are many modern ways to get there, but plastic surgery is considered the easiest. They look so gorgeous in those pics. BTW, is your mystery girl Megan Fox? :)

SweetMelody said...

While hoping that you will enjoy the w-end off, I hope that this week will be very good for you!
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