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Saturday, November 29, 2008


One of my readers made the comment the other day that men do actually notice chipped nail polish, and she seemed surprised that we do. Well you can bet your last lipstick that we do, chipped nail polish, neglected finger nails, cracked heels, etc, etc. Well most of us do anyway. I for one no doubt notice it right away.
Believe me when I say, it looks terrible, and I see it as a sign of a lady that doesn’t take care of herself. There are three things I notice about a girl immediately, her lips, her finger nails and feet. Now if any of these are neglected, then I take it for granted that she is either lazy or just doesn’t care. (Sorry ladies!! But remember, that is merely my opinion, however, I think that is the way most people see you!Or me for the matter.)
I have searched and found a picture of ome lady who I think doesn’t take care of herself, one who actually appears all polished up and neat from her ankles up, but with badly neglected toe nails, wearing sandals to top it all. (To save her embarrassment, I have cropped the picture. Not that she would ever wanna visit my humble blog….)
Take a look at this picture, I bet when this lady saw this picture of herself, she must have been terribly embarrassed. I think what I might just mention is the following, she is no girl next door, she is a well known celebrity!! No, I am not going to mention any names…..

I certainly will not stick my neck out and say the girl in the following picture does not take good care of herself, but I am sure you will agree with me, she is…..hmmm, how shall I put it, lacking? Lacking in color, lacking that extra pizzazz, yeah, almost like a Ferrari…. Yes, you guessed it, a white one! Kinda pale I would ventrure to say, she went through the trouble of painting her finger nails a nice color, why not the toe nails too?? That would have made a world of difference in my opinion.

Rachel Hunter also looks a might pale here, no nail varnish, no lipstick, no eye shadow… well, looks like no make up at all. Not a pretty picture… sorry Rachel!!

Now you take a look at this picture, a lady who I think is a perfect example for most ladies, extremely neat, always colorful, well kept and super sexy!! Do I have to tell you who she is?? Certainly not!

And now for the cherry on the proverbial cake, my personal favorite for obvious reasons… You take a careful look at this picture, do you see anything that is out of place, anything lacking?? No I didn’t think you would…. Just like a shiny, well polished red Ferrari!! Now I do dare you to disagree with me! If you have the guts that is…. No need to mention any names here either I’m sure…


Shoegal said...

A lady who doesnt take care of herself is not a lady, is just a woman...and I dont like to be "just" anything!!
Tcare of yourself ladies, it makes you feel better, and men like it, too!! :-)

PS: new post on my blog in a couple of hours!

Colin said...

Thanks Shoegal, appreciate your comment, I cannot agree with you more!! Will check it out, thanks.

Monica said...

Hi Colin, thanks very much for your email. ;-)
well, I'm a nail polish addict and I can't stand to see chipped nail polish either!
Great interesting post..

Colin said...

Hi Monica, thanks for your comment and thanks for the compliment.

Shinade said...

Hi Colin,
I'm here to grab your link. I am sorry that I had to delete the other one. but so many people do this photo meme and it becomes very frustrating for everyone when we go to a site that isn't playing.

Colin said...

Hi Jacky, I do understand, appreciate linking with my site. Have a great weekend.

Stiletto Sports Jen said...

I love when a guy notices the little things! I remember clearly my ex making a comment how my nail polish matched my some colors in my shirt---and I didn't even realize that! Made me feel special and like he actually paid attention for once! Great site! Love the content

Colin said...

Hi Jen, thanks for the comment and thanks ever so much for the lovely compliment, highly appreciated.

Nobe said...

charlize theron, as usual, is a show stopper!


Colin said...

Hello Nobe, thanks for the comment and the visit, yes she is lovely, and seeing that she is also South African I just favor her so much more. Hope to see you around again, Have a great week.