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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I rest my case, the feathers do in fact make the bird, take a look at these celebs and you will have no choice but to agree with me. I bet you have to look twice to recognize this girl….without her second face she is barely recognizable…..
Well do you know who she is??

Now you will have no problem recognizing her....Ms Diaz of of the girls I have a huge soft spot for.... when she has her make up in place that is....

How about this girl? Do you know who she is??

Now do you recognize her?? Ava Longoria, yes!! Now do you agree, the feathers do make the bird, any girl, no matter what she looks like can do a lot by just adding a little something special to her appearance.

Sorry to say girls, you are the fairer sex by far, no doubt about that, but, only with outside help, outside help being make up, nail varnish, jewelery, etc, and seeing that the help is there to use, my advice is, use it! Why on earth would you not want to be sexy and good looking for the special guy in your life??



This helps when I have those bad hair days!

Kim said...

wow! Much different with make up.
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Grumpy old man said...

Thanks girls for your comments, love to hear from you, at least you girls can do something on a bad hair day! Us men are basically stuck with what we've got.

So Stylish So Sassy said...

Hello from NJ to Africa! WOW...these girls look a mess without makeup...very cute blog!
Added your link as well!!!!