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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here are a few more celebrities that I do not know, maybe you can put a name to some of them, I would love if you would help me out on their names, but in the mean time, let's give them a well deserved spot in the lime light, here on my humble blog. (not that any of them would ever bother to even look at it, but as they say, it is the idea that counts.)

I have to add, I was a bit disappointed when I zoomed in on this picture, this lady's finger nails need a coat of nail varnish and there is a spot of something on the front of her dress, otherwise she looks really great and colorful. No idea who she is though....

This young lady looks terrific, don't you just love the ear rings! I am convinced any man worth his salt would be mighty proud to have her walk next to him.

Just like a breath of fresh, cool, mountain air, the only way I can describe this young lady. Colorful, neat and if you know me, you will also know that I have a weak spot for high heeled, peep toe shoes and red nail varnish.

Last but not least, stylish and sexy, flaunting her sex appeal. Surely any man would be proud to be seen with her.

I am saying this again, I'm not able to put a name to any of these ladies, but you more than likely can, so please for my information and my other readers, please let us know who they are.
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

The second picture is star from LOST, can't remember her name right now. And the lady in red is star from Sex and the City Kristin Davis.
Great girls and shoes ;)

Check my site:

Colin said...

Hi Anon, thanks for the feedback and the info, really appreciate it. Will visit your site, thanks again.

stilettolover91 said...

OMG!! How can u not know who Katharine Mcphee is??????? She was the runner up on season 5 of American Idol!! She's in the last pic kicking up her heels!!! I luv her & her music, can't believe u dont know her name!!

Colin said...

Hi Stilettolover, glad to see you here, but you have to keep in mind, I am an old man, living in dark africa, here we have to dodge lions and elephants in the streets from time to time, when not wild animals, it is taxi's and criminals, television is something we only see in sportsbars, and to top it all, my eye sight is not what it used to be, so if I miss a name here and there, I am terribly sorry, hehehhe, I have to add, Anonymous above here also didnt know her name, isn't that a good enough excuse?? I hope you can forgive me for my oversight....
But, nonetheless, thanks for the info and comment, really appreciate it. Please visit again, looking forward to your comments in the future.

The Evil Shoe Fairy said...

Good thing I'm in the habit of always having my nails done so I might actually survive one of your close inspections. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, as Kristin Davis and Ms McPhee are no longer unknown, I'd add my contribution to the topic:) I'd say the second lady is Emilie de Ravin, and unfortunately, even though she looks very familiar to me, I just can't remember the name of the first pretty lady. Sorry about that, maybe the time will come:)

Forgetful Princess said...

@Another set of Great legs Colin. How is your wife?

The tried zooming the 1st picture, the legs are great but i don't like the shape of the fingers and toes...

Sowee :D

Colin said...

Shoe Fairy, chipped nails are the pits, in my opinion an instant turn off, but, I am convinced your mails will pass my close inspections. *s*, when you model sandals I will give my thumbs up or thumbs down. Only, celebs are in the eyes all the time, so I think they should pay extra attention to those little things. Thanks for the comment and please visit again.

Colin said...

Dexter, thanks for the input, yes, you might be right, the only other pictue I have of Ms de Ravin, she has long blond hair, that may be the reason I never recognized her.Thanks again for your comment and visit again.

Colin said...

Forgetful Princess, thanks for the comment, my wife is doing great! Thanks for asking. Glad you liked the legs! Hope to see you around again soon.:-)

Anonymous said...

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