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Thursday, August 6, 2009


I am at it again, you tell me if I am wrong.

Like most bloggers, I visit many sites, in order for me to built my site to a respectable size. Now I am sure almost any blogger wants to be proud of his or her site, or is that a stupid assumption? So what I do is, when I think the blog I am visiting is a fair, clean and respectable blog, I will say so and in certain instances request a link, although I will very seldom ask on my first visit.

Now you tell me, if I ask someone to link, and they feel that they do not like my blog, or they think my blog is a stinking, crummy blog and they are not interested in linking, isn't it just common courtesy to come back to me and tell me that they are not crazy about my site? I am not going to go into detail here, or point fingers at specific blogs, but there are many site owners who just don't reply. I always reply to comments on my posts, and as an act of respect I will then also visit the site of the person who commented. I feel that is the least one can do. Apart from that, I shall not refuse to link to another blog unless that blog or site displays pornographic material or nudity. Now don't misunderstand me, I don't consider myself an angel, on the contrary, I know only too well I am not, my wife will confirm that, but I want to keep my readers happy, and I want to keep my site clean.

So, what this boils down to is that I ask all blog authors nicely, if someone requests a link, and you do not feel like linking for what ever reason, say so. I do not expect a reason, I sure no one does, it is your blog, you don't have to improve it if you do not feel like it, but just tell me you do not want to link, easy as that, and I will not bother you again.

Just for the record, linking in my opinion, is an excellent way of promoting your blog right across the world, so if you refuse to link, you are basically shooting yourself in the foot.

Have a wonderful day.


stilettolover91 said...

People are very rude sometimes!! I have that same problem alot when i ask people to link or go and visit my blog and comment back after I comment on pretty much every post of theirs they just ignore me. Very rude!! I'm 100% with u on this!

Colin said...

Thanks Stilettolover, I am hoping to reach at least some of the culprits with this post. If not, at least I got it off my chest.
Thanks again.

Little Red said...

Unfortunately, there are some people out there who aren't too pleasant! But I definitely agree that it's rude to simply ignore someone. It's always better to just respond politely. You would think most bloggers would love to link and expand their audience!

I've never asked anyone to link to my blog. I just kind of figure, if someone really likes my blog, they'll link to me if they want. If not, no big deal. The people I have linked to have either asked me or it's because I love their site.

Which reminds me... You asked me if you had forgotten to link to my blog since I had linked to yours. I never asked. I just love your blog and wanted to link to you. And thank you for the link back!

The Seeker said...

Hi Colin, hope everything is ok with you. I'm getting back, but slowly.

I tottaly agree with you. I think we all should check and leave a comment when we're visited for a first time commenter. And of course links are a great way to promote our blogs.
But if one doesn't want to link at least should say "well it's not my field" at least.

Take care.

noble beeyotch said...

Nice post Colin!
I reply to and visit the blog of every comment i get. It may be easier for me since i get an average of only 15 comments per post, as compared to those who get 100. but, i do know a lot of fabulous bloggers out there who are very popular, their posts are inundated with comments and yet they never fail to comment back. These are the kind of bloggers i can actually respect.

I just hope your post reaches out to those who don't deem it necessary to reply to the comments they get.

Dorothy L said...

My dear Collin....think about this....if you get no you even want to link with that blogger.

Many blogs have shout boxes and they never ever reply or return the visit.

Also there are so many blogs that spam blogs with 'add me' and then you never hear from them again.
Personally I will not link with anyone unless they have either been visiting me awhile or they have a blog which is in some way compatible with my topic and/or if the blog is worthy.
Yes it can be a very unpersonable place at times and some bloggers are like anyone else ...they can be very self serving and rude.

So appreciate the good ones as in anything in life and try not to take it personal.

I like your blog....what more do you need...LOL:)

Huggzzzzz ~D~

Colin said...

Little Red, thanks for the comment, linking to you? you are welcome, I was just not sure if you had asked me to link and I forgot, which I thought would be strange coz I alwasy link asap when someone suggest a link. I am glad you like my blog, and I also appreciate your regular comments and visits.
Thanks again.

Colin said...

Hi Seeker, hey, I am doing great! Glad you are catching up, I have been missing your comments and visits, so welcome back! Glad you agree with me, hope to see more of you from now on again.

Colin said...

Hello Noble, yes, now that you mention it, I once asked a lady, Amygrindhouse, (she has a lovely site) to link, she refused merely coz she does not link to any blog that is not at least a 5/10 pr, and get at least 500 000 visits per month! Now that is quite some traffic, i am sure she has to replace her door mats at least once a week, cos the amount of visits I get in a month, she gets in one day. But, bottom line is, she replied to my request, within 12 hours, and even though she did not want to link, and I respect her reason, even if it is a bit steep, it is her blog and she can do with it what she wants.
Anyway, be that as it may, thanks for your comment and I am honored to have you as a guest.
Take care!

Colin said...

My dear Dorothy, you know what, you have a valid point there, but it is the principle that matters. However, what you say is 100% correct. As I said to Noble, if someone like Amygrindhouse, who has 15 000 visitors or more in 24 hours can reply within 12 hours, then anyone can just reply quickly. You know, one can rather slap me right through my face than ignore me. So, I can handle it if someoone does not want to link, but I cannot handle if they just do not reply. I have some ppl in my blog roll whom I have never asked to link, but becuase they have the same interest as me and my readers, I keep them. \
But, trust you to make me see the light, ;), thanks for your input, if there is one person in the world whose opinion I respect, it is yours, and you are right, you like my blog, what more do I need...hahahaha.

Have a super day!

thesydneygirl said...

FANTASTIC post Colin!!!!!!!

and i agree =)


maxivelasco said...

hello colin!

yup. it's me again. hehe.

i understand what you mean. there are (sad to say) many rude bloggers inside bloggerville. i wonder why can't people just be fair and nice to others. isn't it better if we all work together?

i even encountered too many bloggers who, after I added their links to my blogroll/s, after sometime they delete mine in theirs. it's difficult to trace who they are which is why it takes me centuries before even realizing that. truly unfair.

anyway, colin... hope everything works well and with you and the people in bloggerville will somehow hear your voice through this post.


Colin said...

Joelyne, thanks for visiting and commenting. Hope you are doing ok that side!

Colin said...

Hi Maxi, welcome back, long time no see... :-) What also happens from time to time is ppl asking for a link, I dont waste time, I link but then a week down the line they havent linked yet, so you have to ask again to link... hate to ask...

Thanks for your comment, hope to see more of you now!

Hunters Glory said...

Yes it is common courtesy to respond when spoken to, regardless of the medium.

And that is what it is; a courtesy.
Don't over inflate it's value.

Their lack of it, adds value to you and your blog.

You should simply move on.

...and to answer your question, yes you are right.

(btw I agree in whole with Dorothy L)

Laarni said...

I may be guilty on this because sometimes I also ignore emails coming from my blog but it's just obvious that some websites want to be linked on my blog because some of my entries are highly ranked on Google and these websites want to ride on. It's more on SEO thing and these people who are contacting me are their website's marketers and I hate it.

I remember when you contacted me via my blog, you were so nice, so saying no to your request was impossible. :P

Anyway, I may not comment too often here but I am subscribed to your feed and every time I open my Google reader, I can still see your new LEGS updates. teeehee. :P

Regards do your wifey. :)

Colin said...

Hey Gary, thanks for your input, yes, I suppose you are right, and I do move on, but it still erks me when ppl do that. Hopefully some of the culprits will read this...
Anyway, thanks again, I appreciate your comment.

Colin said...

Laarni, wow, thanks for that comment and for the nice compliment! But I am always nice when I ask for a link. :-) To be completely honest we got linked quite a long time ago already, and at that stage I didnt know about stuff like SEO or pr, I only really learned about that recently, so I was competely innocent and just liked your blog.... and still do. However I am glad you still read my updates, and I will relay your msg to my wife, thanks.
Hope to see you again soon and thanks for your input.

Shinade aka Jackie said...

That's our D! She is always right on target.

I more than happy to exchange links with good blogs.

I can't always grab badges because of my over load now. But, my favorite box rotates and moves the blogs up to the top when they make a new post.

Wow I just saw my badge here. Thank you so much Colin!

I try to get back as much as I can. I am on satellite and some days if I have gone over my share I get shut down to a crawl. when that happens I can't even load to get my email.

As for the past few weeks I have not been at my 100% physically. I didn't want to be a whiner so I just kept it to myself.

But, for a month or so now I have had extreme pain levels in my lower back and my right hip.

This is the first time in 3 days that I have done more than just get up and release comments.

I finally had to go to the DR. it was so bad yesterday morning that I was in tears and could barely walk.

I have a pinched nerve in my lower back. Now I am on 3 different medications and wow they are strong.

But, the pain has eased. Now, you know why I haven't been around. So please don't think I was ignoring you!

Now my whining is done and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

Colin said...

Hi Jackie, sorry to hear bout your back, but I really appreciate your visit to my blog, specially under those circumstances. To be honest, your badge has been on my blog for a long time. Thanks again for visiting and |I hope your back gets sorted out soon.

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

i think i've come to stop expecting anything... i'm wondering, if it's cos they don't wish to reject you outright, so they don't reply?

i'm a noob in this space they call blogosphere. initially i did feel weird that some people just won't respond to comments, least of all requests to exchanging links. i don't do such requests anyway - i'm not even sure i know what exchanging links mean. i guess it's cos i never intended for my blog to attract readers?

just my thoughts :)

Colin said...

Hi Tom, welcome!I feel it is ok if someone does not want to link, and i will not feel offended, it is after all their site and they have the right to refuse. It will cost nothing to just say sorry but my site is not compatible with your...blah blah... I had to do it in the past as ppl with sites bordering on porn and nudity have asked me, and I dont want to link to those. Anyway, I just thought maybe I can show those what I think of the matter.
Thanks for your input, I value and welcome each and every comment, and love to hear what ppl think, even if they disagree with me. Hope to see you again.

Bill said...

Hi Collin i am sorry i have not been around for a while. i have been on vacation then had a lot of work at work. I agree with what you said. If people dont want to link with you the should respect you. I hope you have a great weekend my friend and i am trying to get back in the swing of visiting everybody again.

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

thanks for stopping by, Colin. sometimes, it's just so hard to know what's the 'right' or should i say decent thing to do. you see, there're people who take offence easily, even if it's baseless and plain silly.

i'm reminded of a recent incident that happened to a blogger, who got a nasty email about her not responding to each of her readers personally by email. i think that reader has serious issues. the blogger gave her reasons -- all very reasonable. i follow her and i never ever expect her to respond to me even if she does comment. i do kinda expect an answer only if i ask a question. once, i did point out to a blogger if she'd answer me at all, after a long time has lapsed and only cos she posted a related topic. i finally got a response. i don't think the blogger is still responsive, haha. i can draw up a few probable conclusions about her. but i'll never have the answer :)

oops, pardon the long post.

Dexter said...

Hmm, intersting problem you face there. I can't understand why ppl don't even answer, there are polite ways to handle this question.
Unless a blog's topic isn't entirely different from mine, which means, as you know, fashion, and shoes in particular, I wouldn't say no, because it just doesn't hurt to put a link on the blogroll, does it?

I'm sorry for your experience, I hope there won't be such bad times in the future!

Colin said...

hey Bill, no sweat, welcome back, it is great to have a comment from you again, so hope to see you on a regular basis again now.

Colin said...

Hey Tom, no problem, I love long comments, so go for it. Yes, I agree with you, I try and stay on the right side of things, I'd hate for someone to make trouble on my blog, and I will not be offended if someone does not want to link to my blog, it is everyone's right to decide on that.
Anyway, thanks for your input, really appreciate your time and effort.

Colin said...

hello Dexter, I agree with you, it does not hurt to add a link, I just never refuse a link, even if the blog is not even remotely in the same line as mine, unless, as I said, it contains porn or nudity.
Anyway, it isn't really a problem, i Just thought to air my view on the subject and maybe step on a few toes, so to speak..
Thanks for your input Dexter, love to have you over.