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Thursday, August 13, 2009


First time ever! I was tagged by the lovely Joelyne of the sydney girl blogspot Now this was a rather big surprise, so you will understand if I say I was speechless. Not for long however, as I am supposed to give you 10 random facts about me. Tough one...

But here they are, 10 random facts about me:

1. I am sometimes, and only sometimes, a very short tempered person and will jump the gun before giving it proper thought, yeah, I know, I am working on it. In the same breath, I do not hold grudges, I will forgive you soon enough....

2. I love my family, and if harmed in any way, it can easily become a killing matter. In this instance forgiving will take a mite longer, maybe only after I've killed the person who harmed them, will I be able to forgive... :-)

3. I am a morning person, I am up every morning at 5, sometimes even earlier, when everything is quiet in the house, so I can work on my blog. And, I am not a moody person, I wake up in a good mood every day, but do not pee me off first thing in the morning, or make me look for something I cannot find, that changes everything.

4. Yes you guessed it, I like blogging, no I am not addicted to it, but close...

5. I HATE flying!! With a passion, I am scared of heights...

6. I love airplanes, and no I am not contradicting myself, I love planes as long as I can admire them from a distance, I have no desire to fly in them. The same goes for a pair of well shaped legs, I love to admire them from a distance, but I have no desire to touch them, unless said legs belong to my wife of course.. :-)

7. I have no fear for a dentist, but I hate confined spaces, or small, crowded rooms.

8. I love to tease, I love open spaces, I love the sea, I love rain, I love forests and wild animals.

9. Do not stick your finger in my belly button, I hate it almost as much as flying. It is an extremely sensitive spot....and subject for that matter.

10. I love old, classic western movies, or musicals, not going to mention any names, there are way too many.

Well, I guess you know me much better now that I have opened my heart and shared my best kept secrets with you...

I have to tag some ladies now, so here are the names of the ones I would like to tag.

Marie of Bound and Determined,
D J Tammy of Anything Under the Sun.
The Fairy of The Evil Shoe Fairy
Stilettolover of Hottest heels blog
Maxi of Ovah' Coffee
Dorothy of

Well, I guess that is enough.

A huge thank you to Joelyne for tagging me, I am honored. If you read this, please take the time to visit Joelyne and all the tagged people, I am convinced they'll be only too happy to entertain you, or to read your comments.


stilettolover91 said...

Very cool facts!! Joelyne already tagged me with another tag so i have to both now lol I'll try to get them both up tomorrow!!

stilettolover91 said...

Nevermind, just did urs and Joelyne's right now!! Go look!!

Colin said...

HI Stilettolover, thanks! Joelyne is a busy young lady!

The Evil Shoe Fairy said...

I hate being tagged. You are sooooo dead now!

Dorothy L said...

Oh nice one Collin. I enjoyed getting to know you. I was a bit disappointed though as my first thought was to poke you in the belly button if and when we ever had the liberty to meet :p

And the ear just will not cut it and you can pick your own nose :)

That is for tagging me...hehe:)

I am problem and I am more than appreciative that you picked me out of all your lovely followers:)

There should be a tag for each spouse to fill out on the other....that would be interesting!

Have a very good day Collin and do keep up the good work!


djtammy said...

Colin, wow! For the first time! I thought i will never see tags here!

Thank you so much for including me in your list :-) I'm grabbing this tag now..


Colin said...

Shoe Fairy, you are very wrong, I am very much alive.... oh you like it, you just dont want to admit it, or are you hiding something you do not want us to know. fortunately I am thousands of miles away, so I am safe... I hope you are going to accept it, and when you do, do it with grace!
Here is wishing you a lovely weekend!

Colin said...

HI Dorothy, I am sooo glad there are some of my readers that appreciate to be tagged...:-) As you can no doubt see, I am being threatened with grevious bodily harm here by the lovely shoe fairy.. and all I did was think of my dear friends and loyal readers.
I am glad you accept and let's not go into the belly button saga now.

I am not so sure the tag for spouces will be such a great idea... it might just lead to more bodily harm...
Indeed I have lots of lovely followers, but I thought it will be interesting to read your facts... ;-)
Thanks for the kind wishes and have a super weekend.

Colin said...

Tammy, you are welcome, I think you deserve it, glad you like it. Have a super weekend!

djtammy said...

hahaha. You are so fast! You read the 10 random facts about me. I had fun. Thanks

Have a wonderful morning.

Colin said...

Tammy, I am glad you had fun, and I had fun reading it...hehhe.
I am having a wonderful day, thanks.

[LA] said...

=) like your answers

COOL BLOG! i'm sure that i'll be back soon =)

Couture Carrie said...

So funny about the belly button ~ I am like that too!

And I envy you being a morning person... you must get more accomplished by 9 am than most people do all day!


Colin said...

LA, thanks for commenting and visiting, and thanks also for the compliment, you are always welcome!

Colin said...

C C, yes, I do actually get lots done before 9, I have always been like that, by the time other start working, I have done a whole day's work, no phones, no interuptions, no distractions...
Thanks for commenting, do not know what it is about the belly button, I hate it when someone touches there, I can barely wash myself there, it is just mega sensitive.
Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again soon.

janettaylor said...

I love reading! :-)


Colin said...

Hi Janet, welcome and I am glad you enjoyed it.

Peeptoes said...

Great facts Colin! I've got no words for those Louboutin, awesome!!!


Colin said...

Peeptoes, thanks for commenting....

thesydneygirl said...

you're welcome colin! :D
i'm so very glad i tagged
you cause i got to know a
lot more about you! :)

i hate confined spaces too!

hope you have a fabulous day!

thanks for being a friend.


Colin said...

Hey Joelyne, you are welcome, and it is a pleasure to help.
Keep up the good work.

The Seeker said...

Hi Colin, how are you my friend?
Hope all great with you.

This is such a sweet post, I love to know more about other bloggers.
Thanks for sharing all this with us.

Thank you also for your nice comment on Chicissimo and for voting on me.


Colin said...

Hi Seeker, I am very well, thanks for asking.
thanks, I am glad you like it, and you are welcome.
See you again soon!

Anonymous said...

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