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Monday, June 15, 2009


Some time ago I posted a few pics of a certain pose, you know, the one where the model looks back over her shoulder, now that looks very sexy. Well, I have made a mini study, there are many woman folk who use that specific pose when in front of the camera.
So let's take look at a few celebs who love that pose. Don't know what it is, or who thought about it first, but it looks mighty fetching and sexy..!

Pam likes it.

Not sure who she is, but she does it very well, even better than Pam.

Adriana Lima doing it, showing sexy legs and high heels

Sophia Bush, same pose, looking mighty sexy!

Julie Benz, brand new to my blog, almost perfecting the pose. Love those ankle strap shoes!

All time favorite, Katherine McPhee doing it well.

New lady on the site too, Penny Lancaster, but not easy to find on the net, looking sooo sexy.

Stacy Keibler looking sexy!

Well, what do you think, what is it about this pose that make men drool all over their ties?? As you can no doubt see, just about every second lady knows about it, and use it to perfection. Could it be because it compliments their legs, especially when they wear high heels, or is it because it makes them looking somewhat mysterious, almost like they are hiding a big secret? I would love to hear the ladies give their opinion on the matter.


stilettolover91 said...

that pose is very sexy! all these ladies are stunning! the one you're not sure about her name is Coco she is married to rapper Ice-T.

Colin said...

Thanks stilettolover, I thought it could be her, but I didnt want to risk it.
Thanks also for commenting!

Young Damsel said...

thank you thank you for your lovely words!!

janettaylor said...

Hi Honey,

Katherine McPhee's pose & legs are really really sex-ay! She is the best! ;)


still said...

Stacy Keibler is really sublime!!!
thank you for the beautiful pics!!!

djtammy said...

Wohoo! another set of great legs here! Still Adriana and Megan looks great!

Colin said...

Young Damsel, you are welcome and thanks for the comment!

Janettaylor, yes, Katherine is lovely, it is a close call, I cannot say who is the best, although I am a huge fan of Megan......

Still, yes I know you are a fan of Stacy, that is why I posted a pic for you! She is lovely.

Little Princess, thanks for your comment, I think I agree with you most, about Megan that is, to me she is really sexy...!

The Seeker said...

That's such a nice and sexy pose.
And all the ladies do it well.

Hope everything is ok with you Colin.


Colin said...

Seeker, thanks for the input, yes, dont know why, but it surely very sexy.
Everything is going very well thanks.

Dana Yartin said...

Hi, Colin!
Sorry for not commenting so far, my pc broke down. But now its OK and I will visit your blog ьщку щаеут )

Фищге еру зщыу ше is great but not all of the women can work it right )
Sometimes it looks absolutely stunning and sometimes a bit vulgar

Colin said...

Hi Dana, You dont have to be sorry, just glad to have you back, when a pc breaks down it is a bummer. I do not understand your whole comment but I take it you were talking about the pose, and yes, I agree with you, I think of all woman who use it, Kristen Bell does it best!
Thanks for the comment!