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Monday, November 2, 2009


I cannot say that I am a fan of any one specific shoe manufacturer, some shoes of some manufacturers are great looking and really sexy, some are really hideous, some are kinda in between.

However, if there is one shoe that I think is by far the best shaped court shoe, or pump as many prefer to call it, it is the Christian Louboutin Pigalle! It is the one shoe which in my opinion, can compliment just about any pair of legs and feet.

And I am not the only one who has this opinion, I am in excellent company when I say this. Most celebrities have worn a pair of Pigalles once or twice, and mostly more often in their lives, be that on the red carpet, or off, and some have been wearing them on a regular basis.

Take a look at Victoria Beckham, quite an old pic, wearing a silver pair of Pigalles on the red carpet. Now I am not crazy about her hair style, but I am sure you will all agree with me, those heels adds loads of sex appeal to her legs.

Marisa Tomei wearing Pigalles!

Why you may ask is the shoe so popular and so sexy?
My opinion, it is kinda like a mini skirt, it reveals quite a lot, but not everything. It always leaves something for the imagination. Then also, same as a short skirt or dress, it compliments the legs...

Renee Zellweger, flaunting her legs, wearing a pair of black Pigalles.

One of my favorites as far as sex appeal goes, Megan Fox. Megan is wearing a pair
of gold colored Pigalles.

Now you pay some special attention to her left leg and foot. That shoe reveals a nice arch, which many regard as sexy. However, at the same time it also reveals a lot of toe cleavage, which other again regard as sexy. My personal favorite, take a look at the calve of her left leg, what I favor, a well shaped calve.

Even the younger celebs favor Pigalles, lovely Katy Perry, looking gorgeous, wearing a pair of silver colored Pigalles.

A great pic of Blake Lively standing tall in a pair of studded Pigalles....

I would love to buy my wife a pair, however, it is financially way out of my reach. At roughly R8000-00 for a pair if my calculation is correct, that is a mite steep for me. And if the S A Rand keeps on weakening against the US Dollar, it might get closer to R10 000-00.

What is your opinion? How would you rate the Pigalle? Is it over rated? Is it a good buy? Is it really such a sexy, great shoe as the celebs want us to believe it to be? Or, are you the proud owner of a pair or two?
I'd love to hear your opinion, let's have it!
Have a wonderful week everyone!


janettaylor said...

Hi Colin,

Great post as always. My fave are the black pieces of course...


sexylegsandbody said...

Janet hi, I agree, although I also like the silver and gold ones.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts with us.

stilettolover91 said...

I love the pigalles!!! I think they are one of my favorite pairs of Louboutins. I wish i will be able to afford them one day!

sexylegsandbody said...

Stilettolover, thanks for dropping a line, I am sure one day you will be able to afford a pair.

Keith said...

I love them. Very fantastic. Great photos you picked. They are pricey though. I don't blame anybody for buying them if they can afford them.

O'Style said...

Thank u thank u! She's not my sister is a friend of me.

For me the best in this post is Blake Lively!!

Little Red said...

I think they look fantastic. Definitely a good buy. Now if only I could bring myself to spend that much money on a pair of shoes... Hahaha! I'll buy some one day.

Elise said...

I totally agree with you, they are just perfect. They can be worn with every outfit and they look amazing in every color.
I think it's a really good buy ;)

Nerdic.. said...

Blake looks lovely!
x, fashion-nerdic.

sexylegsandbody said...

Keith, thanks, I agree, they are great, and yes, I will get my wife a pair if I can afford them. She will buy them herself if she can afford them....

O'style, thanks for commenting, sorry I thought it was your sister, my mistake.. :-(
Blake does look great, I have to agree with you.

Little Red, thanks for commenting, always nice to hear from you, what i wish for you is that you will one day have the money to buy yourself a pair.. :-)

Elise, you should know, you are the expert, thanks for confirming that for us. I agree with you, they are the sexiest C L you get!
Thanks for dropping by.

Nerdic, welcome to my blog, I agree, Blake does look lovely.
Thanks for dropping in and leaving a thought with us.

AJ said...

Hi Colin a classic designed shoe that goes to compliment any great pair of legs!! Kate perry looks awesome in that colour combination :)


My dear friend Colin!

How are you doing?
I am so fine here and for me, the Louboutins shoes are the most sexy and chic! I hope I can afford a pair for me next march in Paris...this is heaven!!!

He also does shoes for men! You may buy a pair for yourself in the future...would you?

tonia fashion tour said...

niceee post!!totally love..all the shoes!!!!!blake is such a gorgeous girl!!!

Stephanie said...

Hey, Colin. Hope you are having a fab week. I love the pic of Marisa Tomei. She was one of my favorite celebs when I was growing up. She is gorgeous even to this day. ;)

sexylegsandbody said...

AJ hi, I agree, Katy does look awesome. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Kira my girl, my finances are of such nature that C L's are the last thing on my priority list.. :-) but a nice thought of you anyway. I do hope you get to buy yourself a pair. YOu will look stunning in a pair of Pigalles... :-)
Thanks for dropping me a line, always appreciate your visits!
Take care.

sexylegsandbody said...

Tonia, thanks for dropping in. I agree with you, Blake does look lovely. She is such a soft feminine girl.
Great to see you again!

Hi Stephanie, Marise looks stunning in this pic, I do not really know her, but she looks like a grand lady. Thanks for dropping in and leaving your thoughts with us!

Dorothy L said...

Wow...those are very sexy shoes. I think they definitely can alter any flaws a woman might have just in their own sexiness.
Nice collection Collin :)

tris1978ton said...

Wow! Very nice shoes! They are incredibly! Good comparison to the mini skirt, it was funny and I totally agree with you.

And BTW, Don't you feel Megan Fox is the next Angelina Jolie?

sexylegsandbody said...

Dorothy hi, I tend to agree with you, in my opinion lots of celebs have proofed that to us, not all have perfect legs, however, when they wear a pair of Pigalles, those legs are mighty close to perfect. Thanks for dropping in.

Tris hi, thanks, I'd take that as a compliment.
Megan and Angelina, hehe, I dont think there is a correct answer to that question, no matter what I say, someone is going to be mighty upset with me, so I will pass on that if you will forgive me. Great question none the less.. :-)

Anonymous said...


Without a doubt, the best shoe ever produced.

I would buy my wife a pair if I could afford a pair.


@Frankie@ said...

Hi Colin how are you? Fabulous post as always and I like Renee Zellweger, flaunting her legs, wearing a pair of black Pigalles and some stockings if possible too!.

sexylegsandbody said...

Dave, thanks for visiting and commenting, glad to learn that you like it.

@Frankie@ hi, I am doing fine thanks. Thanks, I'd take that as a compliment. Renee looks great, and I do agree, stockings will make the world of difference.
Thanks for leaving us your thoughts.

Carrie said...

Great selection of pictures, Colin. These ladies definitely look very sexy in Christian Louboutin Pigalle. They look fabulous on Victoria Beckham and I never knew Katy Perry had such nice legs.

Thank you for your comment on my outfit. It was very nice of you.

FashionJazz said...

Totally luved ur post!!They all have stunning legs!!! Thank you for your really sweet comment! It means so much : )

Have a super stunning week!!


stilettostetico said...

I totally agree (notably) about "toe cleavage's specific Fetish Appeal", it just sounds as an authentic carnal unveiling, provided of such a Fantasmal power of evocation !!!
ps: Thanks INFINITELY for your comment, OOooooh Actually I am far to speak English fluently, I modestly try to make a rhetorical tribute to Femininity's enthralling/sulfurous spell . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

syd vicious said...

Not overrated at all! Great shoe!

sexylegsandbody said...

Hi Carrie, glad you enjoy this post, Yes, Kary actually can look very sexy when she wants too.
You are welcome, thanks for the input and thanks for dropping by.

FashionJazz, glad you enjoyed it, yep, they have great legs. You are most welcome, hope your week will be great and enjoy your birthday! :-)

Stilettostetico, thanks for dropping by, glad you enjoyed the post.
YOu are welcome, you always have the best way of describing something.

Syd, thanks, I agree with you in the sense that it is such a sexy shoe!
Thanks for stopping by!

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Missy said...

i'd love to be able to wear heels and actually walk in them!

For all things fashion:

Missy said...

i'd love to be able to wear heels and actually walk in them!

For all things fashion:

sexylegsandbody said...

Stiltto effect, thanks for the invite, will visit.

Missy, I am sure you will be able to wear heels and walk in them if you put your mind in it.
Thanks for dropping a line, you are always welcome!

VerLuisant said...

I really like Blake's dress! And K.Perry is simply georgeus! I find your blog very interesting , I'll became a follower :D

Camila Gusmão said...

Thank youu!!
I also loved your blog!
I hope i can include some translation of my posts from portuguese to english as soon as possible, so i can receive better such cute visitors like you! :)
Let's keep in touch!



Karen said...

Hi Colin! Oh the Pigalle is very sexy. It'll glam up a more casual outfit and you can wear it dressed up. I wish I could afford one or more myself! LOL. Yep, definitely a pricey shoe. Is it worth it? Uh, depends on your budget I suppose! I'll have to find a cheaper version for now ;)

sexylegsandbody said...

VerLuisant, I agree with you on Blake and Katy, both are stunning!
Thanks for the compliment, always feel good to hear such kind words.

Camila, thanks for the kind words, it will be great to read some English, but you can alwasy add a translate function on your blog, then you do not have to write in English.
Hope to see you again soon.

Karen, you are right of course, I think the Pigalle is an extremely sexy shoe, and just about any outfit or any pair of legs will look great when you add a pair of Pigalles.
Thanks for dropping a line!

geli-pet said...

cool.. i like the studded one. :D

sexylegsandbody said...

Geli Pet, welcome to my blog!
The studded ones are cool.
Thanks for dropping in on me.

KINGHOOK said...

Hi Colin, long time no write, hehe.
Let me tell you, I think the pigalle is the kind of shoe that is designed to make a girl look sexier, it shows a great amount of toe cleavage that drives me crazy. This kind of shoe should only be worn bare, put some stocking between the shoe and foot and the girl will ruin the look