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Monday, October 6, 2008


Just like some fancy sandals and others fancy court shoes, there are some who prefer stockings and others who prefer none. What ever your reason for which ever one you prefer does not matter to me, it is purely a matter of choice, your choice that is.
My choice, again, it doesn’t really matter, as long as the heel is elevated around 4 inches above the ground by a stiletto heel, and the shoe is dainty, feminine and sexy, it doesn't matter. I would however like to add, stockings don’t go with sandals, they should be worn with court shoes or maybe with a peep toe. Only my are welcome to yours.

You take a look at this picture, now stockings like these in shoes like these….nothing wrong…..on the contrary…… I think it looks stunning!!

On the other hand, I am convinced you will agree with me, Gena looks stunning with no stockings....extremely sexy I would say. I heard a little bird whistle once, Gena finds it very sexy to have her feet kissed.....

Don't you think Kate looks extremely sexy without stockings? You have to admit, she really has well shaped legs.


Paul Pope said...

I'm for stockings all the way! Always a preference of mine, although I have to agree that there may be certain footwear that isn't appropriate for stockings.

Nice work on your blog. I've been following you for awhile and appreciate your eye for and attitude about what's sexy. Keep it up!

Stockings Fan

denver john said...

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